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Dangan Ronpa Heaven's Insignia
Dangan Ronpa: Heaven's Insignia
Writer ScatteredHope (talk)

Unravel - The Story's Main Theme:

Dangan Ronpa: Heaven's Insignia (ダンガンロンパ: 天国の記章 Dangan Ronpa: Tengoku no Kishō; Dangan Ronpa: The Creator of World and Destroyer of Despair for its complete title) is a fictional story created by ScatteredHope.

The story revolves around a Mutual Killing between sixteen students with Monokuma and his two loyal subordinates, Monoshiki and Monofreya as the host of the featured Mutual Killing, Heavenly Life of Mutual Killing.

Different from the original Dangan Ronpa created by Kazutaka Kodaka, this story will have a new setting, characters, and main theme. As the title implies, this story's main theme is "Create Vs. Destroy", a fitting theme for a story who would involve different kind of theme in each chapter.

The story brings a new setting called Heavenly Born Academy, an elite Academy specified only for students who have talents, also known as the Super High School Level student, that can bring change to the endangered world. The story focuses on the Mutual Killing that befell on sixteen students from Class 85th.


The author of the story who has an obsession towards Dangan Ronpa franchise wanted to create his own fanfiction and begin this project in August 2016. The first step that he took is to decide on sixteen characters' talents and their respective names, and then moved to write the actual story. Before dirtying his hands with five different murder case scenarios, he created the backbone of the story; the world outside the Mutual Killing that of course, play a major role that connected to the Mutual Killing.

The author wanted to bring new light to Dangan Ronpa fandom by creating a fanfiction story with different theme like New Dangan Ronpa V3 "Lie vs. Truth." He believed that if he create another "Hope vs. Despair" themed story, he will bore his reader and will start thinking that the author is only creating a half-assed fanfiction.

It took quite a time for the author to breakdown the Chapter from the prologue until the epilogue because he needs to tie all of the chapters. He is also writing the very, very long Character Introduction in April 2017. Please be patient; the author wishes to publish the story this year.


Note: This story is still under construction and currently in its developing state. The story content might change in the middle of editing. Thank you.


This is the day of the future after all of the impact of The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History has completely gone from this peaceful world. The mankind begin to reborn as a new force who rapidly join their hands to recreate the Earth. Every human now have the same one main goal, to pursuit the dream that they left during the era of the Super High School Level Despair's reign of terror, the dream that once neglected and almost forgotten.

However, what happens if that dream destined to perish, destined to be destroyed utterly and completely? Will mankind find a way to defy this sealed fate in the day of the future?

...Every answer lies in Academy of Creation and the Students of Destruction. The fate of all mankind will be decided inside the Heavenly Life of Mutual Killing.

Heavenly Born Academy

Main article: Heavenly Born Academy

Heavenly Life of Mutual Killing

Class 85th of Heavenly Born Academy has been chosen by Monokuma and his subordinates to participate in the new mutual killing game that take place in Heavenly Born Academy.

Main article: Heavenly Life of Mutual Killing


The author created a blog post where you can speculated about the story until it's release. Have fun.

Main article: User blog:ScatteredHope/Dangan Ronpa: Create Vs. Destroy Speculation


DR C vs. D Pixel

Team Monokuma


Monokuma (モノクマ Monokuma) is the main antagonist of the story, an artificial intelligence used by the mastermind to monitor the trapped students' activity. Although he has a cute appearance, he is malicious and sly, always forcing the students to kill each other by presenting them motives to kill. There's a rumor about him that he was used by a Fashionista to spread despair across the world in the past...


Monoshiki (モノシキ Monoshiki) is one of Monokuma's loyal subordinates in creating the Mutual Killing Game of Heavenly Born Academy. He was acquaintance with Monokuma since the day before The Tragedy. Monoshiki is Monokuma's partner who is loyal to him, but somewhat softer and kinder. Although it should be noted to not awaken the Deathbeast (デスビースト Desubīsuto) sleeping inside him.


