Monokuma VA ID

Monokuma is the host of the Gifted Killing School Life and headmaster of the school. He is the one who enforces the rules and esures everything runs smoothly - but of course not without the help of the lovely Monokumarz.

Monokuma Kubs


File:Monotaro ID.png

Although Monotaro is the undisputed leader of the Monokumarz, he also has a clumsy and gullible side that sometimes comes out.


File:Monokid ID.png

Monokid has a loud over-exuberant personality. He's foulmouthed and habitually bullies Monodam.


File:Monosuke ID.png

Monosuke is the comedian of the group. He speaks in a funny dialect and he makes his other siblings laugh with his razor sharp tongue that rivals that of his brother Monokid's.


File:Monofunny ID.png

The only female member of Monokumarz, Monofunny truly is the most feminine as she hates the idea of anything gross and often pukes at gory things. She's very girly and cute; by the far the most unique of the group.


File:Monodam ID.png

Monodam is always the butt of his siblings jokes. He can never catch a break as he's always the one being bullied so in order to save himself from getting hurt Monodam has sealed his heart off from the world and doesn't speak very much.


Kaede Akamatsu

赤松 楓
A cheerful girl who's played piano since she was 2, Kaede is able to keep a level head during  crisis and very much takes on a leadership role within the group. She's always the one lifting everyone's spirits and taking one for the team.

Shuichi Saihara

最原 終一
Shuichi Saihara doesn't think very highly of himself as he believes he only solved his breakthrough case out of luck. He is the one that must break the facade and reveal the truth.

Rantaro Amami

天海 蘭太郎
Rantaro's SHSL talent is unkown although this has no effect on him as he is still a cheerful guy. He seems to know something the other's don't and cooly negotiate in a tough situation. He's simply referred to as the Super High School Level ???

Miu Iruma

入間 美兎

An overly confident girl who will throw a barrage of insults at you but then beg at your feet for friendship, Miu's rudeness is simply a facade that breaks whenever she's questioned about anything. Because she's the Super High School Level Inventor Miu thinks that she's a self-proclaimed genius when really she's not very smart at all.

Kokichi Oma

王馬 小吉

This one is mischevious and will do anything for a thrill ride or a bit of fun. You'll be led down the wrong path by his evil lies and he'll shed crocodile tears in a split second to try and get sympathy. Kokichi has no morals although he tries to act like a child. He's the Super High School Level Supreme Leader and has a secret organisation that reportedly has 666 members.



Just because he's the Super High School Level Robot, this doesn't mean that Kibo wants to be treated any differently from the rest of his fellow students. In-fact, Kibo loathes robot discrimination and believes in equality. Unable to understand human social conventions, Kibo is always oblivious to the path a conversation will take.

Gonta Gokuhara

獄原 ゴン太

When he was young, he got lost in the woods for several years and was thus raised by a family of wolves. In order to say thank-you to his woodland friends, Gonta always aims to be the perfect gentleman but he has low self confidence because he thinks that he's stupid. Gonta's the Super High School Level Entomologist who has a cute fascination with bugs.

Tsumugi Shirogane

白銀 つむぎ

A generic otaku, Tsumugi often jokes about her plain appearance that disguises her true talent as the Super High School Level Cosplayer. A huge anime fan, she often gushes about anime and makes very confusing references that nobody seems to understand. She has a sponsor although she prefers making the costumes and not wearing them herself.

Korekiyo Shinguji

真宮寺 是清

Korekiyo has travelled the world to study Folklore so he's been called the Super High School Level Folklorist. He has a pet theory about the unlimited beauty of humanity. An intelligent man, he's unintentionally creepy and just wants to observe his fellow students to test his rather odd theory.

Tenko Chabashira

茶柱 転子

Tenko absolutely hates men and she has many ridiculous preconceptions about them. She has a fighting spirit and will throw any man that tries to touch her with ease as she's the Super High School Level Aikido Master. She created the special martial art with her sensei Neo Aikido.

Kirumi Tojo

東条 斬美

A Super High School Level Maid who's skilled in many different areas such ass: sports, academics & leadership roles. Kirumi has a keen intellectual mind and is always willing to help others as she's a born leader and an incredibly selfless person who never gives up no matter how hopeless the situation may seem.

Maki Harukawa

春川 魔姫

Just because Maki is the Super High School Level Caregiver this is no way means she likes children - in fact, she hates them and prefers to not make human contact with anyone. Because she helped out in the orphanage she was raised in, she earned her talent. A blunt girl, Maki tells it how it is and doesn't feel the need to sugar coat things.

Ryoma Hoshi

星 竜馬

He states that his former identity as Super High School Level Tennis Player is totally gone due to the fact he brutally killed mafia members using steel tennis balls. He's nicknamed: Killer Tennis. Now that he has been put on death row, Ryoma no longer believes he has anything to live for and will selflessly sacrifice himelf for the good of the students.

Kaito Momota

百田 解斗

The one that's name has been written across the galaxy, Super High School Level Astronaut Kaito Momota! Whilst he's only a trainee, he managed to somehow earn his title through dedication and hard-work (although he faked papers to get into the programme). He's a dreamer who just really wants his dreams to come true, no matter what it takes.

Himiko Yumeno

夢野 秘密子

Publicly known as the Super High School Level Magician, Himiko Yumeno is a cute baby-faced girl who passes off her parlour tricks as real magic. She claims that magic is being hidden from the public eye as part of a conspiracy. A rather lazy girl, she has a to-the-max side but she can rarely be bothered to show it.

Angie Yonaga

夜長 アンジー

Angie is a spiritual girl who's very in touch with her culture and dedicates herself and her work to the God of the Island she loves so much. She is always happy and always encourages the others to join her religion - no matter how many times they refuse. Angie is the Super High School Level Artist.

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