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Killing Campus Life
Full name Killing Campus Life
Occured in School For the Prestigious
Participants Class 89
Survivors 6
Victims 12
Mastermind Kosuke Ogami
Host Monokuma
Appearance Danganronpa: Despair Hidden Behind the Veil

The Killing Campus Life was a killing game Featured in Danganronpa: Despair Hidden Behind the Veil. Taking place in the School For the Prestigious with Monokuma as headmaster, while the participants were Class 89.




Motive 1: 10 Million Dollars

The first motive was revealed on day 2 of the killing game, after the discovery of the first three labs and the first area was explored. At first, no one wanted to take the money. but Ace Queensland took the bait, as he was currently in debt to Kosuke after losing a major tournament. His target of Mona Von Liza was due to her being the weakest link in his opinion.

Motive 2: Hidden Secrets

The second motive was revealed a day after the first trial happened, but was not mentioned by Monokuma. it was discovered by Chen and Elle after Elle went there to sing for fun. it was revealed to be videos about their pasts, that were full of dark things. which led to the murder of Veronica by Shiro.

Sun Lei His father got drunk after a show and raped a young Elle.
Elle Romanova Was raped my Sun's father
Eric Fotistiko Was kidnapped as a child and forced to endure brutal torture and experimentation.
Vixen Lisolotte Arrested for the murder of her parents; though the accusations were falsified.
Jason Dean Rey Killed multiple people after his mother took her own life in front of him.
Veronica Paige Sawyer Killed her best friend on accident with a chemical that was assumed to be bleach.
Dragomir Valanov His father was a substance abuser that had violent tendencies, causing Dragomir mental scaring and caused him to attempt suicide multiple times
Alyss Amherst She was a prostitute who lived on the streets. It wasn't until she met Dragomir that her act cleaned up.
Chen Soineko He was a thief who stole and killed for his own gain, but was doing it to save his home.
Coralia Blackwood Lost her sister to the sea when the tides went out during a rescue.
Hidden Phantom Was not revealed until Phantom unmasked in chapter 3. It was revealed that he was the twin brother of Jason, Jay David Rey.
Yuki Desmond Inherited her mother's incurable disease, shortening her life
Shiro Kirenai Asked Veronica to save him from a lawsuit. she refused, causing him to break mentally and developing a personality of killing for justice.
Seraphina Kingley Forced into a unhappy marriage at a young age, making her run away and hide.
Michiko Hamada She was the Ultimate Yakuza Princess, doing the dirty punishment jobs.
Kosuke Ogami He was the Ultimate Killer's Accomplice, causing the death of over 30 women.


Image Name


Status Killing Game Fate


Alive N/A


Image Name


Status Killing Game Fate
Sun Lei

Ultimate Performer

Alive Arms and legs ripped off by pulley system connected to crossbows. Killed By Hidden Phantom. (4th Murdered; 7th Death Overall.)
Mona Von Liza

Ultimate Model

Alive Pushed onto the hidden blade of an umbrella, killed by Ace Queensland. (1st Death.)
Elle Romanova

Ultimate Princess

Alive Survived
Eric Fotistikó

Ultimate Calligrapher

Alive Survived
Vixen Liselotte

Ultimate Witch

Alive Survived
Jason Dean Rey

Ultimate Kendo Master

Alive Experienced Blunt Force Trauma after getting hit by a hammer, Body torn apart by roller coaster wheels (7th Murder, 10th Death Overall.)
Veronica Paige Sawyer

Ultimate Lawyer

Alive Drowned in pool water tank before being blended by a fan, Killed by Shiro Kirenai. (2nd Murdered, 3rd Death Overall.)
Dragomir Valanov

Ultimate Goth Stylist

Alive Executed by monokuma in Goth Runway Disaster. (4th Murdered, 11th Death Overall)
Alyss Amherst

Ultimate Pastel Goth

Alive Suffocated by ribbons, accidental suicide. (Fifth Death Overall.)
Chen Soineko

Ultimate Neko

Alive Survived
Coralia Blackwood

Ultimate Aquatic Veterinarian

Alive Survived
Hidden Phantom

Ultimate Ninja Cosplayer

Alive Executed by Monokuma in Assassination in Brotherhood. (3rd Executed; 8th Death Overall)
Yuki Desmond

Ultimate Pianist

Alive Head smashed in by grand piano lid before bisected, murdered by Hidden Phantom (3rd Murdered; 6th Death Overall.)
Shiro Kirenai

Ultimate Violinist

Alive Executed by Monokuma in Flight of the Valkyrie: Violin Cover (2nd Executed; 4th Death Overall.)
Seraphina Kingsley

Ultimate Actress

Ace Queensland

Ultimate Card Player

Alive Executed by Monokuma in Queen's Gambit. (1st Executed, 2nd Death Overall.)
Michiko Hamada

Ultimate Ballerina/ Ultimate Yakuza Princess

Alive Hung while cut on arms, legs and torso. Killed by Jason Dean Rey. (6th Murdered, 9th Death Overall)
Kosuke Ogami

Ultimate Strategist/ Ultimate Killer's Accomplice

Alive Executes himself in Ultimate Despair Punishment (5th Executed, 12th Death Overall.)