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Danganronpa 4: Murder Melody is the first entry in a new legacy of Danganronpa. Set to release in February 2017, Murder Melody's central theme is Lies vs. Truth much like v3. The reason for this is the writer felt that v3 did not live up to its name as it still focused on Hope vs. Despair.


The story has many mysteries to solve and unlike other Danganronpa entries only has 14 cast members and 5 chapters. It takes place within the Gifted Inmates Academy as the author likes the academy and thinks it's a very cool setting.


  • Shigetoshi Sekigawa "Ultimate Journalist"
  • Wataru Eguchi "Ultimate Film Critic"
  • Zentaro Oichi "Ultimate Lifeguard"
  • Arata Itoku "Ultimate Satanist"
  • Takanori Toyota "Ultimate Karate Sensei"
  • Ren Arakawa "Ultimate American Football Pro"
  • Neo Hotaru "Ultimate Scientist"
  • Ikumi Chikamatsu "Ultimate Seamstress"
  • Haruka Adachi "Ultimate Medium"
  • Shimako Ryosaki "Ultimate Manga Illustrator"
  • Mitsu Konyouji "Ultimate Doctor"
  • Laila Yonai "Ultimate Surfer"
  • Teiko Sakamoto "Ultimate Kendo Apprentice"
  • Usagi Ichiro "Ultimate DJ"