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Prologue: Meeting the Gifted Criminals of Hope's Peak Prison

Kazuko's POV

... ... ... Dark? I woke up in a very dark classroom. No sunlight or anything, just a pitch of darkness.

My name is Kazuko Kanade and I am the Super High School Level Musician. I was on my way to Hope's Peak Academy cause I was scouted by the very staff itself. I was a producer in music and I have won awards in making music especially if it's an acoustic guitar and a piano. I was really excited but then everything just seems so black... What happened?

"What happened? I was just on my way to school then..." I asked myself as I was absorbing the surroundings.

I couldn't remember a thing. I tried to remember but my head just keep throbbing like it's about to burst. Everything looks so scary like I'm in a horror movie.

The classroom is kinda old yet it still a but futuristic. The tables, Monitor everything is futuristic. The windows are all barred and wired up. It looks like it's to keep someone or something from getting in AND out.

I excited the classroom and entered the hallway. Even the hallway looks like a barren wasteland. it looks like the grass are everywhere and other plants just keep growing out of the corner.

"Where should I go? Is there anyone else besides me here?" I asked myself once again, worried that the possibility of me being alone here is huge. Everywhere I go seems like it's the same till I heard someone. "Hmm... Nothing here either." I heard a boy said and what luck! Someone IS here besides me. "Excuse me!" I called the boy out.

"Oh! Another student." The boy said. He had green hair with a black shirt and a loose hoodie jacket and jeans. He also has a cute little teddy bear hanging on his shoulder. "Mind if I ask your name?" He asked me "Well, I'm Kazuko Kanade. I'm the Super High School Level Musician." I introduced myself "Hmm, alright then, Well I'm Rantarou Yamada." He introduced himself... But...

"What's the matter?" He questioned me "Uh! Nothing... You just didn't told me what's your talent is." I said but all he did was smiled and said "That... doesn't matter right now exactly." He said kinda sad.

"Anyway, I'm done searching this floor, wanna tag along? Being with someone is better that being alone, right?" He said as I nodded then he motioned the stairs leading down. I followed him down stairs and saw that this school is actually pretty huge "Whoa..." I said. Its like a huge corridor of some sort. 

"The exit is just ahead, Let's go." We both headed down the hallway when we meet a young guy who has silver hair, blue shirt with a long scarf and a mask hiding his face he also wears a seemingly leather pants of some sorts.

"It's fine Kanade, It's just Zero." Rantarou said. The "Zero" guy seems to be thinking hard on something. "Zero?" Rantarou called to him "Hmm...?" He looked at Rantarou then at me "Looks like you found nothing too huh?" "Yeah..." He sighed through his mask "Looks like you did find something though. Or maybe I should say someone." He said as he looked at me with his gaze. "Ahaha... Oh well... I'm Kazuko Kanade. I'm the Super High School Level Musician." I said happily

"Zero why don't you introduce yourself." He asked him with a smile. "I'm Keisuke Mcklein. But I would most prefer you calling me Zero. And I'm the Super High School Level Ninja." He said to me "Eh? Really? Ninja?" I said excitedly "Yes." Wow... I though Ninja's are a thing in the past but it looks like some are still present in our modern years. "You seem... Happy." "Yeah~ It's really rare to see a Ninja these days. So of course I'm a bit excited!" I said happily to him "I see." Was all he said. Thanks to that mask I can't read his expressions. Great

"Well. We're off to see the outside campus k?" Rantarou said leaving Zero to nod and left. I followed him and saw 2 doors on the left hallway while 3 others on our right side signalling their classrooms. "Say? Can we take a look around those rooms?" I asked him "Hmm? Sure if you like." And with that we entered the 1st door.

And inside was a huge and I mean HUGE Library. "Whoa! This place is huge!" I shouted then I hear a "Shh. This is a Library. You shouldn't shout." Another guy came out of the loads of books. He has red short hair and he is wearing his glasses. At to top it all he wears a black and red looking uniform with black leather shoes.

