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Nise Rinmaru (Mirai Moon)
Full name Unknown
Title Ultimate Actor
Birth date July 31th
Zodiac Leo
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Gløbal Killing Game
Personal Status
Affiliation Hope's Peak Academy International
Debut Danganronpa GL0BAL
Created by Mirai Moon (talk)

Nise (Japanese: Nise) is a character featured in Danganronpa GL0BAL. Nise is known as the Ultimate Actor, and has been stated to be able to easily fit into any role. Nise's real name is unknown, as is their gender.


Because Nise has been stated to be easily take on any role, they have identity issues. Nise's personality often switches on a whim, almost as if they have dissociative identity disorder, unless presented with a script. Nise prefers not to speak unless in character, though they present themselves as polite and helpful.

Nise hides their face in public and goes by the pseudonym of "Nise" so people do not recognize him them the actor that they are. Doing so presents them with an air of humility.


Prior to the Tragedy

According to themselves, Nise is of Japanese descent, but has never lived in Japan.

Nise first got into theatre at age 8, when they played the physical role (but not the voice) of the Wizard of Oz in a theatre production of The Wizard of Oz. Since then, they have appeared in over 5000 theatre productions, and has also won a large number of awards.

At some point in their career, Nise was scouted and voiced the main protagonist in an animated film, and expanded from theatrical productions to motion pictures and televisions.

They were scouted by an associate of Koichi Kizakura for Class 1I of Hope's Peak Academy International.

Danganronpa GL0BAL

At some point during the tragedy, Nise and the other students scouted for Hope's Peak Academy International, were rescued by a member of the Future Foundation by the name of Haru Shimizu. Nise and the other students were then placed under the care of Akio Matsumoto. Alongside his classmates, they were initially introduced to Chiyoko Takenaka while playing dodgeball. As Nise does not speak, it was Abel Moreau who introduced him to her.

When Monokuma introduced himself, Nise was the one who found and distributed the e-Handbooks left by the bear. After the Killing Game began, Nise inspected the corpse of Ulrich Tolbert with no hesitation. He and Abel were the only two who seemed contempt with studying a corpse, and the two of them quickly deduced his cause of death.


  • Though the image suggests otherwise, Nise's masks do not hide their entire face. There are holes in the mask that covers the upper half of his face, allowing for his eyes to be seen.