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Kanade (Official)

1st Sprite Kanade

Kazuko Kanade
Full name Kazuko Kanade
Title Ultimate Musician
Birth date April 1
Zodiac Aries
Height 5'5"
Weight 53kg
Blood type O
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Age 17
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution A Concert Staged
Fate Executed by Monokuma
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Her Father and Mother
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation StarLight Academy
Voice Actor Maaya Sakamoto
Debut Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals
Created by RenChronomio

 It's okay everyone. As long as there's life their's Hope. So let's stand together and Survive!  

Kazuko Kanade

Kazuko Kanade (金田 和子 Kanade Kazuko) is the main protagonist of the Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals, and she is a participant in the Prison Killing Game.

She holds the title Ultimate Musician. (超高校級の「ミュージシャン」chō kōkō kyū no “Myūjishan”).


Name and Development

Kazuko's first name means (kazu) meaning "one" or 和 (kazu) meaning "harmony, peace" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child" and her last name Kanade "奏" means "to play music". which is fitting for her title as Musician.

Kazuko's development is inspired by numerous other Anime Musician Characters the author loves, but her real development is base upon Kaede Akamatsu herself. This is also and one of the reasons why the author gave her the "Ultimate Musician" Title as the author loves music that has meanings to not only life but also related life.

The author was inspired by her and decided to base her personality into Kazuko Kanade. Like Kaede, Kazuko is a girl who shows great resolve in guiding and leading all her friends out of the despair state and she will do anything to get everyone out alive. The other part of her personality is base on Tokimiya Rem from Final Fantasy Type-0, where her friends matter so much to her where to the point where she will push her limits even if it means death or doesn't want to be a burden.


Kazuko Kanade
Kanade Kazuko

Kazuko has brown eyes and light brownish, tied up hair with silver colored musical notes as her hair clips.

She wears a pink long sleeve shirt with a grey t-shirt with "Music is Soul" on top of it, along with her Musician Crest which is a diamond like crest where the half is resembled as a Piano and the other half is a music note itself. She also has a violet yet slight pinkish skirt with black knee high socks and boots.

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Skills & Abilities

Ultimate Musician

As the Ultimate Musician, she won many awards when it comes to music especially when it comes to violin and piano. She's able to create multiple sounds all together and create new music and it doesn't matter to her on what genre it may be, as long as the music can help feel the listeners more emotions and understand the meaning to it.

Enhanced Hearing

As a musician, she has great hearing ability when it comes to music. But she can also hears the voices of different people around her. Similar to Ibuki Mioda from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Kaede Akamatsu from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.


Kazuko is a polite, outgoing, positive girl who believes music is the center of all human emotions. She has a tendency to believe in others quite easily therefore easily fooled. But her strive to believe in her friends is one of her strong suits that people like her.

Kazuko was first a shy girl and back then, she always listens to her parents and when she ever she heard them always talking about her. She felt so down and she always wanted them to look at her approvingly. Even when she is studying to be a doctor they still think she isn't doing great enough.

And then one day when she was visiting her Grandmother, she made her listen to so many music that not only soothes the heart, but it also gives Kazuko a new calling. She then learned how to be a musician thanks to her Grandmother and she became famous thanks to her talent in school.

Kazuko is now a popular student and bunch of people knows her. Though her parents were angered when they heard this because they believe being a Musician will get you no where in life.

And due to that, her anger has reach her limit and decided to act on her own and not listening to her parents and so to this, she is quickly angered whenever people speaks about her parents and tends to change the subject immediately. When she finally left and knows what Freedom is, She is now a happy girl and let her new freedom be the outcome of her songs. She is a friendly girl to everyone and always lends a helping hand and making her a very dependable person.

Though At times, she can be quite pushy and nosy in other people's business meaning she worries a lot for her friends and whenever she's hiding something she lies about it but unfortunately for her she thinks she's a good liar but to her friends... Not so much.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak

Kazuko was just an "average" student just living a normal life as a musician. But she has great skills that even managers or even some pop idols wants her to be their companion. She just shrugged them off and politely decline their offers since she wants to live her life normally.

She was at first part of a girl group called "Light Gateway". And she and her group is quite popular at school. They won numerous school competition making them a highly successful band. But finally when graduation came, they finally split due to their own goals in life but still has music in their hearts.