"Sorry, Sensei she just loves books." Rantarou said behind me "I can tell." He said adjusting his glasses "Your a book lover too?" He asked me "O-Oh! Well a little bit yes. And I almost forgot. I'm Kazuko Kanade. Super High School Level Musician."

"Hello to you to then. My name is Xandu Revierre de la Audette. And I am the Super High School Level Teacher." He introduce himself "E-Eh?! A Teacher? At your age?" I said shock. I mean a teacher already? Even I know that isn't possible. "If it makes you feel better, I teach children." He said to me with a smile. "O-Oh children. I thought you teach high school kids like us." "Sensei has a high-school degree in Academics. He knows his way around when it comes to lecturing the young ones. That's why he was permitted." Rantarou said

"Indeed. Children are our hopes for the future since they are developing in such a fine state in academics." He said with a smile. Hehe, with a teacher like this, The children must be glad to have him as a teacher. Heck, maybe if I had kids maybe I should let him tutor them "Well. It looks the place needs to be organize so I bid you two farewell for now." And with that he disappeared in the pile of books.

"Shall we?" "Sure." We exited the room and entered the next one. And this one was a cafeteria. and I see two more students in here. One who looks... Really intimidating to get close to and another one with a red ribbon on top of her head.

"Hey! Takeshi. Himeno." The two looked at our way one of them came to us and he's the guy who I said with an intimidating look... I mean he's only wearing a sleeveless jacket with a visible scar on his right chest with jogging pants. And his barefooted, bandages on his stomach area and hands and also a bandanna on his head. "Yo man! this place is really a total prison!" He shouted angry. "T-Takeshi... C-Calm down. P-P-Please?" The little girl with the red ribbon on her head said to him. "Yeah sorry... Anyway who's the chick?" He pointed at me and "I'm Kazuko Kanade. And I am the Super High School Level Musician."

"Oh... Well, I'm Takeshi Yakuzaka. And I'm the Super High School Lever Brawler. That's all I got going for me." He said scratching the back of his neck. "And how about you?" I smiled at the girl. She on the other hand is wearing her Brown uniform with white knee high socks and leather shoes. she also has a black looking cape.

"I-I'm Himeno Jundo... A-And I'm the S-S-Super High School Level Advertiser." An Advertiser and a Brawler. Quite an unusual pair. "Are you two close?" I asked them "Nah. I just came here napping and she was sitting on one of the chairs looking quite scared." He said

"Ehehe... S-Sorry." She apologize to Takeshi. "Don't worry about it." He seems to care about her "So... Any history on your parts?" I asked them "Nothing much... Just beat up a bunch of bullies bullying the weak ones and that's it." He said but Rantarou on the other hand "Just a bunch of bullies? Takeshi, you are known as the "Defender" in your old school and you even beat up an entire motorcycle gang." He said and I got shocked at that. "Man... I was hoping that wouldn't spread here... Guess I was wrong then." He said this time scratching his head.

"That's really cool though. You done it all by yourself. Amazing!" I said, amaze at his work. He truly is the Super High School Level Brawler. "E-Eh? I-I guess... so... GAAAHHH!!! Don't get me riled up!!!" "EH?!?!" He than ran into the kitchen of the cafeteria. He was flustered then he got angry all of a sudden? Geez his short tempered. "Um... How about you Himeno?"

"E-Eh? W-Well... Its not that big..." She said hiding inside her cape. "Do you mind if I tell her for you?" Rantarou suggested. "Yes please..." "Well then Himeno is a very special girl. She just doesn't show it well enough. It started in her days in her middle school wanting to promote the clubs at school and so she did. Thanks to her the clubs we're improve and the enrollment value of the school increase tenfold. And now makes adds everywhere. In magazines, the internet, and basically everywhere. She even designed three bill boards and that shows she is the Super High School Level Advertiser#ff6666." Rantarou finished.

