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 Isn't it amazing that, even after feeling like shit for the whole time, the straightest, whitest male is the one right in the others POV? It's like all that Tumblr posts came to life just to haunt me!  

Ian, complaining about Thiago.
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Full name Ian Santos
Alias Bella #4
イアン (Katakana)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birth date August 17th
Zodiac Leo
Height 176 cm (5' 8")
180 cm (5' 9"; with heels)
Weight 60kg (132 lbs)
B.M.I 21,0
Nationality Brazilian
Sexuality Gay
Title Ultimate Beta
Ultimate Psychologist
Likes Cute boys
Dislikes Weird girls and boys
Social Group The Bellas
First Class
Killing Game
Status Alive
Fate Survives the Killing City Life
Family Two unnamed ex-boyfriends (inexistent)
Ultimate Horse Rider (cousin; inexistent)
Debut Killing City Life
Created by Bubble-Blitz

Ian is one of the participants of the Killing City Life.

Ian has the title Ultimate Beta and Ultimate Psychologist as Bella #4, he is able to fully control people minds and understand their motives and personalities. He is part of the 1st Class of Hope's Peak Academy: South America Branch.

He is a participant of the Killing City Life, he makes it to the end and survives the killing game, he was the embodiment of Envy. He is also returning as a minor character in Ultra Despair Bellas and as a participant of the Ultimate Alumni Killing Game.


Ian is a tall skinny boy with light brown skin, dark brown eyes and black curly hair. He wore gray glasses and had his eyes sharpened with eyeliner most of the time, in a way natural enough to make it look like it wasn't make-up at all. His expression was almost always a devious grin.

His school uniform consists of a dark blue blazer with the school's insignia and a round rainbow pin, a white shirt underneath and a black tie. Dark blue tight-fitting shorts, black shoes and striped black and gray socks.

His casual outfit is a striped white and black sweater, dark tight shorts, black tie up-boots and chain armbands.

He wears dark blue bikini briefs, with white edges and colorful details in the middle. It's from a brand very popular with children and it doesn't fit him properly.

Ian - Undies



Lacking the general "black and white" vision of the world other has, Ian denies good side and bad side are real and thinks with a gray morality. He approaches anyone the same friendly, caring and funny way totally ignorant of their "allegiance" and would rather create his own opinion on people instead of following other labels of them, it's a possibility to see him befriending two people who are sworn enemies with each other, or even people who admit their bad intentions.

A caring friend who enjoys physical affection, he loves people no matter how much of an outcast they are, he'd rather have everyone being together than having various different groups with rivalries among each other. He's extremely loyal and wouldn't let his close friends down no matter the cost and feel guilty whenever he feels any of them are left out.

However, one of his main traits is his extreme teasing, and he will insult anyone if the chance arrive, being serious or not. His main target is Thierry, that is usually called a "Pig Trash" by him, but he doesn't seem to have limits on who he is going to tease. Still, he is able to respect boundaries and is never seen teasing Ray for that reason.

He is usually very perverted and is quick to invade his classmates' personal space, he takes pleasure on talking about sexuality and is good on thinking about sexual puns. While he usually targets men, he does target women a lot. He really hates friends ignoring him and forcefully tries to make others guilty whenever they do, a trait that came from his family giving more attention to his cousins than him.

He is also really disappointed whenever his friends let each other down, and quickly drops his crude humor to prioritize his friends' feelings, he is seemingly a good adviser and devoted to who he loves in dire situations. But whenever he's mad, he hides his emotions and tend to have a silent breakdown, almost never asking for help of anyone but a few select people.

Bella #4

Whenever acting as #4, his personality changes slightly. He becomes much more conceited and egoistical, almost never losing a chance to compliment his own appearance or to show off. He loses much of his empathy and is much less of a jokester, closely resembling Bella in personality.

Skills and Abilities

Ultimate Beta

Flag of Brazil Beta de Nível Super Estudantil, translated as Super Student Level Beta

The second-in-command to the Bella's group and a sidekick for Bella, Ian can be described as a "jack of all trades, master of none". He lacks a proper talent himself, but is extremely skilled at multiple areas required to provide guidance to others and seems vastly intelligent.

He is always there for Bella, be it a broken nail or a broken leg, he always got her back and is extremely loyal to her. At the same time, he is able to lead the other Bellas as his henchmen, clearly treating them as "Omega" to his "Beta". He has a great memory, and never forgets anything about anyone, no matter how minor or trivial the fact is.

Ultimate Psychologist

Flag of Brazil Psicologo de Nível Super Estudantil, translated as Super Student Level Psychologist

When under the guise of Bella #4, his focus goes on this talent. He is able to understand and guide people with such a proficiency, that he's almost able to preview and guess their future actions.

"Future Vision"

Due to his talent as psychologist, he easily understand others motives, needs and personalities to an invasive extent, to the point he's able to foresee their actions and is capable of guessing all possible scenarios for the futures. Thanks to that, he is usually the first one to figure out things during Class Trials, joking around about how easy things were for him to understand.


Treated as the embodiment of envy by the Hope's Cult, he lives up perfectly for their expectations and openly admit how envious he is numerous times.

Thanks to his poorer background and rather uncultured family setting, he'd constantly envy on his classmates' more luxurious lives and rich families, albeit silently. He constantly wished to get newer, more caring friends than his current friend group, and constantly bloated about how he envied happy couples when he couldn't find his true love.


  • "Nyehehehe" (his unique laughter)
  • "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!"
  • "Let's spend our time wisely: Watching the hot dudes work out!"
  • "You smell like ass! You super do! I bet you're an ass turned into a human!" (to Thierry)
  • "People only get used to things their family or close ones shove down their throats, and I'm sure most dads and moms don't teach their kids liking the same sex is a super natural thing. Some hide it... Some show it and condemn as a sin... I live feeling bad for all those kids who don't feel pride in what they are... Specially because I used to be one of them... You don't know how bad is to deny who you are and fear to be hated just because you were born different..."
  • "This experience made me learn about my importance on the world, even if I am different, I am special! There's nobody who will ever replace me in this world and I know there's people who will work hard for me to keep this idea in my mind! "



1st Class

Milly, Carla and Ray

They shared a close bond and stay together regularly during the killing game, trying to find comfort in each other.


Ian harbors a giant annoyance for Thiago and easily and verbally harasses him numerous times, not only emotionally but also psychically when he wishes to, Thiago only seems to respond with utter confusion and harbors the same feelings of annoyance towards the boy.


Ian is fond of needlessly bullying Thierry by insulting his appearance and personality, however they still seem to be good friends who rely on each other when needed.


Ian deeply loves Bianca and she loves him back, but always bully her whenever he has a chance, taking advantage of her slowness.


  • His main talent was changed twice, from Ultimate Character Designer, to Ultimate Animator, and them finally Ultimate Beta.
  • His name "Ian" is a Swedish word meaning "the Lord is gracious". His surname, "Santos" literally means "Saints" in Portuguese.
  • He is 16 during Killing City Life, 17 during Ultra Despair Bellas and around 18 during the Ultimate Alumni Killing Game.
  • He usually jokingly claims to be a "SJW", an acronym that stand for "Social Justice Warrior". However, in serious situation, he says he would rather not be one and despise the term.
  • He, along with the other Bellas, fit into several ensemble tropes.