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Kenji Tatsuo
Full name Yuki Satoru
Kanji 結城聡
Title Ultimate Game Designer
Gender Male
Birth date October 18th
Zodiac Libra
Height 1.68 m
Weight 55 kg
Nationality Japanese
Likes Games, tranquility, pressure
Dislikes Boredom, fear
Killing Game Status
Events Participated New Killing School Life
Fate Escapes the Academy with the other survivors
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Shigeru Satoru (Father)

Miki Tatsuo (Mother)

Debut Danganronpa 0.5: Shinkibou
Created by Hikikomori19 (talk)

 ...I will continue to fight for you guys!  

Kenji Tatsuo
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Kenji Tatsuo (賢治達夫), also known as Yuki Satoru (結城聡) is the main character of the Danganronpa 0.5: Shinkibou fanfiction, written by Hikikomori19 (talk) and a participant in the New Killing School Life

As he developed inovative games that conquered the hearts of millions of teenagers, he won considerable fame and the title of Ultimate Game Designer, which is why he was called to make part of New Hope Academy's Class 1.

In the final Trial, he discovered he was the son of the school's headmaster, Shigeru Satoru, who was also the mastermind behind the Killing Game.

After the Trial, he was challenged by his father to play his favorite childhood videogame, in order to save his friends' live. Thanks to the talents he awakened during the fight, he won and, along with five other students, left the school.
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Kenji has brown eyes with soft bags under them. He has a reddish-brown hair with an ahoge sticking out, and wears red headphones around his ears. In his face, there's also two black stripes running across his cheeks.

For clothing, he sports a red sweater covered by a blue jacket with white stripes running down his arms and across his torso; he also has black pants with dark blue stripes on the lower part, and light blue shoes.


He's a very tranquil person, some people might even say "lazy". He likes tranquility and dislikes crowds, but is a good friend to his chosen few.

Kenji's protector and very affectionate, as well as intelligent and lover of technology, but is a little timid around girls.

As he's always lived among the common people, when in contact with his new excentric classmates, he becomes quite surprised and a little bit scared, even.

When in a needy situation, he can be determined and leader-like, though hesitant.

Skills and Abilities

Ultimate Game Designer

As the Ultimate Game Designer, Kenji has deep knowledge in the gaming and teen entertainment area in general, as well as technology knowledge to a high degree.

He knows how to design characters, make virtual music and draw concept art for backgrounds and etc., but not as good as someone who's especialized at one specific area, as his talent is quite "multi-task"


Kenji's intellect is quite keen, as he's able to note contradictions and think of correct evidence at the correct time. But he's not always perfect, and need someone to help him at some points, because he's highly sensitive to pressure.