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 I wonder how we are going to escape this school it is pretty mysterious"  
Katsuro Yukimura, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Katsuro the anime-0
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katsuro_the anime
Katsuro Yukimura
Full name Katsuro Yukimura
Romaji Yukimura Katsuro
Title Ultimate Artist
Gender Intersex
Birth date September 16th
Zodiac Virgo
Height 5'8" (172cm)
Weight 57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood type O
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Killing school life, Final killing game
Execution NG code poisoning
Fate Escaped from hope's peak Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Sexuality Bisexual
Affiliation Joined the future foundation
Previous Affiliation Ultimate Artist
Voice Actor Megumi Hayashibara JP Johnny Yong Bosch EN
Debut Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc
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Katsuro Yukimura is one of the characters featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and a participant in the killing school life and the final killing game.

They were the mysterious 17th participant in the killing school life taking the stand next to Aoi Asahina and Yasuhiro Hagakure.

They have short brown hair, a navy blue jacket, brown shirt, white undershirt, and a red tie.
Katsuro the anime-0
Katsuro has the title of "Ultimate Artist" Katsuro has been practicing art and painting at the young age of 5 Katsuro has also been one of the most famous artists worldwide and would like to show the art to everyone in town.

When Aoi's parents died Katsuro was welcome to care for her; and were both devistated when Aoi's biological brother Yuta Asahina died.

Both Katsuro and Aoi were enrolled in Hope's peak high school in class 78. In Chapter 5 Katsuro tends to get crazy from blood lost from when the mastermind brainwashed them. But snaps out of it and saves Kyoko from becoming the culprit

Katsuro's introduction says in Japanese "Katsuro Yukimura Ultimate Artist" as it bears a navy blue background.

in the anime they were also wittnessing Leon's brutal execution.

Katsuro's picture (hint) was them at the beach while the real Junko's face is still covered.

Katsuro and Aoi both found Alter Ego in the locker room.

Katsuro knew the feelings of Aoi when Sakura died and was seeing Aoi wanting herself to be the culprit. However Aoi didn't understand that Sakura commited suicide and explains to Aoi she did.

After Junko appears they are not very suprised to see her alive.

Katsuro's Beta design was much different they wore a beret and their face was painted with a star.

In the elevator going up to a class trial they are seen next to Leon and Toko. Katsuro also counters for Kyoko not to get executed for the crime she didn't commit. In Chapter 5 when katsuro was in the shower their secret was revealed as they were albino.

Katsuro survives the final trial and escapes Hope's peak academy with their sister and the other survivors.

Katsuro is also seen sheltering the school with Aoi and Kyoko while Celestia is just in the corner drinking tea.

It's revealed during the events of Danganronpa Another Episode: that Katsuro joined the Future Foundation with the other survivors as they wear a black suit and fedora.

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In the future arc Katsuro was really angry that Aoi got stabbed;but realized it was a toy knife and ketchup for the wound.

after that incident, Katsuro is more protective over Makoto, Kyoko and Aoi.

Katsuro saved Aoi from a punch that Juzo Sakakura gave; however, Katsuro took the blow instead of her.

Later in chapter 8, Katsuro was seen supposedly dead, on a balcony with their eyes and mouth open sideways.

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Kyoko, Makoto, Ryota, and Aoi race to the scene and try to see what their NG code is.

It is later revealed that Katsuro's NG code is saving someone from harm.

Katsuro was motionless and had posion coming out of their right eye in Future arc: episode 10.

However, Katsuro created a shot to give themself to stop the posion all together and appears back in episode 11. It is also revealed that they are some sort of scientist to. 

Also in chapter 11, Katsuro also appears in Makoto's hallucination in which he was brainwashed While being stabbed with the knife that the mastermind stuck into them.

Katsuro is a very mysterious person not revealing Their gender to anyone and they have a private locker which is green and in the middle of the boys' and girls' locker room in which they can do their personal stuff such as getting dressed or putting their personal belongings away.

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Allthough, it appears that Katsuro has Brown hair but, is actually Albino and their hair is actually light blond.

If executed, they will be pinned to the wall with Monokuma wearing an artist's beret and gets a paintball gun which damages Katsuro's skin and body. And the final results Katsuro is left motionless; This is quite similar to Leon's Execution.

Katsuro is as smart as Kyoko And maybe even smarter. Katsuro was also born with heterochromia which consists of one blue and one green eye.

When someone gets killed or executed they don't have much emotion of the body. They are also part of Danganronpa 2.5. In Danganronpa if, Katsuro is the first one to see that Junko is actually, Mukuro. Katsuro is also has Artificial Intelligence like Chihiro and Junko.

They are also going to be present in Kirigiri Sou.

Katsuro going crazy

They thought to be a victim of level 5 trigger happy havoc but was just a mask and the sheet that the mastermind put over them.

Katsuro's body mass index is 17.6 and their blood type is O. Katsuro has no known family But Aoi is their adopted sister. Katsuro also likes to bake things and watch movies.

Katsuro means "Way of life" and Yukimura means "Snow village"


They don't really seem to react to corpses

They share there birthday with Yuki Tomoe and Tomoe Shinkai

They secretly have platinum blond hair due to being an albino

They're favorite colors are Blue, Red, Brown, Green, and Purple