"Cool~!" I said eyes shining "N-N-No... I-It's not that great..." She said now cowering in her cape. "Ah! S-Sorry... I'll stop if your uncomfortable." I said to her. She nodded and was about to walk away until *CRAAASH!*

"Eh?!" "T-Takeshi!!! Don't b-break anything in there!" And with that Himeno runs off. Me and Rantarou left the cafeteria to avoid any trouble that might happen in there. "Shall we move on?"

And with that we went on. We finally reached the exit door of this school and... "EH?!" We finally reached outside. And saw the ceiling of this entire place again. "Horrible isn't it? No clear sky. But there are some buildings here." Rantarou said "B-But... How is this possible? Are we... In underground or something?" I asked him and he just close his eyes. "Seems like it though... Judging from our environment. We are indeed underground." He said. Why does this place just keeps gets creepier by the minute. "C'mon. Let's look around. I haven't seen the outside of this school and maybe the other guys  found something too." Rantarou reassured me. "Yeah... Maybe we should." I said to him with a smile, not wanting to worry him.

We walked around and fair enough. This place looks like a High School Campus. Its really huge I will tell you that. The center square was filled with plants and flowers and there we found two more students near the center fountain. "Oh hello Rantarou." A girl with light purple hair with a white sundress top with a pink rabbit hoodie jacket with sandals. "Hello Aria, Kurosaki." He wave to them "Greetings to you too, looks like we won't have to worry about medical supplies." He said.

"E-Eh? What makes you say that?" I asked the man who has gray hair with a peach long sleeve shirt and a white lab coat he also a black pants with brown leather shoes. "Well this plants can help ease pain like back problems, skin irritation, and--" He was interrupted by the purple hair girl "U-Um... Kuro? Maybe we should introduce ourselves first." She said "Oh! Sorry about that. My name is Kurosaki Yanagiya. I am the Super High School Level Herbalist. And this is my other half." He said as he held out a hand for the girl to reach "Ehehe~ I am Aria Minegishi. And I am the Super High School Level Animal Tamer."

Eh~ Other half? So are these two lovers? Looks like it to me hehe. "Aww~ You two look so cute together. And I am Kazuko Kanade. Super High School Level Musician." I said to them "Really? Thank you." Kurosaki said blushing "Um... By any chance, did you two find anything around the campus?" Aria asked us. "Nope nothing." Rantarou replied "I woke up in a classroom alone and I found Rantarou so... Sorry." "I see... That is so unfortunate..." Aria said depress. "C'mon Aria don't fret." Kurosaki said "O-Okay..." "Anyway we just took a small break. We're gonna assume our search. We'll see you guys later." Kurosaki left with Aria tagging along. and soon we too, left the area but found ourselves outside our dormitory.

"Shall we adventure in~?" I said to Rantarou "Sure." with a thumbs up. We entered the dormitory and this place is a two floor up. But this place seems luxurious... I mean the stairs looks like a grand staircase. We looked around and saw three students here. One of them approached us and he was wearing a really good butler outfit. Could he be... "Hello Sir Rantarou." "Hello to you to Shinnosuke." He looked at me next and "Hello Milady. I am the Super High School Lever Butler, Shinnosuke Shouyou. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." I knew it! "Haha. I knew it. I'm Kazuko Kanade and I am the Super High School Level Musician."

"Who's she?" One of the other people came up to us as well. Also the girl has black hair and had glasses on, she also wore some sort of sailor style uniform. But she seems to wear a black school jacket on it with a red tie. I stood up straight and introduced myself "I'm Kazuko Kanade, I'm the Super High School Level Musician Musician." As I introduced myself the said girl she introduced herself "I see. Nice to meet you as well then "I'm Yukio Nagamasa. I'm the Super High School Level Leader." she adjust her glasses.