As for Kazuko, she still lives on as a Musician and she became a very famous composer of any type of genre of music. She also owns a little studio for herself and writes to her hearts content. Though tons of people wants to Manage her and her brilliant musical ideas, she declines cause though she doesn't want to be famous, all she want is her songs to known and let the music sooth the hearts of those who are in trouble and just wanting to let people let go of their pain,

She then soon she became popular around Japan and live her life letting Music be her guide. She was then soon scouted by Hope's Peak Academy and she is now part of Class 90th's Ultimate Musician.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
In the story, Kazuko was worried especially that her new friends are caught in this horrible new game of murder. When everyone was talking about working together, Yukio Nagamasa was against it and decided she would lead. But she has a democracy that only she can help the strong and leave the weak due to the fact that they will only hinder them.

Unfortunately Kazuko was against it, and decided that she should be the one to lead as she promise to not leave the others behind and promises to not let anything happened to everyone. After her short speech, some of her friends agreed with her, leaving Yukio to be by herself for the time being.

She was worried at first, but seeing her friends smiling at her giving their best support to help, her face brightened up and she showed a new face where she would willingly throw her life away for everyone. But unfortunately, luck wasn't on her side, as all of Monokuma's plans always gives everyone the motive to kill, she did everything she could to stop the killings, but failed at the end.

During some of her free time, she would always comfort the others and telling them never to give up on their lives. But as time presses on, some of her other friends are beginning to not like her leading, but she still kept on going as the group's leader. Even if she was alone in the battle for their freedom, she would do anything to get her friends out.

But as time passes, she still carries a heavy burden and only one person was able to lend her a hand. And that person is the Ultimate ???, Rantarou Yamada. She always gives her trust to the Ultimate ??? student even when his talent was unknown, but the two always stick together as partners to end the Killing Game. Rantarou was kind at first, but he slowly reveal his true nature, yet Kazuko still gives him her trust, due to the fact that Kazuko was always comforting Rantarou as well.

In her entire life in the Prison School, she did everything she could to lead everyone and whenever a murder happened, she always reach out to the truth as to why this happens. But is quickly disheartened when she witnesses her friends dying and being executed by Monokuma. But still she always carries the burden with her and still hold on to her promise to never let anyone else die and still lead with her heart still filled with hope.

Kazuko's Fate *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
In the 5th Class Trial, all six final students we're able to pinpoint the "murder" of Rantarou. And that is Kazuko herslef. At first, everyone doesn't want to believe it and refuses to exploit the truth, but Kazuko wants them to, as she was the one who broke the promise and trust of everyone that is left standing. But still everyone is still refusing it. This leaves Kazuko with no other choice but to protect everyone by proving everyone's alibi. She was able to pinpoint their time and locations and that leaves everyone but with only one choice. And the choice is Kazuko Kanade herself.

As they voted for her, Monokuma declared that Kazuko was indeed, the killer of the Ultimate ??? Student. Everyone was shock and in disbelief as to why someone, the leader of the group with a kind heart, and shows her promise to never kill, be the culprit.

Later on, Yukio too, was shock as to see why she is still smiling even despite the fact that she was the killer and is about to be executed. She smiles at her, and gave her an explanation why, she destroyed the promise she made and killed a friend that is very dear to her, but she was smiling as to see her friends was still able to live on. But everyone was shedding their tears as Kazuko is gonna die.

She still gives everyone the hope to live on as she was able to remember the little "present" she left for them before the Tragedy of this School. Everyone was shock as to why she knows what happens before, but before she could answer, Kazuko was drag to her execution. Her only plea was having her leader role given to the main leader of the group the Ultimate Leader, Yukio Nagamasa.

Execution: Musical Mayhem.

After her execution, everyone return to the surface only to see Rantarou Yamada, with an angered expression, alive. They we're all shock as to why he is still alive, but they immediately thought about Kazuko. They voted her, and she was unjustly executed. Rantarou was angered at this and he took the leader role instead. And left everyone but before he could, they told him about Kazuko's "gift", which Rantarou replied that he has already watched it.

They went to her Ultimate Musician Research Laboratory to find a disc and they played it on the laptop that connects to the projector in the stage and it shows videos of everyone smiling and having fun in Center Academy. In the last part of the vid was herself, looking weary and tired, letting out a message to everyone to survive. Even if they don't know each other trust one another, as this was the way to end the game. And with that, her message was delivered.

