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Class 1-A or First Class A is the first batch ever recruited to Hope's Peak Academy: South America Branch. It consists of thirteen students and their official teacher is Unake. The students all come from Brazil.

After numerous infractions and general trouble making, the students were targeted by Junko Enoshima and forced to participate in the Killing City Life to make a horrifying video to traumatize the whole world into her hope cult.

They were officially the welcoming committee to students from other continents that came as visit. They seemed to be highly popular and were chosen as the first batch as a way to advertise, due to their popularity.

Class 1-B or First Class B is the second part of students recruited to South America's branch. It has thirteen students and their teacher is also Unake. They were introduced in Ultra Despair Bellas.

List of Class Members

Class 1-A

Class N° Name Talent Status
N/A Unake Teacher of the First Class Alive
#1 Milly Ultimate Coreographer Alive
#2 Farlley Ultimate Host Alive
#3 Carla Ultimate Religious Figure Alive
#4 Ian Ultimate Animator Alive
#5 Bianca Ultimate Personal Assistant Alive
#6 Ray Ultimate Youtuber Alive
#7 Thiago Ultimate Soccer Player Alive
#8 Mika Ultimate Martial Artist Alive
#9 Dani Ultimate Fine Artist Alive
#10 Edney Ultimate Scammer Alive
#11 Icarus Ultimate Reporter Alive
#12 Thierry Ultimate Competitive Eater Alive
#13 Bella #4 Ultimate Psychologist Alive
#14* John Ultimate Soccer Player Alive (Arrested)

* Fake student, not really an ultimate.

Class 1-B

Class N° Name Talent Status
N/A Unake Teacher of the First Class Alive
#1 Bella Ultimate Internet Sensation Alive
#2 Bella #3 Ultimate Actress Alive
#3 Bella #2 Ultimate Photographer Alive
#4 David Ultimate Soccer Player Alive
#5 Abel Ultimate Tailor Alive
#6 Olivia Ultimate Make-up Artist Alive
#7 Melissa Ultimate Nail Artist Alive
#8 Ariane Ultimate Zooarcheologist Alive
#9 Mia Ultimate Dancer Alive
#10 Kiara Ultimate Personal Trainer Alive
#11 Cocoa Ultimate Domestic Servant Alive
#12 Jo Ultimate Bomb Specialist Alive
#13 Victor Ultimate Writer Alive


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