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Official Art Itsuki

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Itsuki Kowareta
Full name Itsuki Kowareta
Title Ultimate Occult Leader
Birth date March 4
Zodiac Pisces
Height 4'9"
Weight 37kg
Blood type O
Hair color Black
Eye color Violet
Age 15
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution Demon Summoning Ritual
Fate Suicide. Then later executed by Monokuma
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation All Boys South Kabuya High School
Voice Actor Yuki Kaji
Created by RenChronomio

 There are times... That darkness... Can be so comforting.  

Itsuki Kowareta

Itsuki Kowareta (壊れた 樹) is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals. And he is a participant in the Prison Killing Game.

He title is the Ultimate Occult Leader (超高校級の「オカルトリーダー」chō kōkō kyū no “Okarutorīdā”, Super High School Level Occult Leader).

He was sent to the Prison School to set him straight and know his wrong doings like, Blood Sacrifices and his also in deep darkness filled with desperation.


Name and Development

Itsuki's first name which (樹) means "tree" while his last name Kowareta (壊れた) means "broken"

The author created Itsuki to resembled a very poor boy who somehow lost his mind and devoted his life to the Occultist Arts. But seeing as how sad that is, he decided to change it to him believing Demons exist.

Another thing about his creation is that that the author base him upon Anime characters that don't know how to properly communicate with his other peers making him panic and often scare people as he tries to communicate, in addition, he turn him into a "Shota" type character.

The last part of his development is that while he is very close to Rantarou. The author also wanted to create a small love yet slight clueless and forbidden love in the story making Itsuki's relationship with Rantarou a perfect trigger to that point, where he has feeling which he doesn't even know about towards him making him part of the LGBT community.


5 Itsuki

Itsuki is a short young boy with pale white skin, with dark violet eyes and short black hair. He also has stitch marks on his chest, and he also has bandages on his neck to hide his other cut injuries.

He wears a short black robe, that is a bit torn and also has a huge stitch on the back, along with a hood, that reaches down all the way to his waist and he has a dark violet shirt underneath his robe.

He also wears black long, slightly tight school pants and he wears black shoes and he also has numerous scars everywhere on his body he has an Occult Symbol on his left hand.

Skills and Abilities

Ultimate Occult Leader

Itsuki was the leader of an Occult Club when he was in middle school, but even though he is the Ultimate Occult Leader, he thinks of himself as just an average Occultist. His knowledge on supernatural, mystical, and even magical beliefs gives him a scary aura. Even though he has a young appearance. After graduating from his middle school along with Rantarou, he has his own Occult Group outside of school and bringing Occult to the world. And with that he has a secret Occult Organization with 500 people.

Future Sight

Itsuke has an outstanding power to tell the future depending on the person's actions. Though their are times that he's not accurate but most of the time he is accurate. VERY accurate.


Itsuki is a depressed and lonely boy and he has strong beliefs in demonic darkness. His parents abandon him at a young age due to Itsuki not accepting a life in Church, And since his parents have a strong Catholic Belief, they hurt him then finally abandons him. He was also bullied and tries to commit suicide. But he believed that a demon saved him and gave his soul to that demon... But it is still unknown if it is true.

Though whenever he could not talk to his demon "friend", he always seclude himself and often shows a smile both creepy and rarely nice. He cries most of the time cause he never likes being alone and this is also one of the parts why Rantarou always keeps an eye on him. He also shows a strong appreciation to those who likes and cares for him and is very clingy to some people that always watches him.

Another part of his personality is his essential blood lust to offer to his "friend" and he takes his Rituals seriously as he always perform a ritual in his room and also his old Club Room along with a few more other people. Last thing is that since he worship the Demon of the Underworld he has a huge grudge on Religious people.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Though Rantarou kept it a secret from Kazuko for her to find out herself, Itsuki's old life was full of desperation and abuse. His own parents never loved him and when he was doing self harming to himself until he then... Felt something weird. In his school everyone hated him and bully him to the point where he can kill himself. But only Rantarou can see his true and old self. In the end he stopped only once and awhile, but he still live on. Though he is the SHLS Occult Leader, he fantasize about Angels and Demons but he mostly focuses on Occult Arts since he believes Demons are far more superior than humans.

