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Yukio Nagamasa
Full name Yukio Nagamasa
Title Ultimate Leader
Birth date January 15
Zodiac Capricorn
Height 5'6"
Weight 60kg
Blood type O
Hair color Black
Eye color Red
Age 17
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated The Prison Killing Game
Execution Center Academy's Final Countdown
Fate • Survived her Execution
• Escaped from Center Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Father
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation Imperial Capital's High School
Voice Actor Chisa Suganuma
Created by RenChronomio

 Trusting someone in this circumstances now... I can see why we are down by nine.  

Yukio Nagamasa

Yukio Nagamasa (長政 之夫 Nagamasa Yukio) is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals, and she is a participant in the Prison Killing Game.

She hold the title of Ultimate Leader (超高校級の「リーダー」chō kōkō kyū no “Rida”). Due to her next in line to claim the Nagamasa Line.

Reasons why she was in a Prison is to a law suite between negotiations taking the blame she was put in prison.

Name and Development

Though she is a girl, Yukio's is a Japanese male given name meaning 'happy man' and 'snow boy'. Her last name Nagamasa (長政 or 長正) is a masculine Japanese given name.

Her entire base concept design was suppose to be similar to either Byakuya Togami, Sonia Nevermind, or even Kokichi Ouma. But the author decided to give her a more simple yet confidant look. In result, her outfit resembles of a Student Council President uniform, which fits her as a leader.

Her whole figure concept design is also base upon Kiyoko Shimizu from the Anime Haikyuu. But unlike Shimizu's personality, Yukio's personality is the exact opposite where she is cold.

In the author's Point of View, Yukio was suppose to be like Oichi from the Sengoku Basara series. but decided to change the Timid, Shy, and easily swayed personality to, again, harsh and cold demeanor personality.


Yukio 2 Beta

Yukio has a mature look which shows her seriousness, she has a common height with a slim figure. She has red eyes, long black hair, which she tied to a ponytail where her bangs also still show, and she also wears red eyes.

She wears her old uniform which is a Scholar style uniform from her clan where there's a also a strap from each side clipped to her uniform to her back. and she also wears light red skirt. She also has her School Emblem which is also her Family's Crest. Her clan's crest which contains, a red rose on a shield. She also wears a black and a bit grey-ish, checkered skirt and wears knee socks and black leather boots.

Skills & Abilities

Ultimate Leader

As the SHSL Leader, she has a high position to order her subordinates. Her harsh judgement gives her a cold aura around her and she is able to solve things with ease. She also shows no concern for the weak as she focuses on those who could benefit her clan but all for this was for her clan earning her the right to be also a Leader but hated by some of her peers.


Since she was taught not to show any emotions through her learning to become a great Leader, Yukio is now a harsh, cold, and sharp tongue young leader. She wasn't like this at first as a young child she is caring and has great understanding for her people. But now things change and people are now feeling afraid of her new self and she leads with hierarchy and democracy.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
She was the heir of the Nagamasa Cooperation. And the now currently the leader of the Nagamasa Clan. She was a harsh leader to her people and she gives a serious matter on any given job given to her. She is a no-joke and non-stop workaholic girl who focuses on her clan to become the best. She leads them with the best of her abilities but she can be cruel to them and she also states that those who are weak should be left behind. Making her like a dictator as well.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
After told to kill each other, Yukio remained calm and observe the scenario before her. Her classmates are all in state of panic and fear while some are trying to put everyone calm. This makes her rule even more better in her predicament.

When panic is about to reach, she herself volunteer to take the Leader role since she is the Ultimate Leader, but she told them that she has a rule on mind where, the weak will be left behind while the strong must keep up, which somehow shock everyone. She clearly dismiss it and was about to continue but someone immediately rejected her idea which was Kazuko Kanade the Ultimate Musician.

She told her that not everything needs to be that way where everyone can all help together and everyone can get out of here if they all cooperate. This leads everyone in deciding Kanade will be a perfect Leader instead of Yukio.

Angered she decided to watch things unfold. from the first murder to the other. Everyone seems to be on the edge of despair but Kanade still clings on to her hope on not leaving everyone behind which confuses Yukio, as to how and why is she able to do this.

Though in some situations, she still secluded herself from everyone and often likes being alone to think of a plan of herself. And in the class trials she tries her very best to come up with the situations but was beaten by Kanade which is to her strange since she is just a Musician, while Yukio, the one who gives everything she has in power and knowledge, the Ultimate Leader be beaten. She even goes to her way in believing Kanade has wrong assumptions like in Chapter 1 and 2. where she believes that Rantarou Yamada and Takeshi Yakuzaka is the culprit but failed.

Later on the event she is becoming soft due to her interactions with everyone. Especially Xandu Audette. But after watching Xandu's insane nature came to surface, she was dishearten of his event, and realize that her mind was Naive at the start especially, that everything was a lie to her. Especially in being the Ultimate Leader. In the end, she decided to give up and after witnessing Itsuki Kowareta's demise, she decided to join Kanade's last attempt in fighting.

She later found her Super High School Level Leader Research Laboratory in Chapter 5.

Graduation *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
After the Mastermind's defeat in the Final Trial, The whole school is beginning to crumble down. Rantarou said to the others to ran to the final gateway, so he can Hack into the Main Monitor, of the entire school. As they ran the gate was still closed but it finally opened thanks to Rantarou but he said he wouldn't make it.

Everyone was against leaving Rantarou behind, but the gate were beginning to close and Rantarou told them to hurry and go. Yukio was debating to... But due to the circumstances, if they all go back for him then everyone will die. So the only thing she could do is telling them that they all need to leave and not let Rantarou and not only Kazuko but also everyone's death should not be in vain. And with that, they all finally left leaving Rantarou inside the school.

Awhile later in walking down the tunnel the final 5 emerge from the tunnel and finally see the sun rising. They look behind the tunnel and think about what they should do, since they really don't know how long they have been trapped inside, but Yukio still cling on to her hope along with the 4 others and decided to act. They look at the rising sun and smiled.


  • Her last name Nagamasa (長政 or 長正) is a masculine Japanese given name. and the name is originally from Nagamasa Azai who is the leader of the Azai Clan back in Sengoku Period. 
  • Since her name is Nagamasa, She leads the Nagamasa family but she is the exact opposite of Nagamsa Azai as she is cold and harsh.
  • She attends the same High school with Kokichi Ouma.
    • But in her official art, She is wearing her middle school Ensemble Star logo and her Nation crest.
    • Another point of her crest is that it is reference to the Azai Clan's own Symbol. Where instead of 3 hexagon shaped with a flower in, it is a Circle where it is divided into 4 which put silver colored diamonds in it.