Shinnosuke Shouyou
Shinnosuke Shouyou
Full name Shinnosuke Shouyou
Title Ultimate Butler
Birth date August 30
Zodiac Virgo
Height 5'10"
Weight 58kg
Blood type O
Hair color Black
Eye color Light Blue
Age 18
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution Center Academy's Final Countdown
Fate • Survived his Execution
• Escaped from Center Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Old Mistress.
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation St. Rose High School
Voice Actor Shimazaki Nobunaga
Created by RenChronomio

 My loyalty to you all is at Maximum. I will do anything in my power to support you all!  

Shinnosuke Shouyou

Shinnosuke Shouyou (翔陽 心之助 Shōyō Shinnosuke)is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals.

He owns the title Ultimate Butler (超高校級の「執事」chō kōkō kyū no “Shitsuji”).

His reason for being in a Prison is unknown. Though people suspect him for the mysterious death of his mistress.

Name and Development

Shinnosuke's first name (心之助) means 心 (shin, kokoro, -gokoro) meaning "heart, mind, spirit. 之 (shi, oite, kono, kore, no, yuku) meaning "of, this" and 助 (jo, suke, su.keru, tasu.karu, tasu.keru) meaning "assist, help, rescue" while sis last name Shouyou (翔陽) means "flying heaven" and it's proper pronunciation is suppose to be Shoyo.

The author wanted to create a special character who is very loyal and has a bubbly personality that for some reason he will act not only very hard working but also a bit childish. That's how Shinnosuke's development formed.

His clothing was suppose to be a all black outfit attire that Butlers usually wear but decided to add some twist to his top uniform having it to stand out.


6 Shinnosuke

Shinnoske is a tall and somewhat buff student with pale white skin, he also has blue eyes, and shoulder length black hair.

He also wears a white long sleeve polo shirt and he wears an average butler uniform that is half black and half white and it also comes with gold stripes, complete with a violet tie along with his black pants and black leather shoes.

Skills & Abilities

Ultimate Butler

As a Butler. He can handle any task he was given, except some task that is way out of his way of doing. He is very talented like singing or even an ace for sports. But he prefers household work like cleaning, sewing, doing laundry, anything that an ordinary butler can do.


Since he was adopted, he was only given a minimal amount of knowledge. But since he was taken care in the Orphanage, he has his way of taking care of others in the orphanage acting as the big brother figure. He loves taking care of children since the kids reminds him of his young self.


Shinnosuke is a very talented, kind, and a loyal butler who has a title called "The Perfect Man" by his Masters and Mistresses. His duty is to always follow and never decline the orders he was given and he always do his job perfectly so he is always a dependable person.

As a butler, he is very loyal to everyone and also very cooperative, always serves people with his kind and genuine smile. And he is usually calm and self compose but he is easily inspired and easily amaze by others talents and other things that he finds amusing. He also has a tendency to be gullible.

*Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
He became anger at Kazuko's unjust Execution, and he clings to his hope even when Kazuko was gone. He later, strengthen his resolve and fight to the best of his abilities and showing a much more determine look in Ending the Horrible School Prison Killing Game.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Shinnosuke at first was a very shy boy and all he usually do is household chores his parents always leaves him to do. Whenever his alone, he always watches T.V. and he usually practice anything that he needs to do. Then one unfortunate day, his parents got into an accident and since he was living alone and no other relatives can care for him he was send into an orphanage.

That life, he was always in constant sadness but still keeps his smile and then one day, A certain old lady came and adopt him, The Old Lady took him in and there she cares for him. And thanks to that he now lives in a huge manner with other Maids and Butlers.

For him, the only way he can show his appreciation was to do Household chores. Even when the other Maids and Butlers don't want him too, he insisted since he also likes to help others.

Thanks to this, he was able to do other things perfectly and continue to work through his years living in the Manor. And with that, he was given an invitation to Hope's Peak Academy and given him the title "Super High School Level Butler."

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Once Kazuko took the role as the group's leader, Shinnosuke was immediately infatuated in Kazuko. He swear his entire loyalty to her and promise to break the promise. He mostly does his job as the SHSL Butler either in the Dorm cleaning, and making meals for everyone most of the day.

He often relaxes in one of the hallways and tries his best to help those in need. Sometimes he gets too excited whenever Kazuko plays her instrument and whenever Kazuko was worried about him, he has a huge fit of not being a worthy Butler for her due to Kazuko being concern for him.

His Loyalty is always at Max, so when you need him to perform any usual talents, like sports, he would do it with ease with everyone. He found his Super High School Level Butler Research Laboratory in Chapter 2. And once that building is open, he is mostly there, doing things to enhance his talent.

The New Resolution *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
After Kazuko's unjust execution, he held a deep grudge against Monokuma. He was about to lash at him, along with Keisuke Mcklein and Takeshi Yakuzaka, but was easily beaten down due to his robotic guardians. Once Monokuma left, the 5 survivors we're lost in thought as they went back above. But to their shock, they found Rantarou alive. They we're all shock at the moment but Rantarou soon took the new role as "Leader" to avenge Kazuko. and he would do it with or without the help of everyone else.

Later that night Shinnosuke was out trying to breath some fresh air, but he soon encountered Takeshi and Keisuke. The Three soon talked about the parts about Center Academy, that Kazuko was able to record for them. After awhile Keisuke stood up and remove his scarf, which shock Takeshi and Shinnosuke.