"Eh? A Leader? To what?" I asked her "An Organization which you don't need to know." Was all she said. Talk about rude. "Don't worry about her Kazuko. That's just her way of thinking." Rantarou said patting my back. "Oh! And by the way like what Shinnosuke said, He is the Super High School Level Butler. He is both hard-working and gently-man-like as some girls say. But his heart remains true and ever stay loyal to his master. Rumor has it that he was a butler to one of the President of a famous state Company."

"... ... ..." Yukio was silently watching us from afar, while Shinnosuke on the other hand "Those are only rumors Sir Rantarou." He said in a calm gesture. "Really? I also heard you complete your jobs with such ease and success." Wow... No mistakes what so ever? "That's just an overstatement, but I am glad to meet your acquaintance." And with that he bow and entered a room that looks like a Janitor's Closet.

That leaves the girl that has a flower on her head. "Hello." I said to her "Oh, hello~ Sorry I didn't introduce myself in that small gathering a second ago." She said "No its fine! So um... I'm Kazuko Kanade, and I am the Super High School Level Musician." "Eh~? Well then... My name is Kikuri Nagisa. I am the Super High School Level MatchmakerOrange." ... EEEEHHHH?!?!!?

"Kikuri?! As in THE Kikuri Nagisa?! The creator of "Find you Match!" website?" I asked her. "The one and only~!" OH. MY. GOD!!!! "It's a real honor to meet you!" "It's not that much..." She sweat a little embarrassed. "Uh... "Search your Mate" website?" Rantarou questioned behind me "Ah! Kikuri is the ULTIMATE Matchmaker her clients got a real happy ending thanks to her!" "Wow~ I never knew I was that famous for my line of work." She said "Haha~ I really wish that you receive my reply back then finding my true love someday~." I said to her. "Hmm... I'll make sure to get it then!" She said with thumbs up and I fist pumped "Haha~ You seem to enjoy the conversation. You guys talk while I--" Rantarou said before I interrupted him "Oh! Sorry... I shouldn't make you wait any longer. Later Kikuri. We're off to see the rest of this place." "Okay you two. Have fun. But in this case... Be careful."

We headed into the Dormitory Storage Room and this time we saw two student "Hey~ C'mon! Just a scan~!" A girl with light pale skin and light pink hair yelled at a boy who has weird looking ears "Please! Stop!" "Hmm... Once again three people are in here." Rantarou said. Three? But there's only two here. Welp, mind as well interrupt those two first "HEY! C'MON! I just wanna look what a robot's body looks like!" She said "EH?! Robot?!" I asked shock "Yes I am..." The boy said regaining his composure "Really? Your a robot? But you look like a human to me." I said to him "I get that a lot." He smiled "My Master created me like this and my ears are a form of Wifi antenna that's why I stand out too much. If you want to know, my Master is here in school, and she might be... Eccentric?" He said a bit upset.

"Eh? Really? Oh! My name is Kazuko Kanade. I'm the Super High School Level Musician. And you guys are~?" I introduce myself to them "Oh. Well I am O1-Z0 The Super High School Level Artificial Intelligence But you may call me Oz for short.." He said to me with a smile. " And I am Matsuri Yorukobi and I am the party maker!" ... ... ... "Also known as the Super High School Level Events Manager. Geez c'mon lighten up!" She said bringing up the mood. "Ahaha... You seem to be in high spirits." I said "Of course! Being down in the dumps will only get you even more depress if you think about it so just be Happy~" She said. As she was talking, Oz was about to slip away until "HEY! I'm not done with you!!!" She yelled letting Oz ran away "Hey! Get back here!" and with that, she left also.

