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Takeshi (Official)

Takeshi Yakuzaka

Takeshi Yakuzaka
Full name Takeshi Yakuzaka
Title Ultimate Brawler
Birth date March 25
Zodiac Aries
Height 6'0"
Weight 74kg
Blood type O
Hair color Grey
Eye color Red
Age 19
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution Center Academy's Final Countdown
Fate • Survived his Execution
• Escaped from Center Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Father and Mother
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation Akegami High School
Voice Actor Sugita Tomokazu
Debut Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals
Created by RenChronomio

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Takeshi Yakuzaka

Takeshi Yakuzaka (ヤクザ 崇) is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals, and he is a participant in the Prison Killing Game.

His title is the Ultimate Brawler (超高校級の「ブローラー」chō kōkō kyū no “Burōrā”)

His reason for being in prison was because of he beat up whole motorcycle gang on his own. Though his deed was good he was sued for it.

Name and Development

Takeshi's first name (崇) means "esteem, honour, venerate" while his last name (ヤクザ) Yakuza in meaning "gangster or racketeer".

In Takeshi's development, The author wanted to create a very righteous student with a good heart but with an idiotic brain. The author also wanted to create a muscle head type character so Takeshi was created.

Takeshi was suppose to be have a cold ignorant personality similar to Yukio Nagamasa and Keisuke Mcklein but due to having too many people with the same personality and might losing the charm the author decided to change his personality to a heroic type character that has a dream of becoming a pro boxer and lives to find his other love, similar to Kaito Momota from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

Though he can be a bit violent when things doesn't go to his or his friends way. He still tries his best to stay calm in dangerous situations. The author finally gave him a brawling type clothes similar to Unknown from the author's favorite game Fantasy War Tactics R.

In additional note, the author wanted to give him a special reason in the story to the point where he may or may not live to see another day or die a heroic death.


3 Takeshi

Takeshi has fair color skin tone and has black eyes. He has short, pointy gray hair with a red bandanna on his forehead. He only wears a sleeveless jacket and black jogging pants with a flame design on his left leg on his pants.

He has bandages all over his body mostly his arms, his abbs and his feet. He also has a cut wound on his chest and a tattoo on his right arm which is resemblance to a Flame rising which Takeshi calls "Will of Flame" Tattoo that means that is his actual crest, and it suits his entire style and personality.

Skills & Abilities

Ultimate Brawler

As the UL Brawler,he knows his way in fighting and he is quite experience in hand-to-hand combat. he is also an outstanding combatant with fast reflexes with superb upper body strength. He won a fighting tournament at the age of 15.

Enhanced Senses

He can easily sense a person's presence nearby due to his training through meditation. And due to him training in "various" ways he can sense a person through smelling and hearing making his senses on knowing someone nearby him doubled.


Takeshi is a wild, stubborn, hot-headed young man who hates people picking on those who are weaker than them. Though, he does show this frequently to everyone but what they didn't know is that he is a very heroic and a bit of a romantic type.

He resemble his fighting style through various characters giving each move new light. He is also easily flustered when a girl compliments his actions. Though there are times where he is clueless and a bit idiotic, he still shows his best to try to understand some situations.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*

Takeshi was bullied in middle school and was easily beaten up due to his size and buff. But as he just browsing through his computer he found an anime that shows a bunch of styles and movements. And through this, he tried copying their techniques and ways to enhance yourself in fighting your opponents. Luckily, the methods work and he is very muscular and grown a bit taller now and was able to beat up the bullies. But he was angered more when they change their target to another weak boy.

He defended those who are weak but people easily misjudge him through his appearance so he went solo and tries to be anti-social to others. Unless those people come to him instead.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
After told to kill each other, Takeshi was angered in their predicament where he really needed to punch something. When panic is about to reach, The Super High School Level Leader Yukio Nagamasa took the lead but having a Democracy where the weak will be left behind, which, Takeshi was quick to anger which he immediately rejected her role as the groups leader, along with other individuals to not accept. and that's where Kazuko Kanade the Super High School Level Musician took the role as Leader, which Takeshi agreed to it and though, he wanted to be a leader he decided to give it to her since Kazuko is a girl.

