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 Even when people all love each other somewhere, there's always a chance that in the other side of the world someone will throw a giant bomb at you and kill all of your friends! Fuahfuahfuah!  
John teasing the first class.
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Full name Unknown
Personal Info
Height 168 cm (5' 5.5"; Impersonation)
Weight 70kg (154 lbs; Impersonation)
B.M.I 24,8 (Impersonation)
Title Ultimate Soccer Player (Impersonation)
Ultimate Swindler
Likes Bicycles (Impersonation)
Dislikes 2nd place (Impersonation)
Killing Game
Status Alive
Fate Murdered by Edney during the Killing Game
Executed by the survivors during the last trial
Debut Killing City Life
Created by Bubble-Blitz

The Ultimate Swindler, going by the name of Jonathan "John" is one of the participants of the Killing City Life.

John fake title is of Ultimate Soccer Player, specifically a Second Forward. They supposedly are part of the 1st Class of Hope's Peak Academy: South America Branch.

John was murdered by Edney during the Killing City Life and was the second death overall. In reality, their true title is Ultimate Swindler, a devious figure part of the Hope's Cult that masterminded the whole game.


John has tan skin, medium stature, brown eyes and messy brown hair styled into an undercut. They wear the regular uniform, a silver ring in their left hand, black shoes and two silver piercings in each of their ears.

Their real appearance, however, is a mystery, and they keep switching between disguises. However, their can be distinguished by their bright purple eyes.

They wear low-cut blue briefs with white lines and light blue borders, it possess a "hopeful" vibe that could purify someone twisted.

John - Undies



John is a selfish, ignorant and lazy teen who lacks interest in study and usually sees life as his personal playground. Everything he lacks in intellect, however, is replaced by athletic skills and he does seems to care about his career as a soccer player and does his best to improve.

He is easily bored and thinks being quiet is difficult, and he's somewhat obsessed with being the center of attention, no matter what he needs to do or say for it. However, he's not a bad person at all and is rather friendly to others, and he is polite enough to not interact with people who don't like him or his attitude, but sometimes can't hold himself and ends up bullying them, usually as an accident, one example of this is his sexism with Ian, asking him how could a man not like soccer.

He puts much more of a effort in soccer than Thiago, proved by the fact he is stronger than him, but he seems to be significantly less skilled than him at times. The natural skills of the other boys are the root of his jealously and he hides his anger about it with his laid-back attitude.

Real Personality

A extremely twisted person, they seem to lack a fully-fleshed personality of their own, choosing to take up a more twisted and devious version of the personalities from people they disguise as. They seem to barely care about human beings at all, and think of themselves as a superior, ascended being that can save and heal the lesser "things".

In the facade of being a crusader of hope, they seem to despise individuality and general disobedience towards their alleged authority, and is upset when people doesn't seem to follow the strict and specific ideals of their cult. There's barely anything to empathize in them, and they not only tease, but terrorize anyone they wish to.

Despite their detestable personality, they're quite clever and somewhat charming, being able to brainwash multiple Ultimates into their cult without much problem. They're able to figure out what's the weak in people and usually try to exploit this to get them by their side. Their attitude seems to terrorize even people like Bella.

Skills and Abilities

Ultimate Swindler

Flag of Brazil Impostor de Nível Super Estudantil, translated as Super Student Level Imposter

Taking the form of others and lacking a true appearance and personality, they're extremely clever and manipulative, to the point of brainwashing people solely with words. They decide to take the form of John as their base form.

Ultimate Soccer Player

Flag of Brazil Jogador de Futebol de Nível Super Estudantil, translated as Super Student Level Soccer Player

As the ultimate Second Forward, he has extreme athletic abilities and a very good running speed. Along with his team he was easily able to win various championships with almost zero losses. Soccer is one of the few things he's always focused on. He has intense training seasons daily, but was never capable of surpassing Thiago's skills.

This talent is revealed to be an impersonation, and the whole story behind it is fake.


  • "Fuahfuahfuah" (his unique laugh)
  • "Just cease and join the world without chaos!"
  • "A world where you don't need to love..." (to Ian)
  • "A world where you don't need to worry about being left aside..." (to Bianca)
  • "A world where you don't need to worry about others at all..." (to Ray)
  • "A world where you don't need to be forgotten or even reminded of at all..." (to Farlley)
  • "A world where you don't need to feel guilty about being happy..." (to Thiago)
  • "A world where you will live with all of your friends, without worries, forever! Just cease and desist!" (to Milly)




He is extremely envious of his teammate due to all the praise he get and his supposedly unfair skills, that surpass his own. While he does seem to treat him good in front of him, he doesn't feel any good thing about him at the inside and want him to just vanish and to take his place.

Thiago, in return, is aware of his problems and tries his best to have consideration with his assumed friend. He supports his life decisions when he can and tries to bring him to make his own good choices, though mostly indirect. He cares a lot about his teammate.

This relationship, however, is just a fabrication of the virtual reality.

Class 1 of Hope's Peak South America Branch

He is friendly to them as John, but obviously are revealed to just see them as small fries after they're revealed as the mastermind. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to make the first class fall into their manipulation, and starts seeing them as their sworn enemies after escaping the virtual reality.