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Full name Oz
Title Ultimate Artificial Intelligent
Birth date September 30
Zodiac Libra
Height 5'10"
Weight 48kg
Blood type  ???
Hair color Blue
Eye color Blue
Age Designed 18
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Fate Murdered by Itsuki Kowareta by accident
Personal Status
Status Inactive
Relatives • Miaya (Master/Creator)
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation Heights and Management Success Industries.
Created by RenChronomio

 I may not be human! But I can still be your friend.  


O1-Z0 commonly known as Oz (オズ Ozu) is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals, and he is a participant in the Prison Killing Game.

His known as the Ultimate Artificial Intelligence (超高校級の「人工知能」chō kōkō kyū no “Jinkō chinō”). Due to his mechanical body and his humanoid mind.

Name and Development

His entire design was inspired by K1-BO (Keebo), A character from Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony. Though both of them are Robots, Oz has a more Human Like body and a more Human, yet childish, Like Mind. Some of his design was also base upon a "special" student from another game the author loves and it is Yandere Simulator.

The author's purpose for having Oz in the story is to try to make a student who stands out and to have an interesting story development in the story. Though he wants Oz to stand out, he still has some fix problems.

In another note of his development, Oz was suppose to be a special student that has to fulfill a purpose in the story but decided to change it to Miaya's personal slave robot and also to process the Maturing A.I. Project.

The progress will not only develop him as a human but also helps create more better futuristic future. That is... If he survive.



Oz has a human like body but most of his body is mostly metal. He has blue, shoulder length, hair and also antenna's that suppose to help him know background noises. His ears are mostly use when he is communicating to people to distinguish the words and process them to his Maturing A.I. chip.

He has pale skin and he has a lighting symbol on his neck that shows the amount of energy he has in his body and it usually charges through solar. But due to their prison school background he charges through his plug. The plug connects to his arms where the nerves are suppose to be located for humans.

He wears a simple blue shirt hoodie with his signature Double Triangular Crest connector on his right shirt and white t-shirt and simple blue jeans with white sneakers.

Skills & Abilities

Super High School Level Artificial Intelligence

As the Ultimate Artificial Intelligence, he was a simple robot growing up to be an ordinary human. But to him, he wants to be extraordinary and so he upgraded himself to it's finest like adding different types of functions and since he also has the Maturing A.I. He exhibits the things needed to become human.


Oz dreams to be a robo-hero in some commercial or series. This means he has a small personality of a child but when things are series he acts like an adult. Though not know what to do fully. He also has a bad habit of recording and picturing unnecessary things and also he hates being embarrass.

He isn't easily offended when people tell him he is a mere robot because he has full understanding of it. But thanks to his Maturing A.I. he is developing more like a human everyday as he learns new things through out his experience as a living boy (robot).

Though he is adapting through human behavior, he is still in the understanding stage of it. Due to this, he doesn't know how to respond to some various conversations especially serious ones cause he has a feeling he might damper the mood a bit more.

During his Free Time Events, he asked Kazuko Kanade as his tutor to Human Emotions cause he wants full understanding of it. And during the lessons he is learning more about Human Behavior but to Kazuko, seeing Oz as a young little boy despite his appearance, she teaches him simple things and avoids any other harmful emotions like the 7 deadly sins, etc.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
He was created to help improve A.I development and also use as a test to see his behavior on the field. He was soon given a Maturing A.I. function to help like a brain. Then after a few more tests he became the hope of a robotic future. Though during the time of his birth, he was still in the development stage before his life can become that of a human or as you may say "beginning" so information about him remains a secret.

But later on he was finish thanks to the help of Miaya Kikai. But later on got taken by her as well. In result he servers as Miaya's own slave without Oz knowing her true intention due to his A.I still in development.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Kazuko has taken the lead and everyone seems to relax thanks to her, Oz on the other hand was still processing the situation. But couldn't finish thanks to Miaya, ordering him to follow her. During his time his trying to access a human's heart and he tends to flee from Matsuri Yorukobi during the time. But after her death, he seems to not understand as to why he feels wrong to her death. He said that she often frightens him and made him uncomfortable.

He didn't understand one bit about emotions but Kazuko decided to use his time to Investigate her murder. And later on, the murderer of the crime was his master, Miaya. And after her execution, he had a weird sensation within him which he couldn't understand. Later on in his free time events, Kazuko taught him the basics of Human Emotions. He also often tends to be himself and sometimes whenever he needs "Maintenance", Kazuko misunderstood it as, taking him apart for cleaning.

He found his Super High School Level Artificial Intelligent Research Laboratory after the 3rd Trial and the entire place is like a highly advance research laboratory filled with machines, tubes, and also a huge monitor that access tests and functions of a robot. This is later the scene where he met his unfortunate accident.

His Risk *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
In Chapter 3, after figuring out the killer of both Aria Minegishi and Kurosaki Yanagiya. It was Xandu Audette. He later admitted that he didn't had any regrets killing them as they we're able to clench his thirst. He was later asked why and what kind of "Thirst" which he later laugh maniacally as he enjoys killinh as his talent was none other than fabrication created by himself.

He later took out a knife and said he wanted to plant despair in all of them and the only way to do that is to kill the one that attaches all of them together. And that is Kazuko herself. He later lunge at her preparing to stab but instead of Kazuko being stab. It was Oz instead. Xandu was angered and he later stab once again on the A.I. which he critically damage his main hard drive that helps himself function properly.

He later drop to the ground holding onto his chest in static pain and Xandu got caught by ropes to stop his rampage, thanks to Monokuma. He later got executed and everyone watched him die but later recover due to Oz's disfunction body. He was later brought to his Research Laboratory to be fix.

The Accident *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
In Chapter 4 Oz was left in his Super High School Level Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory. He was laying down in his bed and he was left inside with Itsuki Kowareta. Though he was laying down he was watching Itsuki's every move and observing his Human Behavior. And he also call to him for help to adjust some things for him.

But later Itsuki panic all of a sudden and push a random button. Which, later got the whole Laboratory crazy. Itsuki tried to fix but got shock by the monitor and Oz couldn't function properly and was still laying on the bed watching in horror as his helping hand started malfunctioning before him. And was later stab by the same hands on his stomach. He later saw Itsuki shaking in fear on what he has done. But wanted to remind him that this isn't his fault but couldn't and finally stop functioning. Due to his already malfunction systems.


Kazuko Kanade

Oz sees Kazuko as a nice girl and decided to befriend her. Through some of their conversations Oz treats her like a mentor due to the fact during his FTE she teaches Oz various Human Behavior.

Miaya Kikai

Miaya is one of Oz's creators so he show his thanks by being her friend. But Miaya unfortunately don't like it so she treats Oz as a slave instead yet Oz still agrees.


  • Miaya gave him the name Oz as her first thought was "Odd" then she just turns it into "Oz".
    • But before taken by Miaya his real name was discovered later and his real name is O1-Z0 by some scientist who really created and began his design.
  • Oz has a bunch of functions and a memory card inside his head to confirm memories he created.