Keisuke explained to them about Itsuki's execution and he vowed to survive. He also told them to fight as well, not only for Kazuko but to those who fall victim to everything. The "Hope" that Kazuko hold dear, Shinnosuke stood up and held his Crest symbol dearly. Remembering the smiles and the struggles Kazuko did, he doesn't want to waste it and finally, He spoke to the two of them he too, is not giving up, he swear his entire loyalty to Kazuko and will do anything to finish what Kazuko started.

The Videos *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Shinnosuke soon found out he was part of the MRP, Which he didn't know of, since the mind erase. He looked at the recent crime he committed, where he steals kills one of the men his mistress was stressing about, he wanted her to rest in ease but couldn't do that and decided to kill the man that causes stress to his mistress. but Shinnosuke's videos wasn't the only one, everyone has a criminal record video. But later on they watched a Video Kazuko left for them.

It's a video of all of them smiling, having a good time, and some silly moments that makes you laugh your heart out. The Moments Shinnosuke has was him making stops and often acts so clueless and a bit of a handful. He also demostrated his physical strength which he was 3rd to none from Takeshi and Keisuke. And another moment where he was suppose to confess his feelings to Kazuko but chickened out in the end, leaving Kazuko in a clueless state.

There we're a bunch of moments where their life in the Prison School back then was actually enjoyable. And taking this video as Kazuko's last message, he decided to stay strong and fight for their freedom in the Final Trial.


Kazuko Kanade

Shinnosuke sees Kazuko as an amazing Princess, perhaps even a strong leading princess fit for her people or in this case, her classmates, and so he dedicated his life in the Prison to be her loyal butler.

Rantarou Yamada

Shinnosuke always believes in others and whenever he works with someone, he always share a mutual friendship with them. And in result in the Party preparation Rantarou and Shinnosuke bonded in a working way.

Yukio Nagamasa

In Chapter 3, it is reveal that Shinnosuke is now working under the Nagamasa family before his time in Center Academy. The two don't really communicate much besides Yukio sometimes ask Shinnosuke for some favors. But the two are really in good terms with each other.

Takeshi Yakuzaka & Keisuke Mcklein

The three of them are both in a really good term. The three of them from a Protection Squad for the students in Center Academy. With Takeshi, they are laughing buddies and they often talk about common stuff in the real world, which Shinnosuke doesn't much known. While Keisuke, the two of them often enjoy relaxation with each other and they often seem at peace with one another.


Free Time

Free Time # 1

"Phew... I'm done cleaning up our lunch. I am on break now so, wanna talk a bit?" Shinnosuke said to me. "Sure! I wanna know about you anyway~" I said "Great. If you like, I'll make us some tea." He said as he went into the kitchen to prepare it then came back for out little chat.

I talk to him till afternoon now. And I must say... He's really and I mean REALLY a good Butler. "Eh~? I didn't know you can also sing Shinnosuke?" I asked amaze "Ehehe~ Well I need to since the children my previous master has wants me to. She would always needs me to sing her a lullaby." He said. That's very sweet of him! "Say Shinnosuke~? Do you always do this type of thing when your a kid?" I asked.

"Well... To answer your question... No." He said sounding upset. "I was orphan when I was a child. So I am not sure about my life till someone adopted me." He said. "That sweet old lady took care of me as her child and I was really grateful." He stop for a minute sipping his tea. "Then when I was about 14, I helped her around the house. Cleaning, Cooking, Laundry, everything." He said "The Old Lady must have been sweet and kind to you huh Shinnouske?" I said "She is indeed. Though she is no longer with me on this earth." I gasped

"O-Oh... I'm sorry..." I apologize "You don't need to Lady Kazuko. She lived a happy life and I too, am happy I was able to be a part of it." Shinnosuke once again showing his smile. He overcome so many hardships and the loss of his love one. And yet still showing his smile. I have to say he really is what they call "A Perfect Man".

"My look at the time. You should be on your way." Shinnosuke said "Eh? It's alright I kinda wanna talk to you more now." I said "Oh no, a Lady like you need to spend time with other people. Especially since your still growing." He said "What are you? An Old Man?" I said pouting and he laugh.

Free Time # 2

"My... Everyone seems so down. Especially after the incident." Shinnosuke closses his eyes to think. "Um... Shinnosuke? Would mind accompanying me for the time being?" I asked him feeling that I really do need some campany "Well... I certainly wouldn't want a Lady to be upset in such situation. And now you are my current Master, then I am happy to serve as your escort." Shinnosuke said.

I spend most of my time with Shinnosuke that Morning/Afternoon. And I got to know him a bit better. "Ehh~ Is that so?" "Yes. As a Butler I need to fulfill my Masters wishes, so... I also need to be capable of doing various sports." He can sing AND sports... Is there anything he can't do? "Um... Shinnosuke? Is there anything you can't do?" I asked him

"Hmm... I myself don't know. I only do this things so I can satisfy my Masters. So I technically don't have that many hobbies and things that makes me... Me." Shinnosuke says. "That's quite sad." Like really sad. You don't know the real you cause it has been masked by various needs and wants of his clients and masters... That kinda sounds bad.

"It is indeed sad. But I am fine with it." "Eh?" "I don't mind as long as I put a smile on my Masters faces. I never disappoint them with all the things that I can do and... I want to keep it that way." He said looking down. "Shinnosuke...?" I call out to him "Yes Lady Kazuko?" He said. "Ah... No... Never mind. It's nothing." I said smiling. "I see. Well then, should we enjoy the rest of our day?" He said taking my hand and escorted me around the new halls of the school.