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Danganronpa: Serial Bonding
Writer OPZoroark (talk)

Danganronpa: Serial Bonding is a fanfiction in the Danganronpa: Despair Resurfaces series by OPZoroark set several years after the main series killing games.


Several years after the final killing game & the world's reconstruction, a new cast of 16 students from the rebuilt Hope's Peak Academy find themselves in Camp Zetsubou, where the now-infamous Monokuma & his trusty sidekick, Monosquatch, force them to participate in a killing game, just like the ones decades before.


Participants in the Killing School Retreat
Name Talent Gender Info
Hirokazu Itami Ultimate Strategist Male Hirokazu frequently

tends to put practicality above all else. He has a strong sense of observation that he applies to his surroundings & the people he interacts with. He enjoys making friends with those he classifies as intelligent, while still trying to be helpful to anyone he can. He also slightly prefers to be friends with girls since he finds them to be more intelligent than his own gender.

As the Ultimate Strategist, Hirokazu's talent lets him formulate strategies by weighing factors & probability to determine what course of action will have the best possible outcome. His research & strategies for competitive situations such as video games & sports have produced a 99% success rate, in addition to perfect prediction & analysis of opposing strategies. He was originally considered for Ultimate Gamer before the scouts learned the true nature of his talent.

Masahide Osaka Ultimate Otaku Male Masahide is

physically incapable of going a full hour without making some sort of obscure anime reference. He prefers the realm of fiction over the real world, & doesn't even try to be subtle about it. He enjoys making jokes, particularly if he thinks it will help improve someone's mood. Despite his constant online conversations, Masahide is actually a self-confessed introvert, only entering conversations when he deems it appropriate or if he has a potentially decent contribution. He still has a habit of saying whatever pops into his head, which is one of the reasons he prefers to communicate through comment sections.

As the Ultimate Otaku, pop-culture is as vital o Masahide as water or oxygen. Every last one of his fandoms have become a major element of his life-style. Hope's Peak scouts chose to recruit him once his anime blog hit a million subscribers & learned the level of immersion he has achieved into the world of fiction.

Hoshiyo Shimura Ultimate Chemist Female Hoshiyo is typically

quiet when meeting new people. Despite her slight shyness, she still is incredibly caring to those around her. She took up baking since she thought it was a fun way to use her talent to make others happy. She loves being able to solve problems & help those who need it, especially those close to her. Due to the strong connections she makes with her friends, she completely breaks out of her shell to defend them if the need arises.

As the Ultimate Chemist, Hoshiyo is incredibly skilled at calculating chemical formulas & devising experiments. She frequently uses her skills to try & perfect baking recipes, due to their similar fundamentals. She caught Hope's Peak's attention when she created a renewable alternative for oil that only produces half the emissions.

Marise Hayakawa Ultimate Mortician Female Contrary to the

darkness of her talent, Marise is cheerful & optimistic about everything, including death, frequently proving to be even creepier than what you would expect a mortician to be like. Having grown up in a setting with a constant feeling of sadness & despair, she created a happy, energetic mindset in order to overcome the otherwise depressing home she grew up in & spread cheer to those who need it. She still hasn't seemed to figure out why everyone thinks her behavior is so strange, though.

As the Ultimate Mortician, Marise learned how to tend to the deceased from an incredibly young age in her family's morgue. She has extensive knowledge of human biology & all things death. She's just as skilled when it comes to ceremonial preparations & comforting others. Upon discovering a poison-related murder that even the police autopsy misdiagnosed, Marise was accepted into Hope's Peak Academy.

Kan Kawabata Ultimate Libero Male Kan is a

highly-competitive person, due to his desire to be the best in everything he does, whether it be in sports, school, or anything else that is or resembles a competition. He has a habit of mocking people whenever he receives an opportunity, since this is how most of his teams interacted with each other. He always puts his full effort into whatever he is doing, especially when working out.