"..." Rantarou was silent. I suddenly feel a very cold air around and then "ItsukiIndigo I know your in here... Please, come out."Green" Itsuki? As I was searching around a young boy appeared right behind me with a very pale expression. "KYAAAA!!! GHOST!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs "... ... ..." He stared at me with his dark purple eyes... I was really shivering "... Huh?..." Was he said "Kazuko... Stop it. Your scaring him." "I'M SCARING HIM?! Your kidding me right! If its what I see, he scared me!" I said to him while pointing at the young boy angrily. I mean he IS the one who scared me! "..." He was silent again. And then he finally... Sobbed?! "E-Eh?! W-Why are you crying?!" "I told you. Your scaring him!" He walk past me and... I saw the most fluffy scene of my life.

"Its okay. Don't cry. Boys don't cry"Green." Rantarou said hugging the boy "... ... ..." And with that he parted away from him and "Introduce yourself to her Itsuki." He said patting his back "Itsuki... Kowareta. S... Super High School Level... Occult Leader... OCCULT?!?! His into those kind of stuff?! "O-O-Occult? You mean like the supernatural things right?" "Yes..." He said in a whisper "I see. Well I'm Kazuko Kanade. I am the Super High School Level Musician." I said to him. The boy seems to be wearing a black robe and... He has some scars all over his arms.

"How did you get those wounds Itsuki?" I asked him "..." He looked down and suddenly in a blink of an eye. "Wha?! Where did he go?!" He said "Sorry about him... He doesn't want to talk about the scars on his arms." Rantarou said. "Do you know him Rantarou?" I asked him as he nodded "I do. Know him since middle school. He... has a terrible life. I'm the only one who he can call a "friend"." He said in a soft voice "If you get the chance to chat with him, comfort him k? He needs more friends than just me." He requested "Sure!" I said as I fist pumped. "I wonder where did he go though..." "Oh his somewhere that is really dark. Preferably by the corner over there." He pointed and "Ugh..." His been found out easily. "We should let him have his time alone. C'mon, let's go." Rantarou said and with that we left the storage room and the dormitory itself.

We walked around and we saw huge monument statue and underneath it was a young girl. She's wearing some sort of military outfit. "Oh... Perhaps we didn't met? Of course we haven't." She said "Ah... Yes. I'm Kazuko Kanade. Super High School Level Musician." I said to her. "My name is Yukinoko Heishi. I am the Super High School Level Cadet." She introduce herself.

"Eh~? Are you part of a military force?" I asked her "I was about to... Till my Commander appointed me to have a proper education first. So he sent me here, wherever we are." She said "S-S-So... You are a Soldier in Training? That's why you must have been sent here." "I suppose." She was silent. "Mah~ Yukinoko is part of the special cadet force in the age of 14. So don't underestimate her when it comes to combat." Rantarou said. "Hmm." She hummed. "Anyway... Can I ask a favor?" She asked "And what's that?" "Please check on Miaya she should be at the gates." The gates? So there IS a way out! "Okay! Let's go Rantarou!" "Sure. She might have found a lead by now." The two of us left the areas as we wave goodbye to Yukinoko.

We made it to the gate and like Yukinoko said, the girl "Miaya" was there "Um... Are you Miaya?" I asked her "What's in it to you?" She said "HA HA HA!!! Speak to me more formerly!" She said pointing at me "Eh?!" "Shut up flat chest, I need to introduce myself properly!." "F-Flat Chest?!?!" "It is I The one and only amazing creators of this world Miaya Kikai! The Super High School Level Engineer!" An Engineer. Wait... "Oh! Are you Oz's--" "Indeed! I am the one who created that perfect Ikemen!" I... Ikemen? "Ikemen? Isn't that term to describe men that are either cool, good, or exciting?" Rantarou said. "Indeed! He is one of a kind! My best creation of ALL TIME!!! HA HA HA!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Yes yes, Your a great "Inventor"." Rantarou said. But didn't she said she was an Engineer? "But back to the important matter. How's it going here?" He asked her in a serious face "Hmm... Nothing to give as good news... The entire gate is tightly sealed with a strong mechanism along with codes needed to activate this gate." She said pissed. "Well. You did a good job of figuring this all out for us." I said "Well no shit! I'm the one with mechanic knowledge here! HA HA HA!" ... ... ... We sweat dropped.