Life in the Prison School Killing Game *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Kazuko has taken the lead and everyone seems to relax thanks to her, Itsuki on the other hand is a bit ignorant on the scenario. He is likely seen alone somewhere dark, always mumbling to himself, and having a creepy smile to himself as he faces a wall. And as it turns out, his always talking to his friend whenever his in the dark corner to always talk to him. But there are some days where he was seen panicking and crying saying his alone like in Chapter 3 where he was running off and crying like everything is gonna end. He always needed Rantarou whenever his in this state and he always cling to him till his "friend" comes back.

He found his Super High School Level Occult Leader Research Laboratory in after the 3rd Trial and the entire place is gloomy and dark and filled with mysterious symbols and the star emblem on the wall, which Itsuki mostly love, and which is later the scene where he conduct his last ritual and message to someone he cares for.

The Accident *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
In Chapter 4 Itsuki was left in the Super High School Level Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory. He was looking around while watching Oz getting repaired through his sleep pod. He decided to look around and see how futuristic the entire place is, he looked around and he stumbled upon the control panel.

He was tempted to press one button, but decided against it but his "friend" urge him to press one and he did. And when did, Oz suddenly got shocked and he opened up his eyes surprise as he was being electrocuted.

Itsuki was scared and he pushed another one only to strengthen the electricity flow to Oz. so he pressed another one only the arms that are repairing him to stab him directly at his core killing him in an instant.

Watching what happened, he got scared and ran away to his Research Lab since it was closer. He was afraid and shaking and he could not hear the words of his "friend". He was panicking and start thrashing around, destroying everything in his panic state.

His mind was broken at that point and he performed one last ritual for his "friend" and gave his life to him. Stabbing himself with the occult knife in the process. Nearing the ending of his life, he thought of his last friend here on Earth and not wanting him to die, he left one tiny message to Rantarou to save him.

Itsuki's Fate *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
In the Trial of Chapter 4, where everyone was debating upon the mysterious double murder yet again, Kazuko was able to pinpoint that the whole "double murder" was cause by Itsuki himself. And she, along with the people who believe her, was correct. But Monokuma still decided to Execute Itsuki, despite his dead body, in the end seeing as that their isn't anyone here that can't be Executed. With that, Itsuki's fate was sealed and due to his execution, Rantarou became enrage and decided to fight better for his survival.

Executiion: Demon Summoning Ritual


Rantarou Yamada

Rantarou and Ituski were middle school friends. He sees Rantaoru as his only friend despite that he is a carefree guy. But at times... He sees Rantarou more than a friend since he rescued him multiple times and stops him from committing multiple self injuries. There times that he will always cried in Rantarou's arms and wishes to just let the whole world just crash by the devils hands.

Keisuke Mcklein

After the Incident on Chapter 2, Itsuki has been somehow always stays with Keisuke, due to the fact they somehow appreciate the night, and they often blend in the dark. He sees Keisuke as a respectable "Big Brother" cause Keisuke is often cautious for him, and whenever he sleeps in the corner he would always brings him back to his room.

Kazuko Kanade

Itsuki sees Kazuko as a light which he despises. Full of Hope. Always staying strong for others... Itsuki never like people with those traits. Rather, he is jealous of her...

Yukio Nagamasa

Itsuki despises Yukio cause she reminds him of the people that bully him when he is young. The leader personality who only cares for themselves and the people who are worth her time. He hates them and he refuses to cooperate with them.


  • Itsuki is the smallest person in the group. While the 2nd smallest is Himeno Jundo.
  • His the 1st LGBT character the author created in the story.
  • His Official Art design is base on Himiko Yumeno the Ultimate Magician.