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Dangan Ronpa: Despair Syndrome is a killing game that took place in Hope's Peak Academy: City of Hope.  City of Hope is a city where a college branch is located. Monokuma took the place and named it “City of Despair”. It

was hosted by Monokuma and the victims are all former students from Class 82nd of Hope's Peak Academy. It happens in the same universe of Dangan Ronpa series, but with some changes.

The story was written by Ahnjaehyun.


It revolves around seventeen students trapped in a city under the control of a sadistic monochrome bear named Monokuma. They are forced to live there forever or murder each other to graduate. If the culprit for the murder manages to hide the evidence of his "crime" and his colleagues do not discover it, he can "graduate." But if it fails and is discovered by others the culprit will be executed after everyone votes in the class trial.


Even with the bear saying that they are free, they must obey the rules of the game strictly, otherwise the monochrome bear will punish them. 

  1. Students must remain within the division of the city for the rest of their lives.
  2. Night time starts at 10 pm and runs until 7 am. Some areas of the city were blocked during this time.
  3. Even with some restrictions students are free to explore the collect clues.
  4. Violence against headmaster Monokuma is strictly prohibited, as is destruction of surveillance cameras.
  5. Anyone who can commit a murder without being discovered will gain the chance to graduate.
  6. One person may kill only two other participants at a time.
  7. The announcement of the body will be given when three or more innocent participants find the dead body.
  8. Following the announcement of the body, participants should investigate.
  9. After the investigation period, has ended, the class trial will immediately begin.
  10. The presence of all participants is mandatory during the class trial and one who disobeys this rule will be promptly executed.
  11. Other rules may be added in the future.


[Myumi Myujikaru

Name Title Status Fate
Youhei Shigeki Ultimate Cosplayer Alive Unknown
Tamaki Gohara Ultimate Composer Alive Unknown
Kiriya Sakamoto Ultimate Gamer Deceased 1st victim of the Game; Murdered by Lucas Kirk; 1st death overall
Lucas Kirk Ultimate Reader Deceased First Person Executed; 2rd death overall; Killed Kiriya
Tomoe Okumura Ultimate Astrologer Alive Unknown
Naran Nakamuri Ultimate Singer Alive Unknown
Miyu Myujikaru Ultimate Model Alive Unknown
Yukki Torine Ultimate Intelligence Alive Unknown
Moe Yasuda Ultimate Evangelist Alive Unknown
Yoru Akashima Ultimate Surgeon Alive Unknown
Lucy Nishihara Ultimate DJ Alive Unknown
Kim Nazza Ultimate Artist Alive Unknown
Hibiki Shotyo Ultimate Bassist Alive Unknown
Hanabi Shotyo Ultimate Guitarist Deceased 2nd victim of the Game; Murdered by an unknown killer; 3rd death overall
Ultimate Lollita Alive Unknown
Inrin Akashima Ultimate Games Programmer Alive Unknown
Yuuta Ashuu Ultimate Comedian Alive Unknown

Killing Order

Order Name Chapter Fate
1st Kiriya Sakamoto Chapter 1 Found stabbed in the bathroom, but the cause of death was head trauma.
2nd Lucas Kirk Chapter 1 Executed by Monokuma
3rd Hanabi Shotyo Chapter 2 found hanging from a tree with rope around her neck. The cause of death is unknown so far.