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Hope's Peak Academy: South America’s Branch is the main setting of the Killing City Life. To enroll in Hope's Peak, one must already be attending high school, and must be the very best at what they do. The students do not apply to the school, instead the school recruits them. If one graduates from Hope's Peak Academy, they are almost certainly guaranteed success in life. Students who are enrolled are given the title “Ultimate”, followed by their talent.


The island is huge and consist of five islands connected to a central, bigger island. It's supposed to be a place perfect for teenagers and a boarding school who "is more like a three-year long vacation than a real campus", as described by it's builders.

There's no teachers, all of them are replaced by Usami, friendly robots who does all the duties they're assigned for using their custom AI.

School Grounds

The Central Island (or the First Island) is the biggest island. In it's center, there's a huge school building where all the classes are located, where the students are supposed to study, however, they're free to skip as long they pass the trimestral tests based on their talents. There's also an airport in the south side of the island, who is sometimes used to gather newbie students. On the north, there's dormitories made specially for each student, however, many students leave their dormitories mid-year to sleep in their own preferred spaces.

The Second Island is smaller and is mostly for utility facilities, such as a laundry building, restaurants, an stadium for all kinds of training and a big party hall.

The Third Island is the closest to the Central Island's size and is extremely luxurious, resembling cities such as New York or Tokyo, with huge skyscrapers who contains millions of facilities made specifically for each student, such as a forge for the Ultimate Blacksmith or a dojo for the Ultimate Martial Artist. There's also other building such as a small mall and a fake casino.

The Fourth Island has a very gothic style and has never ending darkness from synthetic clouds who cover the sun, it has a huge library and various other facilities focused on raising the intellect aspect on the students, but it's also a very quiet place meant for relaxation. The Fourth Island serves solely for the purpose of club facilities.


The South American's branch uniform consists of an dark blue blazer with the school's logo pinned on the lapel and some golden buttons or a dark blue cardigan, a dark blue tie and, depending on the choice of the student in question, a pair of pants, shorts or a skirt matching with the colors of the blazer. The shoes policy is almost never enforced and most students wear shoes they're comfortable with.

Most of the students customize their uniforms as a tradition, ranging from small changes to somewhat huge improvements, all changes made on the base uniforms the school offers. Some examples are Milly, who shortened her skirt and refuses wearing the blazer, or Bianca, that wears a pencil skirt and formal heels.

Though not forced to follow patterns in choosing their uniforms, most of the students do repeat some characteristics in clothing: The shorts are mostly used by petite, childish-looking or feminine boys; Most of the boys wear pants and just a few decides to wear a skirt; females rarely decides to wear pants and only a few of them seem to choose shorts, this is due to aesthetic reasons as the skirt seems to be much more good-looking than the other two options. A list of uniforms customizations:

  • Bianca has a pencil skirt and heels;
  • Carla pinned down various crosses on her blazer;
  • Dani wears jean shorts instead of the shorts provided by the school;
  • Edney refuses to wear the normal uniform and instead wear a black tuxedo;
  • Farlley's shirt has a higher collar than most of the uniforms;
  • Ian wears no tie and has a black and gray striped shirts under his blazer, along with shorter than normal black shorts;
  • Icarus wears no blazer;
  • Milly has a shortened skirt and no blazer;
  • John discarded the normal school shirt and tie and wear a plain shirt instead;
  • Mika has a jacket with the colors of Brazil's flag instead of the blazer;
  • Ray has no blazer and her skirt is puffier;
  • Thiago blazer is way too large for him;
  • Thierry blazer has two pockets.

The gym uniform is rather simple, with an white shirt with an optional dark blue jacket. The student may choose between bloomers or mid-tight shorts. The swimsuit is left to the student's discretion, all of them are accepted as long as they aren't way too revealing.



As the success of the original Hope’s Peak grew over time, an expansion project was started via crowd funding from various influential people and alumni. A North America branch was created, a copy of the original building who worked exactly the same, it was met positively worldwide and only accepted North American students, hence its name.

The original Hope’s Peak was renamed the Asian Branch, and not much later, an African branch and an European Branch were also created, also copies of the original and following the same “only students of the continent” rule.

However, the world was surprised to see a whole new project created from the scratch coming from South America: An entirely original Hope’s Peak building not exactly copying the other buildings. The project consisted of a boarding school, set entirely on a synthetic island built by soon-to-be South American Ultimates, who quickly finished building a perfect island in a small amount of time.

The Hierarchy

The first year had an overflow of students, especially from Brazil, who was able to fill three entire class sections. It was just a few days for an enormous social pyramid to build between the students, the talented made friend with others with similar talents or interests than theirs and created social groups, all of which were placed somewhere in a pyramid. The lower you were, the least respected and popular you social group was. This pyramid concept, while not exactly obvious, was noticed by various students, one of these the Student Council, who hated this hierarchy.