"Hmm... Looks like that's all the place we can get to see. Except the Gymnasium." The Gymnasium? Hmm I don't know if it's worth checking it out but... "Let's go and try to unite with the others. Yukio said that once we're all done. We will meet up at the Dormitory Rest Spot." Rantarou said and so, we went to the resting zone of the Dormitory Building.

"Looks like everyone is here." Yukio said. "Okay... What did we found out?" Rantarou was the first one to speak "Well... The all so scary building you guys said was actually a School Building. I investigate each room, and each room is a classroom. Complete with a Cafeteria and a Library." He said.

The others also reported, the first one is Kikuri "Well... The are other places we looked at are lock. We couldn't get through. Not to mention unbreakable." Kikuri said not looking very happy about that but she continued "OH! there's also a basement area... But let's not talk about that..." she finished

"Me and the others examined the walls around this entire place as well. And it looks like even we couldn't escaped it. And also we can't even destroy it, we try bashing it with a bunch of stuff... Didn't work along with climbing up, unfortunately." Xandu finished his part as he adjusted his glasses.

And with that, They all said there piece... ... ... Wait. "Hmm... Hey guys?" I wanted to know something, even though I might know there answers."H-How did we all get here?" I asked them. The all looked at each other having no clue as well. Kikuri said "Well... I was on my way to Hope's Peak Academy when all of a sudden... I feel dizzy and I passed out from it."

Himeno replied "T-The same thing happened to m-me!" Everyone looked at each other and it seems like we all experienced the same thing. "Isn't it a bit weird that we all experienced the same thing?" Xandu said.

As we're digging into that thought, an announcement suddenly rang "Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong attention all students! This is the Headmaster! All students please go to the Gymnasium immediately!" it said.

"The Gymnasium?" Shinnosuke said surprised. Takeshi on the other hand seems really mad "What are we waiting for?! We need answers and the Head Master might knows what!" Takeshi said.

Kikuri on the other hand is against it "I don't know about this Takeshi... Something doesn't feel right." Himeno and Itsuki we're with her "B-B-Big sis is r-r-right! It could be... Dangerous." She whispered behind her "I can foresee something... And I sense something ominous... Something really dark..." Itsuki said holding his book real tight.

"Nonetheless, we need to go. Even if it's dangerous, what choice do we have." Rantarou countered. All of us seem to have no other option. "C'mon guys! Maybe... We really might find some answers if we go." I said to them. Matsuri pat me on the back and said "Yeah! Kazuko is right! C'mon, what do we got to loose! We might find other students there!" And with that, everyone's hopes rise seeing as there IS a chance that might happened.

"Well then. Let's go then." Yukio said as she is the first to go. Followed by Xandu, Takeshi, Shinnosuke, Matsuri, Yukinoko and Zero

"No choice huh... Geez! Alright let's get this over with!" Kikuri said confidently. So she was followed by Himeno, Itsuki, Aria, Kurosaki, Miaya, and Oz.

"Shall we Kazuko?" Rantarou motioned me so we can go together. Luckily for him... Mostly me since the way there seems scary, I agreed. We walked down the road to the gymnasium and as we went inside, everyone is in.

"Where's the Headmaster?" I asked them and Oz's only replied "Not here yet maybe?" "Dammit! Where the hell is this so called "Headmaster" of this horrible place!" Takeshi yelled obviously angry and at that moment "What are you calling "horrible place"?!" shouted from somewhere.

And from there... The "Headmaster" pops out!

"A... T-Teddy Bear?" Himeno said and it replied "I'm no Teddy Bear! I'm Monokuma! The Headmaster of this Place!" It said.

"Welcome Students! To Hope's Peak Prison Academy!" He yelled merrily but as he was about to continue, Kikuri yelled "P-Prison School?! What do you mean Prison School?!"

