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Danganronpa: Burial at Sea is a planned alternate universe fanfiction to Danganronpa: Infinite Despair, the story is in the planning stages by The-Snickering-Saboteur and writing is scheduled to begin around mid-2017 during the writing process of Danganronpa: Infinite Despair 2. The story isn't meant to connect to the original Infinite Despair Trilogy and returns to the Mutual Killing game format from Danganronpa: Infinite Despair but there will be references to Burial at Sea in Infinite Despair 2.

Danganronpa: Burial at Sea follows sixteen students that are trapped in the underwater city of Britannia to take part of 'Project: Nemesis' a project that the steering committees of all three branches of Hope's Peak Academy to see how they would handle an underwater facility of Hope's Peak Academy, however things go haywire when someone hijacks the plan from the three branches and force the students into a killing game in a short amount of time before Britannia is destroyed.

The main premise of Burial at Sea is 'pin your murder on someone else'.

The story features characters from the first two Infinite Despair stories with new talents and personalities and was written by The-Snickering-Saboteur.


-Note: The four main characters are revealed below-

  • Kenji Katsuragi: One of the four protagonists of the story, a headstrong young man who never backs down from a challenge and the leader of the group, he is by far the most intelligent student although he has his moments when he often loses his cool, his title is the Super High School Level Gang Leader and he is the leader of one of the toughest gangs of High School students called the Dark Wings.
  • Patrick James Lowell: The second of the four protagonists of the story, he is a kindhearted and gentle young man and one of the largest students in the class, both size wise and height as well. He might be a little slow but he usually means well, his title is the Super High School Level Chef and he is a very famous chef known around the world.
  • Minato Shirogane: The third of the four protagonists, almost like his original counterpart, Minato is a huge nerd and loves anything that has to do with anime, manga and video games, his title is the Super High School Level Otaku but it's a work in progress.
  • Laura Ayanami: The fourth protagonist of the story, she is a mysterious young woman who seems to have lost her memory upon arriving at Britannia including her title and history while the other students don't seem to know who she is and while they are trapped in the killing game they offer to help her find her memories, her title is the Super High School Level ???.