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Dusty Hawks
Full name Daniel Kenny Hawks
Title Ultimate Guitarist
Gender Male
Birth date April 13
Zodiac Aries
Height 5'9"
Weight 129lbs
Hair color Black
Eye color Red
Age 17
Nationality American
Likes • Hot Chili
• Rock Music
Dislikes Grapefruit
Killing Game Status
Personal Status
Status Active
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Previous Affiliation • Guitarist of The Three Boy Band
• Unknown High School in Massachusetts
Debut Danganronpa: Time for Death
Created by WolfieC (talk)

Dusty Kenny Hawks is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Time for Death and a student of Zodiac High School. He is the Ultimate Guitarist. He was once in a band back in Massachusetts called The Three Boy Band. The two other members are a drummer and a singer.


Dusty is a slim, pale boy with short, spiky black hair and red eyes. He wears a purple t-shirt with a black music note on it, black jeans with pockets on his hips, and white sneakers with light gray shoelaces.


Dusty is an independent, smart and friendly student. He wasn't the brightest back in his school in Massachusetts but he knows how to play the guitar more than anyone else.

He loves rock music and hot chili. But he's not as a big fan of grapefruit than you think is. His love for rock music is how he got to playing the guitar.

Past Life

Back in Boston, Massachusetts, Dusty went to school where students were mostly bullied. He was one of those easy target because when he was 14, he was shy and mostly a coward. His greatest fear was public speaking.

Until one day, Dusty saw a flyer in his school for a boy band in need of a guitarist. He's been playing the guitar since he was 10 so he signed up and became a member of The Three Boy Band.

However, he quit the band because he was going to Zodiac High School.

Skill and Abilities

Ultimate Guitarist

Dusty's title is Ultimate Guitarist, which meant he knows hot to play the guitar really good. He's been playing the guitar ever since he got one for his 10th birthday. He is also able to fix one, like he did in Chapter 1 - Deadly Life.



No reaction has come between these two, but Dusty is scared of her "killing game". He's even worried if he would survive. He is curious about her being in everyone's business.

Rena Ryan

Dusty has a huge crush of Rena, even thought he only met her on the first day of school. He also investigated the school with her along with Sam, Amy and Suzanne.

Ryder Highland

Dusty complimented Ryder's sketch that he drew on the chalkboard in Poetry Class.

Blue Heck

Dusty was in the pool with Blue along with Jade, Jasper and Maple.

Maple Oakwood

Dusty was in the pool with Maple, along with Jade, Jasper and Blue.

Samuel Applegate

Dusty was walking with Sam along with Rena, Amy and Suzanne. They both told Elliot about the guitar that used to be in the Music Room.

Aaron Wellwind

Dusty saw Aaron in the Science Lab, playing with a chemistry table.

Hilda Graham

Hilda was the first person to see Dusty walk in the Gym. He also met her in the Computer Room, trying to reprogram one of them.

Alex Owens

Dusty saw Alex sitting in the Math Class, modifying her fake bunny ears.

Jasper Jefferson

Dusty was in the pool with Jasper along with Jade, Maple and Blue.

Bruce Ireland

Dusty saw Bruce sketching in a notebook in the Math Class.

Amy Louis

Amy counted Dusty as the 16th student to walk in the Gym.

Ginger Dale

Dusty saw Ginger reading a book in the Math Class.

Jade Label

Dusty was in the pool with Jade along with Maple, Jasper and Blue.

Elliot Sanders

Dusty tried not to bother Elliot while he was working on a math equation. He also finds Elliot helpful when he was able to help Dusty read what the note in Jasper's hand said since it was covered in blood. He was surprised that Elliot was the murderer of Jasper Jefferson and had a really shocked expression after his execution.

Suzanne Peter

Dusty was investigating the school with Suzanne, along with Rena, Sam and Amy.

Unnamed Parents

Dusty lived with his parents back in Massachusetts.


  • Dusty's real name is Daniel. Dusty is just a nickname he give himself and what his friends call him.
  • The two other members of his Boy Band are named George Banner and Sean Day.



  • "Who was that?"
  • "Ahh! Dusty! What are you doing?! Stay cool! STAY COOL!"
  • "Whoa! That looks like it was made of real metal."
  • "Geez. This bear is always in our business."
  • "Ginger? What happ- OH MY GOSH!!"
  • "Huh. Nice job, dude."
  • "This morning, me, Sam, Rena, Amy and Suzanne went in here and saw this electric guitar in that case."