Monofreya (モノフレヤ Monofureya) widely known as Rosetrada (ロゼットラダ Rozettorada) is a french-accented bear-like artificial intelligence who adores the word of "young" and "love." She serves Monokuma and agreed to participate in creating a Mutual Killing Game of Heavenly Born Academy. The reason why she agreed is to observe the students' behaviour during the Mutual Killing, so that she could create bigger obstacle for the students and preventing them from surviving the Mutual Killing.

Class 85th

Sasahara Naoki Pixel ID Sasahara Naoki

Sasahara Naoki
笹原 直貴
Super High School Level Attorney
Sasahara Naoki Voiced by: Miyu Irino

The protagonist of the story. During his time in his previous high school, Sasahara is a newbie attorney who luckily won his first trial which also became the biggest murder trial in that year (known as The CA-9 Incident) and often dubbed as The Lucky Attorney. Not long after that, he was scouted by the Heavenly Born Academy as the Super High School Level Attorney.

Unlike your typical protagonist, Sasahara's most notable traits are all of his negative ones; including being a pessimistic, grumpy, and a world-class cursing professional. However, when it comes to protecting his defendant, he will give everything he got to protect them.

Gender: Male Male
Crest: Crest of Harmony Harmony
Birthday: November 29th
Calls self: Ore (おれ)
Calls others: Last name,
no honorifics

Itoku Akiba Pixel ID Itoku Akiba

Itoku Akiba
いとく 秋葉
Super High School Level Counselor
Akiba Itoku (00) Voiced by: Asami Imai

A student of Heavenly Born Academy and has the title Super High School Level Counselor. She is kind, a good listener, and loyal to everyone that she knows.

Born as a socially gifted person, Itoku uses her gift to aid people in solving other people's problem and stress as their loyal counselor.

She opens her own counseling office and gains its reputation until now.

Gender: Female Female
Crest: Crest of Lie Lie
Birthday: July 12th
Calls self: Atashi (あたし)
Calls others: Last name-kun (Boys)
Last name-chan (Girls)

Hashira Anemone Pixel ID Hashira Anemone

Hashira Anemone
柱 アネモネ
Super High School Level
Event Planner
Hashira Anemone Voiced by: Shizuka Itou

The most reliable and capable of organizing events among her classmates. From being the main steering committee to the infrastructure, her works to help and create big events are flawless.

She is the self-proclaimed the Most Villainous Super High School Level Event Planner and is very restless when it comes to plan something dreadful yet malicious exciting event.

Gender: Female Female
Crest: Crest of Nightmare Nightmare
Birthday: September 20th
Calls self: Watashi (わたし)
Calls others: Full name-kun (Boys)
Full name-san (Girls)

Kagemichi Dokuro Pixel ID Kagemichi Dokuro

Kagemichi Dokuro
影道 どくろ
Super High School Level Hacker
Kagemichi Voiced by: Kōki Uchiyama

He has an extreme difficulty in interacting with people, especially those who are hostile toward him. He lives a very secluded life that people only know him through his title as the Super High School Level Hacker who is skilled in hacking many kinds of website.

Only once Kagemichi got discovered by the government in hacking the country's financial statement locked web and could escape from jail sentence after the staff of Heavenly Born Academy set him free.

Gender: Male Male
Crest: Crest of Magnanimity Magnanimity
Birthday: September 7th
Calls self: Boku (ぼく)
Calls others: Super High School Level's Talent

Kid Krueger Pixel ID Kid Krueger

Kid Krueger
キッド クルーガー
Super High School Level Collector
Kid K Voiced by: Mafumafu

A rich nobleman from the Krueger family. Kid is the Super High School Level Collector who has a hobby to collect bizarre things ended with "est", such as the biggest watermelon, the creepiest music box, the kindest person's organ, and other things that ended with "est" exist within the earth.

Even his method in collecting things is very bizarre. You are not allowed to show a thing that is precious to you because Kid might snatch that from your hands.