Her Ultimate Musician Research Laboratory was found after the 5th Trial. But due to her execution, she couldn't see her Ultimate Research Laboratory.

The Truth Uncovered *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Though not present at the Final Trial, Kazuko was mention left and right but as it turns out, she was a Warden in the Prison School of Criminals. She still holds her title as Ultimate Musician, while still being in the Prison School to look out at the Original fifteen students. But as she continue on as her job as "Warden" she was captured by the Ultimate Despair but in her attempts she manages to flee, but only for a short minimum of time, and she used that time to record everything as to what happen to the Once, Proud school for healing the Ultimate students.

And though she couldn't be there, she was able to achieve her goal in successfully saving her remaining friends. But not everyone was save though, due to The Mastermind plan. The Mastermind planned her execution along with the destruction of the school to be executed as she failed. And with that, only one person didn't make it out alive due to him saving the others.

The Despairing Truth *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Later on in the Final Trial, The Mastermind reveal another horrible truth. Which is Kazuko is actually a fabricated woman created by the mastermind himself. The Mastermind was able to show them that Kazuko agreed to be part of the team but little did she know that she was brainwash believing that she is really Kazuko Kanade. The truth of her is still unknown but the final survivors we're devastated to know and witness the girl they believe in was actually a mere fabrication character which The Mastermind set to put despair in their minds.

But due to her time in Class 90th of Center Academy, she was able to see the good side of hope and though her identity is false she was able to input her heart and emotion through the Hope she left behind. Which are the videos with each students best memory of Center Academy.


Her Family

Kazuko and her parents aren't in good terms due to her having her own calling of being a Musician instead of listening to her parents advice. Due to that, her parents would always rant her wrong doings and wish her job to be either a Lawyer or a Doctor but Kazuko still wouldn't listen and decided to act on her own, resulting in leaving home, and always being independant on others.

Her Friend

It says at Chapter 2 that she use to know someone outside Center Academy. She said that this person was a very Kind and Good student but she also said that he was a bit mysterious due to his past unknown. She also stated that her friend was also a Super High School Level student but for some unfortunate reason she can't remember his name. But it is still unknown if this person is either real or alive.

Class 90th of Center Academy

Rantarou Yamada

Kazuko and Rantarou shares a mutual friendship to one another. They bonded so much that the two won't suspect one another and when there's a time one of them is suspicious, the other will defend the said person .Like when she defended him during the 1st Investigation of Matsuri's death and tries to clear his name. 

*Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Later on in the story the two became close friends and they are very dependent on each other in solving the Class Trial, along with finding an exit for everyone. But later their friendship is beginning to break as Rantarou is acting more independent on Kazuko and his personality is becoming more fierce and cold. But Kazuko still trusted him.

Later on in the 5th Chapter, where she "killed" Rantarou she felt a huge despair filling her but she still cling on to her hope and promises Rantarou to wait and she will announce the whole outcome herself. This shows how strong Kazuko's relationship is to Rantarou.

Shinnosuke Shouyou

Shinnosuke sees Kazuko as an amazing Princess which has strong resolve for others and leadership. Though she did agree for Shinnosuke to be her butler she is still uncomfortable of their relationship as master and butler. She then sees her more Lady like than the others.

Yukio Nagamasa

Kazuko doesn't hate Yukio but dislikes her way of things. She understands why her way of thinking is that way though. A leader with no trust to one another due to her family's privilege and history. So she waited till Yukio finally opens up to them and begin to become friends.

The Bearmusement Park

Sasahara Naoki

Ending Relationship

Eiji Miyamoto

Ending Relationship

Bella 3

Ending Relationship

Kanon Amari

Ending Relationship


  • Her outfit is similar to IA from Vocaloid
  • Her entire new design was drawn by Alcatrazmytrene.
  • Her Official Illustration Art is base on Otonokouji Kanade from the Game Super Danganronpa Another 2: The Moon of Hope and the Sun of Despair.
    • Her real talent was suppose to be the Ultimate Warden, but decided against it and kept her talent as the Ultimate Musician.
    • Later it was also reveal that she is a mere fabricated character. Meaning Kazuko Kanade doesn't actually exist.