As the Ultimate Libero, Kan has work his hardest to excel in playing volleyball since middle school. He has been the star player on every volleyball team he has joined, carrying all of his teams to easy victory against some of the toughest teams in the country. He caught Hope's Peak's attention when he defeated an acclaimed travel team on his own when all his teammates were out sick.

Tansho Ogura Ultimate Sculptor Female Tansho's mind is

almost always set to creative mode. Her manner of thinking tends to be in terms of shapes & implications, as well as how to capture them through her work. Tansho struggles with depression & trust issues since an incident in her past. She also has gotten used to trying to fend for herself, having lived alone for the past year. For some reason, she seems to avoid becoming emotionally attached to others.

As the Ultimate Sculptor, Tansho is able to make several materials, though usually metal, into forms of her own creation or in representation of something. Growing up in her family's junkyard, Tansho spent her free time looking for anything she could use to pass the time. After making a couple sculptures out of the scrap & posting pictures online, her work received high amounts of praise & even went for hundreds of thousands of yen in auctions. She later used these to support herself after she ended up living on her own.

Kenta Higoshi Ultimate Marksman Male Kenta is quiet when

compared to most others. He tends to prefer listening to others over joining conversations. He also has a habit of mumbling what he says. He would rather communicate through actions than words. Due to his hunting background, he has advanced knowledge of weapons & forest-dwelling animals.

As the Ultimate Marksman, Kenta is almost instinctually precise when using long-ranged projectiles, particularly with firearms. Kenta discovered his natural accuracy on a hunting trip with his father. He went on to win numerous skeet-shooting & archery competitions. Hope's Peak discovered him after catching word of an instance when he shot a soup can five times before it hit the ground through the original bullet hole each time.

Natsumi Furusawa Ultimate Lawyer Female Natsumi is a stern,

no-nonsense type of person. When met with conflict, she refuses to let up until she either wins or determines victory to be impossible. She enjoys adversity, especially if victory is not certain, since it makes her eventual triumph all the sweeter. In her eyes, people who fail deserve nothing but something to stew in, likely due to her eight older siblings who she'd have to compete with daily.

As the Ultimate Lawyer, Natsumi is skilled in the art of law-based debate. She managed to pass the bar exam at age fourteen & created her own firm shortly after. She has represented numerous clients in court, succeeding a large majority of the time.

Azumamaro Gensai Ultimate Entrepreneur Male Maro is never

without an air of confidence. He enjoys taking risks, jumping on any opportunity that comes his way. Whatever he does, he tries to look good doing it. He prefers the finer things in life, never missing the chance to increase his level of swag. Though his actions often seem selfish or irresponsible, he still tries his hardest to make others happy, particularly if they end up liking him more because of it.

As the Ultimate Entrepreneur, Maro has a natural eye for business & opportunity. When he was only thirteen years old, he had already developed three highly successful companies & is still the C.E.O. of all of them. A popular magazine even nominated him for "Businessperson of the Year" three years in a row.

Yoshinaka Shidehara Ultimate Paleontologist Male Yoshinaka is a

friendly, sociable person. The only problem is, his six years of digging for rare fossils has left him slightly out of touch with modern society. Since returning to the rest of the population, he does his best to try to pick up on trends or impress people with his rare fossils (It usually doesn't work).

As the Ultimate Paleontologist, Yoshinaka has extensive knowledge of fossils & prehistoric beings. Since early childhood, he has been fascinated by dinosaurs, which eventually branched out to include several other long-extinct species. He spent six years in Colorado's Rocky Mountains with his uncle searching for fossils, managing to discover a rare specimen that only two other people had managed to find.

Tamaki Ozu Ultimate Daredevil Female Tamaki is excitable

& upbeat. She is always looking forward to what's to come, while still embracing the present. The past serves little meaning to her, since she says the here & now is all that truly matters. She lives off adrenaline, always trying to accomplish something truly awesome whenever she gets the chance or has an idea for how to make a chance. She also has a habit of yelling, even when there seems to be no purpose or cause.

