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Junko's Tests were a set of tests devised by Junko Enoshima to torture the Class 1st enough for them to join the "Hope Recovery Program" and be trapped into the Killing City Life. She used their deepest secrets and weaknesses, acquired by using John as a spy, she not only created despairful situations targeted specially at one of them, but some that targeted two, three or even all of them at once.

List of Tests


With the help of a well paid Ultimate Model, Junko spread millions of lies about Bianca's efficiency as the Ultimate Personal Assistant and gave a big strike on not only her career, but also her self-esteem, as she felt being a personal assistant was her only skill and she was nothing without it. It was quickly overcome with the help of their classmates, who used the media to spread the truth, being seen as trustworthy by the world as they already were her client for months, it was also back up by Thiago's soccer team and Milly's dance group who also were clients.


Attacked by numerous spiteful comments on internet, the world began changing their opinion about her, instead of a religious figure, she was now seem as a fraud. This almost led her to self-harm and tears, locked in her own dormitory. This was overcome by the unexpected help of the Bellas, who not only shut down most of the comments but also recovered her status using their fame.


Dani was strangely not affected by any of Junko's plans, instead, she herself fell for Enoshima's charms like others and was quickly brainwashed into being one of her minions.


With his identity leaked by Junko to the whole world, he was now a target from criminals in the whole world seeking revenge. However, it wasn't enough and his reputation was now different: Using his fellow classmates popularity to spread the news, he was now know as a dangerous person who would kill anyone who came after him, his friends or relatives. This was enough to protect him.


Junko made him paranoid about his skills as a host and the quality of his TV show during an interview with her, stating about other show's qualities and how much his own show lack in "glamour". This left the boy obsessed with bringing his show new features and make it stand out more, but he was convinced it was enough by his classmates support, as he noticed how much effort they were giving to help him.