Gender: Male Male
Crest: Crest of Bliss Bliss
Birthday: October 21st
Calls self: Ore (おれ)
Calls others: Nickname-chan

Rikimaru Hakuryuu Pixel ID Rikimaru Hakuryuu

Rikimaru Hakuryuu
吏紀丸 白龍
Super High School Level Screenwriter
Rikimaru Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa

The most neutral person in his class and always set a poker face that makes everyone wants to know more about him. Under the disguise as Shakespeare II, the Super High School Level Screenwriter has written more than fifty scripts and screen play. He is a high-rated freelancer who has traveled around the world to write screen plays for famous theater groups.

Besides writing screenplay, Rikimaru busied himself in studying human's emotion so he could understand how to have an actual emotion for himself.

Gender: Male Male
Crest: Crest of Sorrow Sorrow
Birthday: June 23rd
Calls self: Boku (ぼく)
Calls others: Last name-kun (Boys)
Last name-san (Girls)

Reimiya Inori Pixel ID Reimiya Inori

Reimiya Inori
灵宮 祈
Super High School Level
Shrine Maiden
Reimiya Inori Voiced by: Risa Taneda

A girl belongs to the well-known shrine maiden guardian, Reimiya Family in the city where Heavenly Born Academy located. She is very loyal to her family and fulfilled her duty as a shrine maiden without any single flaw.

However, deep inside, she has a dream to study abroad and travels around the world. She goes by the title Super High School Level Shrine Maiden.

Gender: Female Female
Crest: Crest of Death Death
Birthday: February 2nd
Calls self: Watakushi
Calls others: Last name-san

Oomi Mika Pixel ID Oomi Mika

Oomi Mika
久夜 味香
Super High School Level Barmaid
Mika Oomi Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki

A beautiful, refined, and mature girl who is also a skilled mixologist who owns the famous bar called Three Wishes. She earned the title Super High School Level Barmaid after she decided to attend the Heavenly Born Academy.

She is a former maid of a noble family and eventually freed by the family after she managed to finish her master's challenge to create a terrifyingly addictive wine.

Gender: Female Female
Crest: Crest of Darkness Darkness
Birthday: June 17th
Calls self: Watashi (わたし)
Calls others: Last name-kun (Boys)
Last name-chan (Girls)

Yasujima Fubuki Pixel ID Yasujima Fubuki

Yasujima Fubuki
安島 吹雪
Super High School Level Snowboarder
Yasujima Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki

A boy from northern island and attended Heavenly Born Academy as the Super High School Level Snowboarder. He became a champion of snowboarding since young as a result of his harsh and discipline training in his snowy village.

Becoming his tribe's chieftain since his young days, Yasujima possessed a great leadership skill.

Gender: Male Male
Crest: Crest of Naivety Naivety
Birthday: May 9th
Calls self: Ore (おれ)
Calls others: Last name,
no honorifics

Niccolo Stradivari Pixel ID Niccolò Stradivari

Niccolò Stradivari
Super High School Level Luthier
Nico Voiced by: Yūki Kaji

The eccentric, yet polite and formal exchange student from Italy under the title Super High School Level Luthier. He is the genius on his field of inventing and creating string-based music instruments such as violin and guitar. He opened his own shop in Italy and has sold 737 number of instruments.

He is a passionate luthier that has a dream to become the world's greatest luthier. Thrived to reach his goal, Nico's time as a teenager fill with an endless work time.

Gender: Male Male
Crest: Crest of Dignity Dignity
Birthday: October 1st
Calls self: Watashi (わたし)
Calls others: Last name-san

Igarashi Ranko Pixel ID Igarashi Ranko

Igarashi Ranko
五十嵐 蘭子
Super High School Level
Storm Chaser
Igarashi Ranko Voiced by: Yū Asakawa

An American-Japanese girl who hunts storm for quite a long time along with her father. Igarashi's love for adventure and knowledge drives her as a skilled storm chaser and knowledgeable meteorologist. She returns to her homeland and attended Heavenly Born Academy as Super High School Level Storm Chaser.

