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Rantarou (Official)
Rantarou Yamada
Full name Rantarou Yamada
Title Ultimate ???
Birth date July 20
Zodiac Cancer
Height 5'10"
Weight 60kg
Blood type O
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Age 18
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution Center Academy's Final Countdown
Fate Hack into the School's Security to let the remaining 5 survivors escape but got trap inside Center Academy
Personal Status
Status Unknown
Relatives No One
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation All Boys South Kabuya High School
Debut Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals
Created by RenChronomio

 People rely on you so do not exhaust yourself.  

Yamada Rantarou to Kazuko Kanade

Rantarou Yamada (山田 蘭太郎 Yamada Rantaro) is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals.

His current Talent is Unknown due to his small memory loss, but due to the circumstances of everything he doesn't worry about finding out his talent rather, he focuses on the situation at hand and the others. Thus, dubbed him as Ultimate ??? (超高校級の「???」 chō kōkō kyū no “???”).

His reason in prison is also unknown like some others, and there are no evidence and proof WHY he is in prison.

He later became the 2nd protagonist of the story as Kazuko's 2nd companion as he is able to fire his own Truth Bullets to support, not only Kazuko, but also the other students.

Name & Development

Rantarou's name consists of 蘭 (ran), meaning "orchid" and 太郎 (tarō), a common suffix for Japanese boys' names which literally means "healthy son" and is usually given to the eldest son in the family and his last name Yamada (山田, "mountain ricefield") is the 12th most common Japanese surname.

In Rantarou's Development, the author wanted to create a student with a "Ultimate ???" as well and so thus Rantarou is created. His name comes from Danganronpa's very own Rantarou Amami from Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony since the author was inspired by him.

Though Rantarou is his given name the author doesn't want to completely copy Rantarou Amami so he still in the development stage. But his personality was created to make him completely hard to guess his talent until a given time in the story.

The author gave Rantarou a personality that resembles of a typical average nice young teen. But there is more than meets the eye as Rantarou may or may not have a dark side in his story.


2 Rantarou

Rantarou is a tall young man that has short black hair with black colored gentle eyes also wears a silver colored music note necklace similar to Kazuko Kanade.

He wears a black short sleeve polo shirt with a green short sleeve hoodie jacket along with a small blue and white bear hanging on his left shoulder and a wrist band on both his hands.

On his black polo shirt on the right, he has his crest symbol from his old High School but his symbol was severely scratch and is now unidentified so his past school is unknown. He also wears a black pants, with a chain attach to his right, and also a black and white checkered shoes.

Skills & Abilities

Sharp Observation

As Kazuko's friend, he supported her by doing Keen observations of his surroundings. Like during Chapter 2, he was the 1st person to inspect every last area in new map. And thanks to his Keen observation, he can easily sees the differences from before his inspection.

Keen Informant

Like a computer processing information. he can easily understands the information he was hearing. Like in the Class Trial, his able to process information and able's to contradict a person's statement through the information he obtained and breaking through a person's own testimony and idea.

Super High School Level "Talent" *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Super High School Level ???

Rantarou finally remembers his talent in the Ending of Chapter 5 but clues on what his talents be can be find in various means like how he easily access Miaya's computer in Chapter 4.

Super High School Level Hacker

As the SHSL Hacker, Rantarou can easily access through various lock codes and can get anything he wants on the internet. During his time as a Hacker he has a Username name: Anonymous and receives so many request by certain people all over the world. Obtaining and Leaking information, Sabotaging and Creating Viruses, and can install other deadly programs. But mostly he does is just stealing information for his clients. He can easily remove his traces on the internet leaving him as an "Unknown" criminal.


Rantarou is a nice, polite, young guy who has a tendency to worry about others more than himself. Due to his personality he doesn't mind if his talent is unknown to him. Although, that doesn't mean that he wants anyone to find it out. He likes communicating with others and he seems to know everyone very well, but the reason for that is unknown.

