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Survival Hope of Mutual Killing Key Despairs' of Mutual Killing
Survival Hope of Mutual Killing
Survival Hope of Mutual Killing
Full name Survival Hope of Mutual Killing
Occured in Inside the replica of Love's God Academy
Participants 20
Survivors 2
Victims 18
• 10 Executed
• 7 Murdered
• 1 Suicide
Mastermind N/A
Host Monokuma
Appearance Danganronpa: Chapter 1
What I want is to take away that hope they carry inside and fill it with despair. They must also understand from now if you want leave this academy you must kill someone of their classmates.
— Danganronpa Chapter 1: The End of The Hope

The Survival Hope of Mutual Killing, called the Hope for Survival of Mutual Killing (相互殺害の生存希望, sōgo satsugai no seizon kibō) in Japanese, is a Killing School Game featured in Danganronpa Chapter 1: The End of The Hope.

The participants of the killing game are the twenty students of class 81-A.


The participants of the Killing Game are the students of the class 81-A of the Love's God Academy who's hosted by Monokuma and the Monokuma Kubs. Therefore, all of them were abducted by The Mastermind by a law erroneously approved by the director of the academy. The Mastermind took all of them to an abandoned building that had the characteristics of an academy away from the society that all of the students were lived. Later the students were placed a cockade in was write their name, their talent and a number that symbolized the order of the twenty students abducted. Later the students were placed in a same room that symbolized a classroom. Finally the mastermind infiltrates the game pretending to be another participant with the sole purpose of being able to supervise more closely the decisions of their classmates.

When all the students woke up they would be psychologically tested by Monokuma and the Monokuma Kubs to kill one or two of their classmates and then come to a school trial to execute the culprit. The cycle will continue repeating until there are only two students whit life or they can find the Mastermind.


List of Rules

  • Rule #1: Students must live together exclusively within the Love's God Academy indefinitely.
  • Rule #2: The period from 22:00 to 7:00 is designated night time, please note that certain areas are out of bounds during that time.
  • Rule #3: It is allowed to sleep in only the designated rooms, the deliberate use of any other room will be treated like sleeping in classes and a corresponding punishment will be applied.
  • Rule #4: You can investigate the Love's God Academy freely, although there are particular limitations.
  • Rule #5: The violence against the director Monokuma is prohibited, on the other hand, also the destruction of the cameras of surveillance and equipment is prohibited.
  • Rule #6: The bandit that kills one of his classmates will be allowed to "graduate" as long as his crime is in silence and without others knowing.
  • Rule #7: Any student who touches any of the Monokuma Kubs will be severely punished.

The following rules were added later:

  • Rule #8 (Rule Annulled): Until there is a third killer, all students will have to sleep in a designated room on the third floor.
  • Rule #9: Disobeying Monokuma is considered a disrespect and will be severely punished.
  • Rule #10: Any surprise approach to the master mind is considered to violate the limits and will be severely punished.
  • Rule #11: The Headmaster may add rules at any time.


During the killing game, Monokuma decided to make motives in order to escalate the desire of the students to kill each other.



Image Name Titles Fate
Monokuma Icon1
The Headmaster of Love's God Academy N/A
Monofunny Icon1
Children of Monokuma
The Cute Bear
(Executed by Monokid)
Monosuke Icon1
Children of Monokuma
The Avaricious Bear
(Executed with Azdraik)
Monokid Icon1
Children of Monokuma
The Rebel Bear
(Executed with Kumi and Aino)
Monodam Icon1
Children of Monokuma
The Shy Bear
(Executed with Jin)
Monotarou Icon (00)
Children of Monokuma
The Protective Bear
(Executed by The Mastermind)


Image Name Titles Ending Fate
Akari Icon1
Akari Sakamaki
(逆蒔 緋裡)
Ultimate Artist N/A
Eiji Icon1
Eiji Miyamoto
(宮旧 衛庇)
Ultimate Polyglot N/A
Satoshi Icon1
Satoshi Akiyama
(秋野目 郷似)
Ultimate Cosplayer Deceased
(Murdered by The Mastermind)
Masao Icon1
Masao Masahiro
Ultimate Assassin Deceased
(Committed Suicide)
Miguel Icon1
Ultimate Magician 'Deceased'
(Executed by Monokuma)
Yume Icon1
Ultimate Playwright (Disguised)
Ultimate Spy
(Murdered by Azdraik)
Yukiko Icon1
Yukiko Niri
(ニリ 雪子)
Ultimate Analyst Deceased
(Murdered by Azdraik)
Azdraik Icon1
Ultimate Animal Tamer Deceased
(Executed by Monokuma)
Kimi Icon1
Ultimate Photographer Deceased
(Executed by Monokuma)
Nunally Icon1
Ultimate Pastry Chef (Disguised)
Ultimate Spy
(Murdered by Hyun Kamishiro)
Hyun Icon1
Hyun Kamishiro
(神慈侶 秘運)
Ultimate Gore Artist Deceased
(Executed by Monokuma)
Kieran Icon1
Kieran Grimes
Ultimate Acrobat Deceased
(Murdered by Aino Yanara)
Ami Icon1
Ami Minami
(皆魅 娃御)
Ultimate Skater Deceased
(Murdered by Kumi Kizakura)
Aino Icon1
Aino Yanara
(家字螺 間埜)
Ultimate "Female" Otaku Deceased
(Executed by Monokuma)
Kumi Icon1
Kumi Kizakura
(犠挫倉 久三)
Ultimate Manipulator (Disguised)
Ultimate Joker
(Executed by Monokuma)
Yoku Icon1
Yoku Waru
Ultimate Theologist Deceased
(Accidentally killed by Jin Fuyimoto)
Jin Icon1
Jin Fuyimoto
(芙示模人 品)
Ultimate Scientist (Cover)
Ultimate Robot (Original talent)
(Executed by Monokuma)
Tomoe Icon1
Ultimate Assassin Deceased
(Executed by Monokuma)
Mia Icon1
Mia Yashiro
Anko Yashiro
Ultimate Actress Deceased
(Executed by Monokuma)
Hikari Icon1
Hikari Ken
(鍵 斐果理)
Ultimate "Male" Otaku Deceased
(Executed by Monokuma)

Results and Aftermath