As the Ultimate Daredevil, Tamaki is able to perform incredible feats of bravery in the face of extreme danger. She prefers to live life in fast lane, & if there is no fast lane, she makes one herself. She has an obsession with extreme sports, whether official or her own creation. Her long list of accomplished stunts include tight roping between skyscrapers, rollerblading off the back of a van going down the freeway, jumping two buses(the long way) on a dirt bike, & so many others that make her friends & family wonder how she's managed to survive this long.

Robert Marren Ultimate Percussionist Male Robert prefers to go

by the nickname "Razor." He is a fairly happy person who tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, despite the fact that most of his shirts are sleeveless. He loves the thrill of performing in front of people as much as he loves his home country. He is incredibly patriotic to the point where it starts to get pretty annoying. He mainly enjoys spending time with people who enjoy music & athletics.

As the Ultimate Percussionist, Razor has had a natural ear for rhythm his entire life. He spent years practicing to play drums before forming a short-lived, though popular, garage band in eighth grade. He won the praise of numerous crowds with his flawless drum solos before winning a national talent competition with a prize of guaranteed entry to Hope's Peak Academy.

Riku Shimizu Ultimate Psychologist Female Riku has a calm,

assertive demeanor, typical of clinical psychologists. She loves psychoanalyzing everyone she comes across, with a specific interest in criminal psychology, since she says their minds are typically some of the most complex. She enjoys activities that are more on the relaxing side of the spectrum, particularly board games, since she can also psychoanalyze others based on how the play.

As the Ultimate Psychologist, Riku is incredibly observant when it comes to other people's behavior & thought processes. She is renowned for her spot-on psychological evaluations of anyone she meets, even with little information given directly. Hope's Peak recruited her after she determined the next target of an infamous serial killer even the police couldn't catch.

Ayumi Imagawa Ultimate Activist Female Ayumi is frank &

easily irritated. Despite her frightening demeanor, she still deeply cares for the environment, putting the world's needs at a higher priority than herself. She is highly dedicated to what she believes is right. She tends to come off as anti-social or irritable, but she is incredibly loyal to the few people she decides to trust.

As the Ultimate Activist, Ayumi always stands up for issues she feels strongly about. She started attending protests at age 7 & has been regularly forming them since. She has lead dozens of successful protests that have included nearly 15,000 participants, easily catching the attention of Hope's Peak.

Juichi Tange Ultimate Politician Male Juichi is a

rational, no-nonsense type of person. To him, being in control is essential for anything to go right, even if there is no official leader. Many others have noticed that he doesn't seem to use contractions in casual conversation, likely to seem more intelligent or something. No one has bothered to ask why.

As the Ultimate Politician, Juichi is a strong leader who is skilled in the art of convincing others into agreeing with him. He became a local legend when his hometown elected him mayor as a teenager. He is also on reserve for potential prime minister until he's old enough for the position.

Mayuko Terauchi Ultimate Trendsetter Female Mayuko is

self-absorbed & spiteful. Being popular most of her life has left her with a severe superiority complex & a need to be the center of attention whenever possible. She frequently berates others who she deems "un-hip," particularly those who try to stand up to her. She has gotten into the habit of letting everyone around her know her thoughts & exactly what she is doing at all times. At least 75% of all sentences she says include some type of insult or profanity.

As the Ultimate Trendsetter, Mayuko is more than capable of influencing what's hot & what's not with a single statement. She has millions of followers on social media who treat her word as law. She even has her own reality TV show that is highly popular around the world. Hope's Peak recruited her after she somehow made polka music popular for 24 hours as an April Fool's joke.

Chapter List

Chapter Link
Prologue Danganronpa: Serial Bonding/Prologue - The Story Thus Far/Welcome to Camp Zetsubou
Chapter 1 Danganronpa: Serial Bonding/Chapter 1 - Have a Gruesome Summer
Chapter 2 Danganronpa: Serial Bonding/Chapter 2 - Sleep With the Fishes
Chapter 3 Danganronpa: Serial Bonding/Chapter 3 - Another Dangan Island
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