Miaya Kikai
Miaya Kikai
Full name Miaya Kikai
Title Ultimate Engineer
Birth date August 12
Zodiac Leo
Height 5'9"
Weight 53kg
Blood type O
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Age 17
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution Mecha Train on the Highway
Fate Executed by Monokuma
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation Heights and Management Success Industries.
Debut Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals
Created by Ren Chronomio

 I'll get to say when this is over bitch!  

Miaya Kikai to Kazuko Kanade

Miaya Kikai (機械 美彩 Kikai Miaya) is a character featured in the Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals,

She is known as the Ultimate Engineer (超高校級の「エンジニア」chō kōkō kyū no “Enjinia”).

She's actually a criminal. Her crimes back then was sabotaging other's work and used their parts for herself. She's also sued for attacking a President of a certain Organization.


In the 1st Class Trial, thanks to Kazuko's effort along with Rantarou and other individuals, they pointed out that Miaya was the culprit and voted her as the blackened in Matsuri's murder case.

It was revealed that Miaya wanted to find about what has happened to her Family's Agency due to her staying unconscious for a long time as Monokuma said after revealing their Motives. So, she killed anyone at random in order to escape the Prison School and her victim was Matsuri Yorukobi. She planned the whole murder thanks to Matsuri's party plan and there, her plans was set into motion. After the Class Trial, She was dragged to her execution.

She was the 1st killer of the Mutual Prison Killing Game and was executed by Monokuma making her the 2nd person to die.

Name and Development

Miaya's given name, Miaya (美彩), means "beautiful color" while her last name Kikai (機械), means ("machine; mechanism)

The author created Miaya for a sole purpose to give her a personality of a spoiled and bratty girl. Her development was suppose to be a really hated character in the story but due to her short coming in the story she didn't have some certain spot lights in the story line.

Miaya's whole base concept design is base upon Engineers in the Final Fantasy series. Or even a mere pilot design. But the author was suppose to give her a more impact look like a steampunk type but giving the state of a school background the author gave her an outfit base upon his favorite.

Her whole personality is base upon the Himedere personality, where she thinks she is a princess and must always treated to be one. This is why she has strong hatred on Kazuko Kanade as everyone puts her on a special spotlight.



Miaya is a tall young woman that has long blond hair and she wears a helmet with goggles on them and she has She wears a cerulean color eyes.

She also wears a green sleeveless shirt underneath her blue polo shirt with a brown leather jacket with black, belt straps on her right arm while her left arm has her signature Engineer Crest and she also wears brown leather gloves. She also wears mini shorts with white knee high socks and brown boots.

Skills and Abilities

Ultimate Engineer

As the Ultimate Engineer, she is very skilled when it comes to machines and also structural process. But her reputation on Analytical ability is her more strong suit as she has strong sense when their are in needs of maintenance, test field output, and also estimating the machine's failure or success.


Miaya is described as mean, and really brash on others. She considers herself somewhat of a princess who will a new future to mankind thanks to her creations. She often says the worst comments and often makes other people very upset, but her on the other hand, doesn't care.

Miaya treats herself with high authority and hates communicating with people that are completely doesn't find interesting or waste of time.

She also hates it when people think highly of themselves and she's really harsh along with her cold tongue, meaning she spats our harsh truth on others then tells them to others signaling their weakness.

But all in all, she has a huge soft spot for her family as they are the ones who raised her and treated her like a Princess. And this is the reason why she thinks of herself so highly due to her parents spoiling her.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Her family runs a repair company for machines and to that bloodline, she knows her way when it comes to machine. She is quite handy with her hands cause she also has the ability to create new things from scrap iron and she is currently doing a project which is an Artificial Intelligent. In her life, she was treated like royalty due to her parents being Japan's best Industries of Machinery. She has wealth and fame and her knowledge makes her even perfect.

But all in all due to her being raise in such a manner she was spoiled beyond belief and though she has friends, she often treats other people like trash and often calls them names making her into a bully. She then wanted to find a "dream" man since that is the only thing she doesn't have and began searching. But unfortunately, she didn't succeed due to her rotten personality and she often asks why men fall in love with average or low life girls and why are some hot men are gay.

