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 A pool? Is there water on it?  
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Full name Mayra Bianca
Alias Ultimate Idiot (by some boys)
ビアンカ (Katakana)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birth date October 7th
Zodiac Libra
Height 167 cm (5' 5.5")
Weight 62 kg (136 lbs)
B.M.I 22,2
Nationality Brazilian
Sexuality Straight
Title Ultimate Personal Assistant
Likes K-Pop
Dislikes Cold shoulder
Social Group First Class
Killing Game
Status Alive
Fate Survives the Killing City Life
Debut Killing City Life
Created by Bubble-Blitz

Bianca is one of the participants of the Killing City Life.

Bianca has the title Ultimate Personal Assistant, and she worked for many successful idols managing their lives. She is part of the 1st Class of Hope's Peak Academy: South America Branch.

Bianca was one of the participants of the Killing City Life, she made it to the end and survived the killing game, she was the embodiment of Ignorance. She is also returning as a minor character in Ultra Despair Bellas.


Bianca is a curvaceous black girl with long, straight brown hair and a fringe parted in the middle. Her lips are large and she has brown eyes, she usually wears black glasses, but doesn't wear them for aesthetic purposes most of the time. She wears the default Hope's Peak's uniform with a black pencil skirt and black knee-high socks with black shoes.


Bianca is a friendly and cheerful girl with a very low self-esteem. She is polite to a degree and likes to give everyone attention, being pretty wary of everyone needs. It's rare to see her angry and she usually brushes that feelings away with more happiness.

Due to her low and fragile self-esteem, Bianca barely appreciates her talent and assume it's stupid and worthless compared to everyone else's talents, however, she is really pleased when people compliment her efforts. She constantly doubt her friendship with others and constantly doubts if they really like her at all.

A defining trait of her is that she is extremely slow-witted and seem as dumb by everyone, this is obvious by situations such as when she asks if there's water in a pool. The only times this don't applies is when she is exerting her talent, as she smartly manages her clients lives for them to do their bests. The hope cult pointed out her enormous insecurity thanks to all the bullying she suffered, and was positive she wouldn't be strong enough to resist all the stress forever, that was the part of her personality which was exploited for her to succumb into despair.

Skills and Abilities

Ultimate Personal Assistant

Acting as a personal assistant to idols, she's able to manage her clients (mostly socialites) lives with such a proficiency that she is seems as one of the best paid personal assistants in the globe in a young age. This skills grew from sudden and her first client was her friend and classmate Ray, while she started to just give suggestions for her about her Youtuber life, this eventually grew to a profession. She's able to multitask and work for more than one client at once.


Class 1st


Bianca and Ray were good friends since middle school, both of them cheering each other up in times of need. They remained close before, during and after the killing game and never let each other down. While she were generally tolerant of Bianca's flaws, Ray was sometimes annoyed by the girl's slowness, but tried to be polite when correcting her mistakes.


Ian deeply loved and trusted Bianca, and she shared this feelings. However, this didn't save her from Ian's constant bullying, and the boy was always quick to laugh and joke about her slowness in a rather offensive and merciless way, and she was rather surprised when he did so.

John and Thiago

John and Bianca were sworn enemies and the boy always insulted her in a very depreciative way, with her answering with panic and confusion about what to say. She shared this dynamic with Thiago, but the insults were rarer and they never saw each other as enemies.


  • "Bianca" is the Italian cognate of "Blanche", a medieval French nickname meaning "white, fair".
  • She is 16 in her first year at Hope's Peak.