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Killing "Lost in Time" Game
Full name Killing "Lost in Time" Game
Occured in Infinite Archipelago
Participants Futsuu Academy Class 10-A
Survivors TBA
Victims TBA
Mastermind TBA
Host Monokuma
Appearance Danganronpa Zero: The Beginning of Despair

The Killing "Lost in Time" Game, is a killing game featured in Danganronpa Zero: The Beginning of Despair. This was hosted by Monokuma.

The participants of the killing game is the Class 10-A students of Futsuu Academy.


44 students were abducted in their trip now their gonna participate in the game. They were abducted by monochrome bear name Monokuma. They are forced to live a communal lifestyle together under a set amount of rules for the rest of their lives, although it is possible to "disrupt the peace" in order to escape. In order to do this, a student must "graduate" from the archipelago by murdering a classmate.

After a killing has taken place, the students must work together and investigate to reveal the culprit, dubbed as the "blackened". After a period of time of investigating, Monokuma will initiate a class trial, where the remaining students present their arguments in a court room and try to find out who the blackened is among them. Once the students decide on a conclusion, Monokuma will start the "voting time", where the students vote on the identity of a blackened. If the majority of the students' votes are wrong, then the blackened can get out of the archipelago, while the remaining students get executed. However, if the majority of the students choose correctly, then the blackened alone will be executed and the remaining students will remain unharmed.

List of Rules

  1. Students may reside only within the island. Leaving the area is an unacceptable use of time.
  2. "Nighttime" is from 11 pm to 8 am. Some areas are off-limits at night, so please exercise caution.
  3. Violence against headmaster Monokuma is strictly prohibited, as is destruction of surveillance cameras.
  4. Anyone who kills a fellow student and becomes "blackened" will graduate, unless they are discovered.
  5. Once a murder takes place, a class trial will begin shortly thereafter. Participation is mandatory for all surviving students.
  6. If the guilty party is exposed during the class trial, they alone will be executed.
  7. If the guilty party is not exposed, they alone will graduate, and all remaining students will be executed.
  8. The Body Discovery Announcement will play as soon as one student will discover a body for the first time except for the blackened.
  9. Monokuma will never directly participate in a murder.
  10. Your Monophones are very important items make sure not to damage them
  11. Additional rules may be added at the headmaster's discretion.


Monokuma decided to make motives in order to escalate the students' desire to kill each other.

  • TBA

List of Known Participants

The Class 10-A of Futsuu Academy were abducted and will participate in Killing "Lost in Time" Game.

Name Codename Status
Akinaro Takagaki 1 TBA
Kayoko Minabuchi 2 TBA
Danjuro Onoda 3 TBA
Debra McFarland 4 TBA
Yuka Asanuma 5 TBA
Gennosuke Higa 6 TBA
Hideaki Komatsuzaki 7 TBA
Kiruko Miyajima 8 TBA
Masahiro Masuzoe 9 TBA
Hoshie Kaneko 10 TBA
Hiroshige Numajiri 11 TBA
Jinji Akakura 12 TBA
Michi Sarumara 13 TBA
Kang Dong-Sun 14 TBA
Jinzaburo Nakanishi 15 TBA
Ichizo Araki 16 TBA
Ai Mitsubishi 17 TBA
Shigetoki Akechi 18 TBA
Norie Kan 19 TBA
Kin Miura 20 TBA
Misao Tsugimoto 21 TBA
Takara Hotate 22 TBA
Yukinaga Kokitake 23 TBA
Risa Yamadera 24 TBA
Kenzo Kashiwabara 25 TBA
Sachi Tatsuya 26 TBA
Hideyoshi Shidehara 27 TBA
Renzo Sugase 28 TBA
Hiro Naito 29 TBA
Masanori Obuchi 30 TBA
Yuri Takaki 31 TBA
Iwao Kurusu 32 TBA
Nene Sakanoue 33 TBA
Maru Toshitala 34 TBA
Horiuchi Kadara 35 TBA
Masakado Kotabe 36 TBA
Hana Noda 37 TBA
Toshiyoki Ochiai 38 TBA
Kumiko Yone 39 TBA
Remi Nose 40 TBA
Akira Noguchi 41 TBA
Takara Kuwabara 42 TBA
Naho Chikanatsu 43 TBA
Seiki Isseki 44 TBA