He's a very mysterious person and he tends to stay that way so nobody will know him cause he has a fear of hurting them when the time comes. Though he maybe mysterious, he still likes giving people a hand. Evidence for that is his middle school friend Itsuki Kowareta as he stop him from committing multiple self injuries to himself.

Their are some parts in the story that shows he has keen observation on murder scenes and people's facial expressions. He also shows good understanding on everyone's actions showing him that he cares for everyone and shows forgiveness to those people.

*Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
In actuality, his personality is fake. He is actually a mean, and easily annoyed type of guy where he hates people especially the high and mighty, and loud mouthed people.

But in honesty he only keeps his distance to some people due to the fact that his talent has already ruined the lives of many. But as times pass in the Prison School he soon soften up, thanks to Kazuko's kindness. And thanks to that he often keeps an eye on Kazuko as he promise not to lose her or to see her die. But after her execution in Chapter 5, he went to a fit of rage and vows to end this horrible game with or without the help of the remaining survivors.

At his final moment in the school crashing down on him. He showed his usual soft self that he saw his friends who manages to escape and finally let out a huge sigh as his talent, the talent that always destroys people's lives, finally rescued someone else.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak

Not much has been known in Rantarou's Past, aside that he gos to the same middle school as Itsuki Kowareta. But unfortunately Itsuki himself doesn't even know his past too, aside that he lives alone in an apartment and he usually spends his time by relaxing or studying.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Rantarou was at first calm at the situation at hand, and he doesn't really mind if his talent is unknown to him since that isn't the best topic to discuss at the moment. But as they discovered that they are gonna be force in this horrible killing game, he became tense and worried. After they're investigation around the school of finding an exit the whole group became distraught of this situation, but Yukio Nagamasa told them she would lead. But only to those who are deem worthy and the weak will perish.

But many disagree with her rule and Kazuko Kanade instead took the lead as her promise seem to bring hope to everyone's hearts. Rantarou decided to watch Kazuko, as he had a bad feeling that something might happened. He usually hangs out with Kazuko as to her grow and see if her promise still be unforgotten.

But as time passes his memories seems to return bit-by-bit. He then recall that his talent is very dangerous that people will get hurt due to him so he became cautious and looks around for his Super High School Level Research Laboratory.

And later his true personality is reveal that he was the exact opposite of his current personality. He was cold and rude to everyone and often goes solo in situations. After awhile everyone seems to be distant, and careful not to set a fuse on him but Kazuko still remains by his side, which shock Rantarou that he doesn't want anyone near him.

Later on, he and Kazuko was investigating and he was able to stop the entire school's destruction but only for a few moments. He later got separated from Kazuko and was knock out cold by an unknown assailant. He later wake up and was tied up. He was force to to look at the light but due to no one completely controlling it, it break down and did something to Rantarou. He finally remembered his talent as the Super High School Level Hacker.

He later found Kazuko's Super High School Level Musician Research Laboratory. Where he found some sort of recording which plays out the events that happened. But he quickly cut the video not wanting to watch more and then he saw some sort of planning. Where everything leads to every events that has happen. And he look at the event at the last where it says "The Hero Dies a Heroic Death" and it shows a picture of Kazuko.

He hurriedly ran to where the others are currently are but he was too late as Kazuko was killed by Monokuma. Which, Monokuma said he had made a mistake. Rantarou became angered at this and took the role as Leader, but he still goes on solo and left the others as he promise to Kazuko that he will end the Prison Killing Game.

Rantarou's Hope *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
He already started investigating on his own and uses the school's monitor to access all the information it has but found none that leads to The Mastermind's identity. He was frustrated to find none and throws a huge fit but did small damage to the room due to Monokuma's "rule".

He exited the room only to found Yukio Nagamasa, where she told him to watch the video again but Rantarou quickly decline. Knowing that will happen, Yukio told him that what his doing will be his own downfall and Kazuko will not be please of his doing and lastly to finish the entire video.