She is best known for throwing her "science joke" which apparently no one think it's funny besides those who has a high intellectual level.

Gender: Female Female
Crest: Crest of Wisdom Wisdom
Birthday: February 18th
Calls self: Atashi (あたし)
Calls others: Last name-kun (Boys)
Last name-chan (Girls)

Hyoushirou Reo Pixel ID Hyoushirou Reo

Hyoushirou Reo
兵志朗 零央
Super High School Level ???
Reo Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa

He doesn't remember his talent up to this point, yet he attended the Heavenly Born Academy. However, he chooses to watch the event fold and waiting until someday he will remember his talent.

The dubbed Super High School Level ??? is a happy-go-lucky guy that can easily make friend with anyone, although some of the group suspected him as the traitor among the group, he just let it slide, saying that it's up to them whether they trust him or not.

Gender: Male Male
Crest: Crest of Truth Truth
Birthday: August 10th
Calls self: Ore (おれ)
Calls others: Last name,
no honorifics

Hitoka Shoukou Pixel ID Hitoka Shoukou

Hitoka Shoukou
人也 清光
Super High School Level
Shoukou Voiced by: Mamiko Noto

A mysterious girl who loves to experiments on puppets. Hitoka created many different kind of puppets especially Japanese dolls and has her own puppet gallery. She is well-known for her extraordinary performance in her own bunraku theater and has been addressed as the Super High School Level Puppeteer.

She is ironically a very rational person who is very straightforward in stating her opinion without even realizing the amount of words that she said.

Gender: Female Female
Crest: Crest of Light Light
Birthday: November 11th
Calls self: Watashi (わたし)
Calls others: Last name-san

Kagayaku Suzume Pixel ID Kagayaku Suzume

Kagayaku Suzume
輝く すずめ
Super High School Level Illustrator
Suzume Kagayaku Voiced by: Ayane Sakura

An introverted artist that mostly spends her time drawing. As the Super High School Level Illustrator, Kagayaku works as a freelance from a company to different companies and also opened her own commission.

As a famous illustrator, her worldwide fans who craved for more her arts said to her to "just shut up and take my money!".

Unfortunately, she's not as friendly as everyone's thought, saying that human is a disgusting species and only see them as a "money maker" machine to her.

Gender: Female Female
Crest: Crest of Life Life
Birthday: March 15th
Calls self: Atashi (あたし)
Calls others: Last name,
no honorifics

Tenohira Tsuyoshi Pixel ID Tenohira Tsuyoshi

Tenohira Tsuyoshi
剛 掌
Super High School Level
Karate Master
Tenohira Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi

A very powerful man that has an uncontrollable power. After he almost perform a murder, Tenohira decided to follow the path as a karate practitioner in order to control his frightening power. He decides to succeed his master's dojo and attended Heavenly Born Academy as Super High School Level Karate Master.

Not only underwent a physical training, Tenohira has train himself to keep his emotion in check, making him earned a notable character development.

Gender: Male Male
Crest: Crest of Chaos Chaos
Birthday: April 4th
Calls self: Ore (おれ)
Calls others: Last name,
no honorifics

Amatsuki Yumiya Pixel ID Amatsuki Yumiya

Amatsuki Yumiya
天月 ゆみや
Super High School Level Archer
Amatsuki Yumiya Voiced by: Sora Amamiya

The most arrogant, yet elegant and dignified person in the class. As a skilled archer, gold medals and certification piled up on her mansion and thus, giving her the title of Super High School Level Archer in the academy. She loves to go hunting and states that she has a dream to plan her own murder case using her talent as an archer.

Amatsuki prefer to do things alone and refused to cooperate with anyone who slows her movement. However, she only interacts with people who she considered useful to her.