She then decided to progress her creation on her Artificial Intelligent robot. And for a whole lot of months of tests and improvements, he was completed and that's where she turned her A.I. into a fake boyfriend. But seeing though as that is weird she decided to make him a slave and when she thought of it was weird, she named him Oz.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Miaya was first seen near the gate to the next area trying any way she can to unlock it. When she saw Kazuko Kanade and Rantarou Yamada, she sense some sort of disgusting happy vibe between them and she immediately hates it and finally spatting angry comments like "Bitch" and more. Later she joins Rantarou and Kazuko to go meet up with Yukio Nagamasa and the others and as they were reunited they we're heard an announcement that everyone has to go to the Gymnasium and there, Monokuma appeared. He then told everyone they will be participating a Killing Game and leaving them where everyone has panicked.

After Miaya heard the news, she then later return to her room thinking what to do next when Morning came. She then later went to the Cafeteria to check on the others and later, after Kazuko's leadership has been pull through though she hated it since she thinks she can act like that still sided with her. Later on Monokuma added an additional motive that something very bad happening to their families and that triggered Miaya in wanting to get out more. The next few hours Matsuri Yorukobi propose a party to be held in their very own Dorm building with a few volunteers to help. And that's where Miaya plan starts. Miaya being an expert with machines and buildings, she was able to unlock the secrets of it thanks to the Dorm's Special Circuit Breaker. A few hours later, Rantarou was there cleaning up the room and earning a n idea for herself so in case someone figures something out, she would have an alibi. So she asked Rantarou to check on it and earning her another idea letting him be accuse of this.

Finally Party started and like the others we're having a good time and Miaya was looking for a good target and a place to lure her with the help of the secret passage. She soon later found Matsuri near the cicuit breaker in case of anything happening and she was also near some piles of cloth which is perfect for her to not get blood. She then chatted with Matruri and they talked about the Circuit Breaker leaving Himeno Jundo to hear bits and pieces of the conversation. Then finally the lights went out and she acted quickly due to it having a time limit. She pick up the cloth near her and wore it, then finally stabbed Matsuri falling on top of her and finally putting her on the ground she left the cloth on top of her too.

Then she was suppose to dispose the knife so she went to the secret passage and entered the hallway to dispose of it but only to hear another's footsteps then figuring out its Rantarou she thought of another way, she knocked him out and dragged him to a room. And not much time left she hid the knife in her body and went back before the lights went back on. And later when it did it was a success.

Later in the trial she did everything she could to let Rantarou being the culprit, she even joined Yukio's side to debate his innocence. But Kazuko was able to secure Rantarou's fate with the help of her friends along with Rantarou's other witnesses. Finally she then find about the mechanism of the entire Dormitory leaving Kazuko to accuse her to be the guilty party and thus she was right. Later she cried her eyes out and during that time she remembered why she was here as she was the one who sabotage other companies to let her agency to be at the top. But after that, she begged for Monokum to tell her what happened to her parents but only letting him laugh and proceeded to her executed without letting her know about her parent's fate.


Kazuko Kanade

Miaya has low tolerance when it comes to people like her. She sees Kazuko as an irritating girl who rants about Hope and friendship where she thinks to only for her to gain their trust and so, she thinks Kazuko as a "Bitch".

Rantarou Yamada

Miaya sees Rantarou a bit strange but at the same time dull and boring. In her FTE, She often spouts horrible comments to Rantarou as he is lame and talent-less, and she often sees him an eyesore.

Yukio Nagamasa

Miaya hates Yukio just as much as she hates Kazuko. Unlike Kazuko, Yukio has a nice figure and skin complexion with a sharp mind similar to herself. She loathe her due to her appearance and talent as she is able to see she's able to boss people around.

Shinnosuke Shouyou

Though not seen, Miaya often boss him and Oz around whenever she's in the cafeteria. Thanks to Shinnosuke's talent and duty on "never decline an order" she sees him more of a servant than a friend.


Oz is Miaya's greatest creation. Though she is not the only one who created Oz but Oz sees her as her master. Though their relationship is on a rough basis and she is only using him as a slave instead of a functioning or helping improving A.I. Functions.

Matsuri Yorukobi

Miaya doesn't share any kinship with her even when they we're working on the Party Preparation. But after "killing" her, she felt that she made a mistake on killing her.


  • Though she is an Engineer, she has Siderodromophobia which is, A Fear of Trains. Which is a funny Irony to her talent.
    • Another thing is why, is that she hates old movies where in the old age girls are tied up to a rail of the train.