In the duration of their time, Takeshi often practices his punches and kicks outside the Dorm. He sometimes often tags along with either Himeno Jundo or Kikuri Nagisa. Though he shows his protective side to both of them, he still gets flusters easily whenever girls compliments him.

He later found his Super High School Level Brawler Research Laboratory in Chapter 3.

Protection Squad *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Takeshi formed a Protection Squad in Chapter 3. Though the only members in the squad is Keisuke Mcklein and Shinnosuke Shouyou. He created the squad to commemorate Kikuri's and Yukinoko's passing. Since he believe he is the one at fault that time, he decided to begin his protection squad.

They normally keep an eye on everyone, and taking shifts at night to see if anyone exits the Dorm or any other suspicious behavior among the students. Takeshi who is most often doing the heavy work to show his resolution to everyone. Though, again, he still isn't good whenever women are complimenting him or helping him.

His Fight *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Sitting on one of the Fountain Bench. Takeshi was looking around and thinks for a moment on whether he should continue to fight or remain here to prevent any more bloodshed. Awhile later, he was confronted by Keisuke and Shinnosuke who are both wondering on "what is he up to?"

Takeshi admitted that he was a bit distress. He thought his fight was over, due to the fact that their leader Kazuko Kanade is gone. Shinnosuke later on comforted him and told him to continue fighting. But his really question is... 'What should he fight for?' Fighting will only lead to despair and just even more bloodshed. As he was about to leave Keisuke told him a little something.

That sometimes fighting really helps conflict. Though the others have left, he told him that they still want all of them to get out alive. He also mention the sacrifice of Kikuri and Yukinoko. He showed him the long black winter scarf a little fella left for him and Rantarou. And he promises to keep on fighting. And there, he told him that he himself is continuing the fight for Itsuki Kowareta like how Takeshi promises to fight for not only for the remaining survivors but also for Kikuri and Yukinoko.

Shinnosuke also mention his hope, where he would promise to fight for the person who holds his heart, Kazuko. Though indeed he himself was sadden by her death, he told him that she was the one who gave all of them the gifts to remain strong. Takeshi finally stood up and tighten his bandages and his headband. He gave them a fierce determination that he will do everything he can to survive and to escape with his friends. And with that, his hope now shines more brighter.

Graduation *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
After the Mastermind's defeat in the Final Trial, The whole school is beginning to crumble down. Rantarou said to the others to ran to the final gateway, so he can Hack into the Main Monitor, of the entire school. As they ran the gate was still closed but it finally opened thanks to Rantarou but he said he wouldn't make it.

Everyone was against leaving Rantarou behind, but the gate were beginning to close and Rantarou told them to hurry and go. Takeshi along with Himeno and Shinnosuke we're still against, but decided to ran as they don't want to waste his sacrifice in this escape.

Awhile later in walking down the tunnel the final 5 emerge from the tunnel and finally see the sun rising. They look behind the tunnel and think about what they should do, since they really don't know how long they have been trapped inside, but Takeshi still cling on to his hope along with the 4 others and decided to act. They look at the rising sun and smiled.


Himeno Jundo

It is shown that Himeno never leaves Takeshi's side due to her shy nature and seems to grow dependent on him. But to both of them, They give a Brother and Sister relationship and also as it says on Takeshi, he tends to keep on eye on Himeno due to her being a perfect target in a murder.

Kikuri Nagisa

Due to Kikuri's nervousness, Takeshi decided to keep an eye on her like Himeno. Though not shown, Takeshi seems to have develop a really quick bond with her. And seeing from the Class Trial, He's agitated and will do whatever it takes to avenge Kikuri's death. This also shows that Takeshi is infatuated by her.


  • This character is inspired by Akihiko Sanada from the Persona series as they both use fists.
    • Other resemblance of him is that he is a bit clueless, and focuses on getting strong to protect those he loves.
  • His clothes resembles to Unknown from the mobile game Fantasy War Tactics R.
    • His cloth resemblance also matches to a Fighter/Monk job from different RPG Games.