Shock at those words, he decided to try to relief himself and secluded himself in his Super High School Level Hacker Research Laboratory, thinking on what to do next. When the video pop into his mind and he decided to go and check it out.

Upon arriving he watched the entire video, where everyone was smiling and laughing at the memories they all shared. Rantarou was shown a only for a few minutes due to him wanting to be alone but, Kazuko was the only one he felt close to due to her stubbornness on being friends with him. Later on Kazuko gave him a silver musical necklace, which he is wearing right now, and that is the proof of their friendship. Awhile later, he watch the ending of the video where Kazuko was sending her last message to everyone in Center Academy. How she loves the place and the people in it. And that's where Rantarou swear to protect as well. He couldn't protect Kazuko, but he would do anything to protect the ones Kazuko tried to protect.


Kazuko Kanade

Rantarou sees Kazuko as a friend though the reason for that is unknown. He seems to care for her more than anyone else including himself and yet he seems to know her more than everyone here equally.

Itsuki Kowareta

Itsuki was Rantarou's old middle school friend. Rantarou sees Itsuki as a poor little boy who is bullied by his peers. So he decided to be his friend. At times Itsuki wants him to go away but as a Nice and Carefree guy, he didn't give up till Itsuki is okay. He stopped him committing suicide multiple times and he comforts him when he cries.

Takeshi Yakuzaka

In his free time event during Chapter 3, he said they we're getting along well. Although he said he is somewhat bit of an idiot as he told him some questions and he didn't get some of them and he solely focus on getting strong.

Himeno Jundo

He said that Himeno was cute like a little doll, though in Kazuko's case he sees him having a crush but he told her she didn't see her that way he sees her like the little girl in the group and he also said she really like a little doll, fragile but cute.

Free Time

Free Time #1

"Man this place is full of surprises..." He said a bit uncomfortable. "Say? You wanna hang out a bit? Might help you ease up a bit!" I said positively. "Hmm... Sure why not."

We both talked about some random things. Things we liked and things that we hate.

I feel like I gotten close to him.

"..." Huh? Why did he suddenly frowned? He was smiling a minute ago. "..." "Is something wrong?" "Huh? Oh. Nothing at all." That doesn't seem to make me comfortable. "Say Rantarou... Can you tell me what's your talent is?" "Eh? Um... Well..." He seems to be deep in thought. "Like I said~ That's a secret that only I will know." I pouted. He seems to be hiding something. What's so suspicious about his talent. "Woah there! Hahaha, c'mon don't pout!"

"Tell me!!!" I said whining like a child. "..." He stared at me silently. "R-Rantarou?" He whispered in my ear and said "Mind keeping this just between us?" I nodded "I... I don't know." Eh? "Come again?" "I said, I don't know. Like, I don't know why we are here like that."

He frowns. Looks like he wasn't lying. Maybe something close to his appearance might give me a clue! "Hmm..." "What's the matter Kazuko?" "Maybe something to your appearance might spark an idea to what your talent is!" I said whimsically. "I don't know about that but... Give it a go!"

"Hmm... Just from that bear on your shoulder... Ultimate Toy Maker?" I said to him and he looked at me shocked then "Bwahahahaha!" I was just standing their dumbfounded. "Oh man... Toy Maker? I... I just... Hahaha!" "Hey! Stop laughing!" I hit him in the arm numerous times while he tries to block it, still laughing mind you!

"Okay okay, I'm sorry." "Good." Wait really good! There's that smile a few minutes ago. "Thanks for keeping me company Kazuko." "You are very welcome~!" I said happily as we both part ways... Wait... "HEY! I still haven't--" And his gone... Next Time I'll guess his talent.


  • His the 1st character the author created in his fate still undecided.
  • His official art is base on Hajime Hinata Ultimate ???
  • He attended the same old high school and middle school with Itsuki Kowareta.