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Xandu Audette
Xandu Audette
Full name Xandu Audette
Title Ultimate Teacher
Gender Male
Birth date July 20
Zodiac Aries
Height 5'7"
Weight 54kg
Blood type O
Hair color Red
Eye color Red
Age 18
Nationality British
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution A Teacher's Flight
Fate Executed by Monokuma
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Unnamed Father
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation Faith Kid Kingdom Academy
Debut Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals
Created by RenChronomio

 Yes I am a Teacher. But I teach little kids more than High School Kids since children are our hopes for the future.  

Xandu Audette

Xandu or as he is describe as his full name, Xandu Revierre de la Audutte is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals. And he is a participant in the Prison Killing Game.

He is the Ultimate Teacher (超高校級の「先生」chō kōkō kyū no “Sensei”) He was a graduate and now works in a Elementary School and has potential knowledge.

His reason for being in prison is because he was a suspect of a bombing incident in his Elementary School cause he was a sole survivor who escaped with no scratches.

Name and Development

His first name comes from the word "Xanadu" which means a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment. Which feels like home for the children he all teaches.

The author created him to be like the Guide of the group as his intelligence as a Teacher seems to make him trust worthy in upcoming decisions.

Another part of Xandu is that he is inspired by Gaku Yashiro from Erased. But decided to adjust to some parts of his personality and appearance to make Xandu a bit more better, and the author also added some parts to Xandu in his personality that makes him a bit more better along with his appearance.



Xandu is a common height with good physique features and a man that has fair skin tone and red eyes, he also has short messy red hair and he also wears wears glasses.

He wears a Teacher's uniform, which consists of a white polo shirt with a red tie and above it, is his black polo suit with red striped teacher's uniform. He also has a small pocket watch in his suit that has a gold chain to it, and he also wears his black pants and black leather shoes.

Skills & Abilities

Ultimate Teacher

As a Teacher, he has a high above average score and so he is intelligent and able to assess the situation more calmly and more calculative. He is shown to possess good amount of knowledge and to see if there are some holes in some arguments. But he only possess necessary information since he mostly teach kids.


Since he has a huge soft spot for kids, he teaches them the things they need and cares for them like a fatherly type figure. He has a popular reputation from adults since he cares for kids and also tutors them and vice-versa.

*Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
His talent as the Ultimate Teacher is a lie created by Xandu himself in order to mask his true talent. But though its a lie he created, it still suits him since he use to teach kids even at his age.

Ultimate Serial Killer

His real talent is actually the Super High School Level Serial Killer. As he is actually The Most Wanted in Japan for killing hundreds of children and even admitting himself he is the one responsible for the bombing at the Elementary School he teaches in.

As the SHSL Serial Killer, he has a stack of torture weapons that breaks both mind and body. And he loves the screams of his victims and the taste of their own blood.

His victims are most likely children due to them making them easy targets and they are often keep clinging to his web of lies.


Xandu has a very calm young man and is also an intelligent, and a gentlemanly like young man who has a huge soft spot for kids. He often smiles to everyone that he always lends a hand to any students he could. He believes that children are the hope for the future and he loves teaching them the things they need once they grow-up.

There are times he is seen in deep of thought, where he often blocks any unnecessary noise that breaks his concentration in thinking. But he is doesn't mind and still lends an ear to those who has trouble and wanted to talk.

Since his in a Prison School with gifted inmates, he will do anything to put them back on the right track despite that his in the Prison School himself.

*Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
In reality his personality is all a mask to hid his true desires. His actually a maniac who has a love of torture and menace. In Chapter 3, after revealing he is the true killer of Aria Minegishi and Kurosaki Yanagiya, he finally let his true colors out as he left a horrifying laugh that he is beyond help.

He has a love for Kids and Kids love and he often finds that amusing, as to why kids are attracted to his fake mask. But that makes his job in loving torture and mayhem more enjoyable and easy.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak Academy
His actually a teacher, or more accurately, a tutor for little kids. He loves teaching kids cause he thinks 'Children are the future generation' and so he loves to teach little kids to become great. When he was young his parents technically didn't even paid attention to him at all due to work. And seeing little kids reminds him of his childhood so that's why he has a soft-spot for kids. He attained a high above average grade in every semester. He then received an invitation for Hope's Peak as the Ultimate High School Teacher.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Once Kazuko took the lead as the Group's Leader, Xandu stay calmed in the duration of the game. As time passes on, he remained kind to the others but at the same time trying to struggle his inner demon. In the beginning, his really trying his best to try not begin a killing spree since the rules binds it he act cautiously and calm his urges by stabbing stuff in his room instead (lol).

As time passes his urge to kill is on the brink and he really wanted to target either Himeno Jundo, or Itsuki Kowareta. And during the time of his, suppose planning to kill them both, and his plan was now setting into motion.

The Dead Plan *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Aria Minegishi later suggested to make a talent show to showcase everyone what we're made of but as a SHSL "Teacher" he decided to decline and watch them do their stuff instead while still keeping a fake smile. Awhile later he heard Aria and Himeno talking about taking care of the pups later on the night after the show, which Xandu smirked to himself.

He later set his plan into motion killing Himeno. Thanks to his Super High School Level Teacher Research Laboratory, he has hidded weapons inside that no one knew. Taking the knife and his small slingshot he confiscated a few months back in his teaching days he initiate his plan.

During the duration of the show Aria was about to go on but Xandu said he wanted to rest now and left. But, his actual destination was Aria's SHSL Research Laboratory. As he arrive, Aria and Himeno left with the pups and as Himeno was about to lock the door, Xandu was able to shot a rock and was able to block the lock.

He later lock himself inside waiting for the chance for Himeno to come back just like he heard but unfortunately, Aria came back with the pups and she let them rest inside leaving the door unlock. In rage, after Aria left cause of her change of plans. Xandu walk out from his hiding spot and killed all the wolf pups but the last one sent a wild howl and he killed it before it causes attention.

But the only person that catches it's howl was Aria, and seeing Xandu in his state he laugh maniacally, and then ended her life before she runs away.


Kazuko Kanade

Xandu seems to show a certain amount of care for their leader. Though she is only a Musician her way of words seems to affect everyone in the room. Though as the Super High School Level Teacher, he was suppose to be the one with words and shows great encouragement for the students. But being the same age as them, he seems to be at a lost. So in short he share his hold of giving concern and tries his best to calm other students as well.

Kurosaki Yanagiya

He and Kurosaki are old childhood friends. But as time grows, he and Kurosaki has the same job of taking care of children in an old Elementary School. But as time goes by. For some reason, Xandu seem to have grown dishearten by some children and his mind seems to be in a bad condition due to his unknown past. Resulting as why he and Kurosaki are slowly growing apart. Although they grew apart, after finding out his transfer, he seem to have grow sad due to their friendship getting more and more apart.


He sees Oz as a child. That is also a reason why he seems to find Oz, such a great way to relief some stress. As he sees Oz being more of a child especially his way of becoming a hero he keeps an eye out on him and often tutor him from time to time. Though Oz wanted to be treated like an adult hero. Xandu still treats him like a child.

In the ending trial of Chapter 3 after he stab Oz. He seem to have come back to his senses and apologizes. He himself doesn't know about himself anymore as more innocents die due to his hands. He later wanted to be executed before he could strike again. Leading to his fate.


  • His previous school is base on a real school in Japan called "Faith Kingdom Academy Internation English-Speaking Christian School"