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Himeno Jundo
Himeno Jundo
Full name Himeno Jundo
Title Ultimate Advertiser
Birth date May 23
Zodiac Gemini
Height 4'11"
Weight 39kg
Blood type O
Hair color Pink
Eye color Red
Age 16
Nationality Japanese
Killing Game Status
Events Participated Prison Killing Game
Execution Center Academy's Final Countdown
Fate • Survived her Execution
• Escaped from Center Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Father and Mother
Affiliation Center Academy
Previous Affiliation Red Rose Academy
Debut Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals
Created by RenChronomio

 Even if I'm weak... I will try to be better.  

Himeno Jundo

Himeno Jundo (純度 姫の Jundo Himeno) is a character featured in Danganronpa: The Ultimate Prison School of Criminals.

She is known as the Ultimate Advertiser (超高校級の「広告主」chō kōkō kyū no “Kōkoku-nushi”, Super High School Level Advertiser).

Name and Development

Her first name Himeno (Hime) (姫の) means Princess, and her last name Jundo (純度) means Purity

The author wanted to create "Loli" type character in the group and decided to create Himeno Jundo. At first, the author wanted Himeno to be a lazy type character, or just a person that finds things easily bothersome to the point where she would just pass it on to anyone else.

And thanks to the author giving her the Ultimate Advertiser talent. It would suppose to look like an average lazy young girl who just sits on her computer creating virtual adds, and more.

But the author decided to change her personality to a shy, timid girl who will often say yes and afraid of hurting others or just the say of the word "no". And thus her talent still remained Ultimate Advertiser.


4 Himeno

Himeno has pale light skin and pink eyes and she also has light middle length pink hair with a yellow ribbon (suppose to be red sorry...) tied to her heard.

She wears her old school uniform, which consists of, a long sleeve white polo shirt underneath and her brown long sleeve school uniform and red necktie. She also has a black coat on her shoulders, reasons for wearing it is unknown. And she wears a dark brown skirt with white knee high socks and black and white school shoes.

Skills & Abilities

Ultimate Advertiser

Since she is an advertiser, she was able to promote her middle school and in few months the enrollment value was increase by 50%. She's also a great page layout designer, and graphic designer.


As an advertiser she also has skills of an editor. She is able to create grand pics for the school promotion website and magazine. She is able to edit pics and adds vibrant colors to them.


People described her as a Dandere. Meaning she is shy and always keep things to herself. Himeno sometimes do things really hard just for people to look up to her or just have friends. But due to her shy personality, people think of her as weird.

Even when she was in Elementary School, she's always alone and never takes any initiative to either take the lead or start up ideas. She always just listen to others and always side with others where the argument is on the winning their side.

She also only listen if needed and she she may be an Advertiser, she isn't known to know anything latest happening in the world so she considered left out on any given topics.

*Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Later on the in the story progression, specifically at the end of Chapter 5. Himeno decided to strengthen herself in order to respect the death of Kazuko Kanade. But after the realization of her false Execution she was angered by the false justice of her death. Showing how much Himeno loves her friends. So at the start of the final chapter she decided to stay strong and change herself to the better in order in order to survive and get out alive with the final survivors in the story.


Old Life Before Hope's Peak *Spoilers! Expand at your own risk*
Himeno was the usual quiet kid in the corner just minding her own business in her old school. But later on she was asked by the Photography Club to help them create on advertisement for the school, which she immediately agreed since she was afraid of her seniors.

Later on she was given a task to try to advertise the school's education mindset for upcoming enrolls, ans she immediately thought of an idea on both video and pictures. When she presented it, the others we're amaze of her work and they asked her to join to the club, Which she agreed happily since she has found a place where she could truly belong.

So she and her club mates we're on duty and they all smiled with their work and when graduation finally came she was scouted by Hope's Peak Academy as the Super High School Level Advertiser.


Takeshi Yakuzaka

Though she doesn't know him very well, she sees him as an Older brother since Takeshi always keeps an eye on her since Takeshi sees people like Himeno, are easy targets to hurt and bully. Especially in the current killing game they are in. They later develop a Brother and Sister bond ans she is normally around him where she knows she's safe but at the same time, she might endanger his life.