In the top of the social pyramid, the most popular students ruled all of the others, they were a small group of four people nicknamed the Bellas. Lead by Bella and her three minions (all of which names are unknown, and are just called Bella #2, #3 and #4 instead of their actual names), they constantly manipulated and misshaped the rules for their own pleasure, as well as bullying and preying on the other students just for their benefit or even worst, just for the fun of it.

It was quick for the Student Council to create a bitter rivalry with these students, seeing them as the base of the whole hierarchy and constantly using the rules to try and destroy the Bellas, in hope this will also annihilate the concept of the pyramid. At first, they tried to disband it using the number of club members rule, but they quickly recruited two new members to fill the necessary gaps. Them, they tried to destroy them by the inside by starting a conflict with all the members, but they were able to brush off any kind of problem the Student Council set up.

The First Class

The only exception to the social pyramid was the first class, all of them preferred to stay with each other instead of a social group and were the only class close to each other. They usually brushed off all problems with the help of their union and hardly even felt despair inside them; That's the reason they were targeted by Junko Enoshima's project.

Self-entitled as the Ultimate Hope, she believes that forcing people into mindless never ending hope and flunking the world into somewhere without chaos is the actual meaning of hope, Junko's project involved forcing everyone into siding with this vision, willingly or not. She thought of giving the world an example of how other kinds of hope are just misshapen despair by creating a ultimate battle between hopes. She came to the idea of broadcasting the experience to the whole world, but was unsure if killing would really be the best option, so she came to the conclusion that, using some of the other talented individuals abilities, she could create a artificial arena for the game to take place: The Neo World Program.

Developed by a huge team lead by Chihiro Fujisaki, Yasuke Matsuda and Miaya Gekkogahara, she was able to take full control of the game arena and every contestant's condition by forcing their brains into game avatars living into a virtual world identical to the Hope's Peak Island. To harden the game even more, she created preset fake memories of despair to add in the contestants, such as monetary problems, death of a romance or simply pure images of gore and torture.

After research, she chose the first class as her lab rats, based on their school archives over the six months they already spent in the school. Firstly, she manipulated one of the classmates, John, into working undercover for her, in exchange for the status of Best Soccer Player in The World, currently held by his fellow classmate and teammate, Thiago. Using their deepest secrets and weaknesses, Junko not only created despairful situations for each of them, but some that targeted two, three or even all of them at once, she called these Junko's Tests. Her intent was intentionally causing all of the class to fall in despair and voluntary agree to join the Neo World Program, masked as the "Hope Recovery Process".

Most of her tests were a total failure, but she kept trying, to the point of constantly terrorizing the classmates' lives and exploring their deepest and darkest fears, to the point of driving some of them to near-suicide. She considered this a success for her at first, but it wasn't enough and the classmates continued to give support to each other, this made her realize how each other company wouldn't allow her to brainwash them. This made her change her mind: Instead of making them hate despair, she thought about making their benefit from despair and hurting others, enough to force the other students to forcefully put them into the "Hope Recovery Process".


List of Students
Name - GPA (0 - 10)
Ultimate Talent
1st Class (AB)

*** - 10
Ultimate Zooarcheologist

Olivia - 9
Ultimate Make-up Artist
Ian - 8,7**
Ultimate Beta
David - 9,4
Ultimate Soccer Player
Fred - 7
Ultimate Soccer Player
Melissa - 5,3
Ultimate Nail Artist
Ray - 8,2
Ultimate Youtuber
Abel - 8
Ultimate Tailor
Victor - 8,8
Ultimate Writer
Edney - 5,2
Ultimate Scammer
Bianca - 3,3
Ultimate Personal Assistant
Cocoa - 9,3
Ultimate Domestic Servant
Kiara -
Ultimate Personal Trainer
Mika - 5,5
Ultimate Martial Artist
Jo - 7,7
Ultimate Bomb Specialist
Dani - 6,2
Ultimate Fine Artist
Bella - 6*
Ultimate Internet Sensation
Bella #2 - 2,2
Ultimate Photographer
Bella #3 - 8
Ultimate Actress
Thierry - 2,9
Ultimate Competitive Eater
Carla - 7
Ultimate Religious Figure
Thiago - 3,2
Ultimate Soccer Player
Milly - 8,8
Ultimate Coreographer
Farlley - 7,6
Ultimate Host
  • * Is the class president.
  • ** Is the class vice president.
  • *** Is the class treasurer.


  • Various Usamis (General Staff)
    • Unake (1st Class Section-A Teacher)
  • Unnamed Headmaster
  • Steering Committee