"Ora? You didn't know? You all are here in Hope's Peak very own Prison School for the Gifted Ones!" Again, he said cheerfully. "Why are we in a Prison School?" I asked the Headmaster but he chuckled and say "Hmm? You don't know? You guys are criminals!" It said

"C-Criminals?! We are NOT criminals!" Kikuri yelled. "Oh but actually you are!" Monokuma said "What?" Shinnosuke paled at that "And what crime have we committed?" Yukinoko questioned him "Oh that doesn't matter so I'm not gonna answer that!~" Monokuma said

"Hey you bastard! You better start answering questions or I'll--" He was cut by mid sentence when all of a sudden something almost shot him "W-What in the?!" "Oops~ Be careful! Anyone forming any harm happening to the Headmaster will be punished by Death!" Monokuma said

"Why are we trapped here? And why are you keeping us here." Yukio said glaring coldly at the bear "Now now~ Little miss glasses! I will tell you why your here!" When is announcing what happened a pedestal appeared and he jumped on it.

"Your main purpose here... Is to feel Despair for everyone's amusement!" He shouted. "Despair? Everyone's Amusement?" Kurosaki questioned. "In short... You guys will be having a... Killing Game!" He shouted merrily

And with that said and done everyone panicked "K-Killing Game?!" Matsuri yelled "Yes! That's right! All of you will be having your very own Killing game! Upupupu! This is gonna be fun." Monokuma said "T-There's no way! There's no way we're gonna follow your game!" I told Monokuma but as he turn "Oh? And why not?" He said "Its because we're not murderers!" I told the sadistic bear. "Upupup... But your all criminals. So killing shouldn't be a problem."

"I-I-I told all of you... The darkness is upon us... And I can see it... Getting darker" Itsuki said trembling "Upupupu... Well, Since you guys are so stubborn. Let me share you guys a secret~" Monokuma said

"S-Secret?" Aria questioned "And what might that be?" Yukio asked "Upupupu~ Well... How long are you guys asleep when you first awakened?" Monokuma asked us. "H-How are we suppose to--" Miaya about to question when she remembered something "Ding Ding! Oz! How much time have we been asleep~?!" She asked the A.I. Robot.

"... ... ..." Oz was silent. He opened his eyes and said "I... Do not know Master." He said to Miaya. "W-What?! I added a day function in you! So you HAVE to know!" Miaya yelled at him.

"I'm sorry Master... But the only recording I have in me is... The day when we are heading to Hope's Peak Academy... And it is stated... About a... Long Time ago." Oz said

"L-Long time... Ago?" Himeno asked "So we don't know how long have we been here?!" Miaya questioned "That's right! Who knows, You guys might have been here for a week, month, year~? Upupupu~ I wonder what is happening outside! As well as your families~" He said in an evil way "Our... Families?" Matsuri asked "Upupupu! I cannon wait to see this entire Prison School for the Gifted Ones turn into a Bloodbath between Hope and Despair! Upupupupu!"

And with that he vanished. Leaving all of us in the Gymnasium. Everyone is staring at one another. Who to trust or who to not trust... This horrible place has become our bery own gaves. But... Even I know... All of us are not giving up!

Prologue End.

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Matsuri: Time to go Wild!

Himeno: N-N-N-No way!!!

Itsuki: The dark... It's rising...

Zero: Whoever it is, there not getting away.

Xandu: Calm down and assess the situation

Shinnosuke: I'm doing this to protect!

Aria: But it must be him!

Kurosaki: Let me see...

Kikuri: I guess it wouldn't hurt to try~

Yukinoko: I... My apologies.

Takeshi: This is frustrating!

Oz: Huh? Then it must have been...

Yukio: You see, Trust is never to believe in.

Miaya: I'll get to say when this is over bitch!

Rantarou: I'm ready...

Kazuko: Whatever happens, I won't go down without a fight!