Gender: Female Female
Crest: Crest of Reality Reality
Birthday: December 26th
Calls self: Atashi (あたし)
Calls others: Last name,
no honorifics


  • The kanji that author used for character names and talents might wrong. Please report it to the author so it can be fixed ASAP.
  • Here's the list of the easiest character to make to the hardest, the higher the rank, the difficulty in creating the characters also increase:
    • 【#16】 「Itoku」The author writes her as the most normal human being among the group. So yeah, due to her very mainstream personality the author has no problem in writing her personality. Even though she's just a normies, she'll become unique in her own way.
    • 【15】「Nico」He is the second normal person in the group. What makes him difficult is the author will make him speak in Italian frequently, so he need to do a lot of research before writing his line.
    • 【14】「Kagayaku」She's an anti-hero solitude character who likes to curse every people surrounding her. If she gets a character development, the author is not quite sure what kind of development that would match her background.
    • 【13】「Oomi」A sweet-hearted with big boobies character is easy to make. Just make sure everyone loves her by writing only good traits about her. Who knows if the author decide to add a twisted negative trait for her in the future?
    • 【12】「Yasujima」He is quite difficult to write mostly due to his contradicting personality between his old and new self. The author find it hard to balance his snowboarder and leader-type character.
    • 【11】「Tenohira」Daddy Tenohira's present personality is easy to make, unlike his old personality that would be reborn in the future. Again, the author has a hard time in connecting these different personalities.
    • 【10】「Igarashi」Similar to Shirogane, despite her personality is easy to write, all of the references when she talks is what make her difficult. The author must research on her "Science Joke" and he's looking forward in inventing his own science joke ideas.
    • 【09】「Sasahara」Due to the author strongly doesn't want to make him similar to the most normal yet has no notable traits in his personality, cough*Naegi*cough* He is trying his best to make Sasahara become a new, fresh, and different Dangan Ronpa protagonist-type. This is why the author loves Akamatsu so much.
    • 【08】「Reimiya」Reading her description in her article would consider her as one of the normal type character, but don't get it wrong, because of her being kind of normies, the author is baffled when it comes in writing full description of her personality. Her character can be developed into many ways and the author is currently trying to write her in a way as he sees fit.
    • 【07】「Rikimaru」Being emotionless all the time, the author is looking forward on how to approach Riki using different characters. He is not easy to write since the author wanted him to be one of the most unpredictable character in this story, and yet, he must undergo some serious research and analysis on his personality.
    • 【06】「Kid」What the heck, the author doesn't believe that writing his personality could be this difficult. To understand both of his normal and bizarre behavior, the author trying to write down his line and action carefully, doing his best to make him always in-character. His motive influence all of his action, so what makes him so difficult to write is all because this one motive.
    • 【05】「Hyoushirou」Hyoushirou is the ??? character that everyone fond of. The author realizes that he could develop his personality even more rather than just the description that has been written on his page. He is very unpredictable and would make you guys in awe of his excellent insight and charm.
    • 【04】「Hashira」The author needs to revamp her character at first, and tada, you can have Hashira as an evil event planner who is obsessed in becoming the most villainous person on Earth. If you are a fan of Evil-type characters, you'd easily fallen in love with her.
    • 【03】「Amatsuki」Nope; She is neither Togami nor Munakata. She will become the Amatsuki that would be remembered for ages. Her character would be difficult to be analyzed, but that's what writing her character become more challenging.
    • 【02】「Kagemichi」The author feel like cursing him for making such a difficult character. He knows that an introverted NEET-type character is very common so the difficulty to make him become different and unique is highly increasing. Why would he created such a difficult character at first? For now, he has to take responsibility in making his personality and background look perfect.
    • 【01】「Hitoka」-sigh-. Okay Hitoka-chan, the author needs to revamp you for like, 149184198 times already. But it's okay, since I'd make you become a very interesting character, the author needs to fight as much as he can... right?
  • Unravel, is the opening theme for the infamous anime Tokyo Ghoul. The author loves the song so much that he decided to make it as this story's main theme.


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