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Agata 1
Ágata Alvarez
Full name Ágata Alvarez Cabello
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birth date June, 25th
Zodiac Cancer
Height 168 cm (5' 5.5")
Weight 64 kg (141 lbs)
B.M.I 22,7
Nationality Spanish
Sexuality Unspecified
Title Ultimate Hair Stylist
Killing Game
Status Deceased
Fate Blood drained entirely by hypodermic needles and body hanged by blood sacks in the infirmary's ceiling fan.
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Ágata Álvarez is one of the participants of the Killing School Year and one of the recruited students of Bright Academy.

Ágata has the title Ultimate Hair Stylist and got a huge fame creating trends and turning hairstyles into pieces of modern art with a few, cheap and old utensils.

She participated in the Killing School Year, being the first victim and having her blood drained by hypodermic needles. With her killer still unknown. She arrived on day 1 and died on day 4.


Ágata is a teen brown-skinned and skinny girl with orange eyes. Her hair is chestnut brown and is almost always held on a messy bun, and is extremely soft and has a good scent according to other students. She wears a furry light brown sweater and a yellow shirt with a cocoa print on the center, along with blue pants and orange shoes. However, she is mostly seen wearing a orange skirt and plain yellow shirt casually. She wears round, dark brown glasses.


Ágata is extremely sociable and understanding, she was quick to bond with everyone and treated them the way they wanted to be treated, this way she was able to befriend even the despised students, like Haine Rammsteiner. She enjoys making a good impression over people, and tries her best to make her first impression not easily forgettable, to the point of lying to be the "Ultimate Ultimate", as well as saying Lamden Lobsang was her butler called "Sebastian".

She genuinely cares about everyone and loves all her classmates dearly and is proud of them for their talents, even if she was a bit intimidated and nervous when she first arrived, she still praised them. Due to being the most "normal" out of all the students, a trait shared with Natsuki Hanae, she was easily scared of the danger her classmates could bring at first, and took some time to get used to an exorcist and a serial killer living with her.

She has a quite emotional and dependent side, to the point of trying to force herself into being Kazuo Akemi's friend and them trying to cure her sadness in a sexual manner with Haine, all because he thought it would be good for her. Licht Stein implies this rails from the scars of an abusive past.

Skill and Abilities

Ultimate Hair Stylist

She is extremely experienced on cutting, dying and styling hair and has a huge interest and experience on all kinds of hair, to the point of being entranced by Licht's hair just by how soft it is or how she offered Lamden's a free hair dye for him to dye his hair again. It's mentioned by others that Ágata made trends and was an important figure on the fashion world.


Before the Story

Most of Ágata's history before Bright Academy is unknown, but it's implied she did suffer from fake friendships and rejection before, to the point of being traumatized about it. She was recruited in 2018 by Bright Academy as the Ultimate Hair Stylist.

Chapter 1

Ágata was the second person to arrive in Bright Academy, after Lamden Lobsang, quickly befriending him after flinching over his unusual talent. After a quick sleep, she helped ceasing Evelynn and Byanca's argument over a broken cup, meeting the girl along with Licht, but only after she and Lamden tried to deceive them into thinking she was the Ultimate Ultimate and he was her butler.

Meeting most of people and witnessing Valentina's madness, Haine's harassment, Blix and Mysha's quietness and Ayla's brashness, she created strong and intimate bonds with Licht and Lamden, along with a romance with Haine. Caring about everyone, she was seem as a mother figure already in their second day in the academy, not letting herself down even after being trapped into the killing game.

Keeping her hopes up, she helped Licht take care of his panic attacks. However, she met her demise early when Kazuo declined politely her friendship offer, and them lashing out and giving her a rude remark about the real world before she runs to seek help in her new boyfriend, Haine, only to try to solve the problem in a sexual manner as his suggestion.

She was suddenly found in the infirmary, with blood drained and hanged in the ceiling fan by various blood sacks, as the first victim of the Killing School Year.


Lamden Lobsang

The first two to arrive at Bright Academy, they quickly befriended in their first encounter, with her complimenting his hair, but still flinching a bit after he announced his talent. After that, their relationship quickly grew, with Ágata trying to deceive Byanca Zanini and Evelynn Adelaide into thinking he was her butler, only to impress them, something which he helped reluctantly but failed anyway.

She quickly turned into an older sister figure Lamden never had and cared for him in a maternal and playful way, even scolding him sometimes for simple things such as not keeping himself clean. They both turned protective of each other in the few days they spent together, enough for Ágata to tell him her past and deepest secrets. After she died, he was devastated and decided to give her a Buddhist funeral ceremony.

Licht Stein

Their relationship started when Ágata tried to defend him from Byanca and Evelynn's argument, rapidly bonding with the boy, who deemed her as "good". They got into a close friendship, along with Lamden, and were almost always seen together. Licht was almost always treated like a child by Ágata, but still had his boundaries respected and due to that, he grew to love and be protective of her, putting a great deal of trust in the girl and being specially devastated by her death.

Byanca Zanini and Evelynn Adelaide

Ágata shared a good relationship with both girls and were always friendly to one another. She tried to impress them when they first meet, but this failed, ultimately leading them to their current friendship. They were both devastated by her death.

Haine Rammsteiner

Haine, after arriving, immediately set eyes on Ágata and hit on her at the first moments they talked to each other. While others seemed disgusted at Haine's privacy invasion, she was pleased by it and quickly started to hang out with Haine, to the point they started dating in a few days and already had intercourse during the fourth day, not long before Ágata's death. He wasn't devastated by her death at all and was only interested in avenging her because she gave him "the best sex ever".

Valentina Hellsing

Ágata is confused by Valentina's odd behavior and was terrified of her talent at first, but they still seem to care at each other and Valentina greatly opposes her possibly abusive relationship with Haine. Valentina was devastated by Ágata's death and even dropped her crazy persona for a few moments.

Kazuo Akemi

Kazuo was one of the few people Ágata didn't befriend, in fact, their first interaction was negative. Ágata tried to make Kazuo life funner and join him in his cleaning duty, only so they could enjoy the time they spent with each other, but he was defensive and declined her offer to help, and lashing out at her due to her insistence. Thanks to Licht's influence, Kazuo changed his mind and saw how genuine Ágata actions were, trying to sew her something nice as a gift to seek for her forgiveness. He wasn't able to deliver it before her death, a fact he was angered by and determined to avenge the hair stylist.


  • Her second surname is a pun on her talent, as "Cabello" literally stands for "Hair" in Spanish.
  • She died before being informed of Licht Stein and Lamden Lobsang's relationship.